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What White Men Say In Our Absence


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Here is my 2nd cents as someone living in canada for quite some time.

Regular white joe blow really ignorant on various different non white cultures, traditions- don't be surprised they just dont comprehend or refuse too too much work- they just dont see various different ethnic traditions  they just see non white  as  brown/black for their simplistic brain. True story, Once there were so called brown journalist here in canada- i m not going name names but once they showed up in anti immigration rallies set up by whites- in support of anti immigration- these two brown probably thought they go along with them as they feel superiority look down on apne/ their own- mother of ironies- white regular joe blow launched full on verbal assault racist against them- ..this tells us few things:

- regular joe blow white who wants do drink budd light beer/ monday-friday job -dont see any difference in different cultures- they see non white as threat- doesnt matter - they just dont see difference ideology, traditons so on and so forth- those things dont occur or matter for village white pendu idiot here.

- apne who think they can play this game of ideologies- bring stupid geo political issues and differences among them from back home here and think they shorten their name to fit in-  fail to realize its all about color for average joe blow white- they dont understand - they are super ignorant- they only see different colors. From their perspective, you are non white- brown or black. Rest doesnt matter so its better to forget about geo political differences back and stick together as one.

- I personally like this term BIPOC coined recently in media- Black and indigenous and people of color- shows united strength amongst visible minority to address social, racial and disparity issues- gotta stick around, even apne canadian born journalist - they all waking up - making subtle passive aggressive proud statements of their identity. 




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