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Niddar Singh vs Jathedar Kulwant Singh Ji (Hazoor Sahib)


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Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa! Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

Anyone hear what happened in this video-recorded debate?

Haven't watched it but apparently Niddar Singh lost and ended up having to write an apology.......

The debate was about the Maryada of Hazur Sahib.

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The apology was for a comment made in the last chapter of Niddar Singhs Hazoor Sahib book, which focusses on the destruction of heritage around the Takht, which has lead to 700 homes being knocked down in order to "develop" the area for the 300 sala celebrations.

The chapter included comments from Hazuri Sikhs about their plight, and also raises concern on the lack of development that actually took place and missing funds which were raised by sangats money. Obviously these comments the heads of the Takht objected to. Niddar Singh states in the chapter that the Jathedar has "no fighting spirit" to stop this destruction taking place.

They requested that the book be withdrawn, to which Niddar Singh said no. So this apology (which was redrafted like 10 times by the people there) was used as a comprimise for the non withdrawal of the book.

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I heard the debate was about his claims regarding alcohol and that Bibiyan don't need to keep Kesh.

Anyway, will try to get hold of the audio/video - someone's bound to have it.

this debate was not with baba kulvant singh ji, there were other singhs asking this, but the whole apology n what not was not about marayda, only about what was said in Maha Singhs post

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Peoples personal opinions and bias re Nihang Singh aside, I didn't see anyone else speaking out against the unforgivable destruction of our heritage and missing/squandered millions. This money would have been betterspent for the uplift of the tiny Hazuri Singh population in Nanded as well as preservation of our heritage.

Instead, we saw money wasted on the most stupid initiaitives in the world - metal detectors at all entrances and exist of Takht Sahib!!

You can only imagine the relentless 24/7 beeping!!

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300 Saal Guru De Naal = Daler Mehndi. The song was played relentlessly big brother style (Orwell not Ch 4) from the moment you arrived at the train station to the moment you left! That is the lasting memory!!

I will write posts as and when I have collected and organised my thoughts, on specific topics, rather than do a diary recollection.

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I think these events are what you make of them. I know some friends who had an awesome experience. They met Sant Jagjit Singh Ji Harkhowal wale, Jatherdar Kulwant Singh Ji, ALL Nihang Mahapursh, Old students of Sant Gurbachan Singh Ji who came with Taksali jathas, Mahapursh from Bhai Daya Singh Ji Samparda including from Hapur (they are usually vey difficult to meet because they don't like publicity) etc.

There was also the opportunity to attend the Dasam Granth Paath-Bodh Samagam, sewa of washing the Takhat Sahib, 24/7 Langar seva and so on. Not to mention viewing Guru Ji's personal belongings including Hukamnamas, shastar and their rabab.

Basically, a once-in-a- lifetime chance to meet most of the panth's Mahapursh at the same place within a short period of time and do sewa of Sangat as well.

It all depends on what 'birthi' you go with.

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