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Met Police kicked out of Singh Sabha in Southall.

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2 hours ago, dalsingh101 said:

Ok bro. Calm down now. You made your point. 


Why don't you post that on SS, so people like proactive can know that there is a failure in the 'biraderi' to communicate and coordinate between east and west London? 

I won't be posting there or here beyond today for foreseeable. Will be reading from afar. Realised I have spent too much time online and need to cut down my screen time and social media use. 

Maybe you could put post the tweet on SS. 

I'm quite sure having read through @tonyhp32's posts that it is proactive. Writing style and themes of posts, as well as the exchanges with you, are similar to what I have seen on SS, lol . Surprised you didn't realise ?

@dalsingh101 - thanks again for all your work. Have learned especially a lot from you and @GurjantGnostic here and on SS. Sounds a little 'sad' but you've both filled in a lot of gaps and changed my mentality and approach to worldly and 'street' issues for the better (which I would have been even more naive about)



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Please listen if you have not, have timestamped where to start...Mal Singh makes a case about Sikhs should be more diplomatic when dealing with the police to ensure good will, rather than some of the more aggressive/attacking behaviour by Sikhs in recent years. I think he has some good points



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I don't agree with Mal Singh at all in many respects. I think there are less kuttarhs now than before. Plus, I think there is no point in an amritdhari having a kirpan, if they aren't willing to use it when required. You might as well ban the kirpan, it would make no difference because most of the people wearing them, don't use them to protect the panth, which was the whole point - not some post-colonial symbolic nonsense.   I don't know who is forcing people to do nitnem either myself? If anyone is doing this, I'm sure they are in a tiny minority. But it probably says more about the people who stick with or are attracted to these abusive people anyway. Just move away from them. 

As for kicking pigs out of Gurdwaras and Sikh celebrations in parks. I think Mal Singh is confused as hell. The police turn up regardless  - for recruitment purposes. What people need to understand is: that itself is a continuation of  the forced relationship between Sikhs and the anglos from the colonial period- these mfs have been infiltrating Sikh spaces since pre-colonisation (to prepare for their attack). Kicking them out of Sikh spaces is so important on so many levels. Anyone who doesn't understand this, doesn't know the 'game' in my eyes, and hasn't learnt from history. The way goray tricked hordes of pendu apnay into joining their colonial forces to do their dirty work, is a reflection of their modern recruitment drives objective.  The taliban beat the united forces and resources of the west, and a big part of that was down to minimising and even ruthlessly eliminating perceived collaborators. Look at how even the pro-west afghan translators were sh1tting themselves when the goray bailed out and deserted them. Look at how many police and army recruitment lines the taliban sacrificed soldiers blowing up.    

It's not about 'playing the game', it's about smashing and breaking down the games being played against us. 

One thing I agree with him though, is our lot being able to make discreet ninja moves, but we shouldn't be counting on outsiders to do this. We should have a lot of capability for this ourselves, and build it, encourage it, foster it.  Whether this be against petty pakistani grooming gangs in the UK or even for revenge or rescue missions for say Sikh women who have been abducted and converted abroad.  

This brother is entitled to his opinion, especially if he used to be a soldier as he claims, but I don't remotely agree with him here.  If anything I think apnay haven't gone nearly far enough to send the message to the gora establishment that they shouldn't be barking up our tree, when they've just used and abused us since we met them.  

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