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Make no mistakes Christians in India hate you.

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Nothing like a deep dive into the religous rooms to simply reassure Sikhi is the best. I haven't said anything like that. I haven't tried to convert anyone or sway then from their religion. Except muslims, who I encourage to join anything, be it Jedi religion, or those larpers who do the LOTR Simarillion based religion, whatever, but even then didn't say you should be a Sikh and only Sikhi works. 

I've met some formidable people in other groups. But wait long enough and the colors come out. 

While we encourage people to be successful in their thing, and don't discredit other people's faiths, like other faiths do...when you humbly love and speak truth and support everyone else... They kinda all fall flat and leave you the last one, or one of a last few people standing. 

Singhs are Kings. Sikhi doesn't intend to, but ultimately does stand with best posture. 

There is no place for racism in Sikhi. I think we should be sensitive to the plights of the races and cut them some slack. And uplift each other. That being said a lot of them are pretty racist and most of their spiritualities claim only their way is real. Which is limiting. 

Now that the initial Parchar and some reputation is established. I'm going to continue Parchar but more aggressively attack fake doctrines and enemies of the Paanth. 

Sikhi stands alone and unassailable. 

And any small Gurbani controversy really doesn't change the fact how beyond Gurmat is compared to other systems. 

At least we beleive they get the fruits of their systems and we all go to Narak equally, not...our select group is saved and everyone else is burning in eternal hellfire. 

Get the racism and casteism out the Paanth and change the representative structures of government we use. Fauj up. We got this in the bag. 

Plenty of friends out there, but we need to just do our thing and recruit more than deal with anyone else. 

There's too much polluted mental garbage in the way to accomplish much outside of Sikhi. We have enough snakes to deal with as is. Human nature. 


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Be interesting to see if the coptic christians hold this hindustani former muslim converted to christianity accountable for some lies against Sikhi and myself. Or if the black ones do, which is step two. Or if christianity fails even at the highest level to hold their own accountable. 

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And unfortunately...but simply....we really need to recruit. And be prepared to stand alone. 

We need all four doors open at the Gurudwaras, we need people to know who we are through Parchar, and our conduct, but most all funds should be dedicated to Gurudwara programs, helping the Sangat acquire the jobs and educations and materials the Paanth needs to survive, and training our Faujs. 

Weapons, wells, caches crops. More important than ever. 


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Things going well for me professionally. Might be moving for work. Some other changes going on that's freeing up time next year. 

Going to keep preparing for Amrit, but in terms of my study of other groups it's just aboriginal australians, and the islanders, and native americans left on my list. And the homeless. To check for compatibility. 

Anyone had much interaction with the chinese, japanese, korean, vietnamese, cambodian, thais etc regarding Sikhi?

They just aren't prevelant around here. And the ones we have are instantly americanized. 

Sri Lanka is heavily buddhist with a muslim population, why they aren't our allies again?


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Oh, and any amount of Dasam Granth controversy would never effect Sikhi. Even if a bit got fiddled. It doesn't matter. It's still in a class all alone. Either way. 

So it is for the best we don't fight on it, support Amrit Sanchar, and just practice what lies there in. It's a verb. 

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Cult Figga King Y is the only person I would advise the Texas Sangat to approach and support and know. He's got the real understanding and has the only great movement going, albeit small, that we would be welcome and supported, protected in. 

Would be a great press opportunity for Us. 


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Interesting how this rich Khatri Christian convert Ankur Narula and rich Jatt actress Sonam Bajwa are pushing Christianity with American & Canadian funding.

The tactic of promising people a Canadian visa if they convert to Christianity is simply genius when you analyse the mentality of some people in east Punjab.

Christian conversion epidemic in east Punjab : the conversion empire of Ankur Narula and its funding

October 12, 2020

In the Jalandhar district of Punjab, there is a small village called Khambra. A non-government organisation named Spiritual Welfare Society is headquartered in Khambra. The NGO is headed by one Varsha Rani and other important functionaries include Balvir Kaur and Piara.

About Spiritual Welfare society

The NGO is registered with Foreign Contribution Regulation Act and received Rs. 17076206.07 as contribution from outside Bharat in 2017-18. In 2018-19, the total foreign contribution it received was Rs. 28427339.00. So in a period of two years, it received approximately Rs. 4.5 crores from outside Bharat. The figures for 2019-20 are not yet available, but are again likely to be in crores.

If you peruse the FCRA returns, you will find that a majority of the donors are Punjabis, some with Christian names and others with typical Punjabi names. In 2017-18, there were 253 such donors who donated above Rs. 20000. In 2018-19, the number increased to 506 i.e. exactly the double. There is nothing strange in overseas Punjabis funding an NGO in Jalandhar. In fact, most Punjabis consider sewa as the essence of religion. Surely, it must be doing some great work!

Search the name of the NGO on Google and you will not find much about the society. For an NGO receiving crores in foreign donation and probably much more in local donations, it has negligible footprint on the internet. There is a single Youtube video showing that it distributed 50 sewing machines and some rations to poor women. The video tells that it did the same in association with Khambra Church and Rashtriya Masihi Sangh. Nothing else is known about the activities of the NGO.

Ankur Narula’s church : where the money of this NGO is used

The end purpose of money received through donation, as mentioned in the FCRA form is educational, social and religious. The return form for 2017-18 shows that the NGO created assets worth approximately  Rs. 1.4 crores. The return form for 2018-19 shows that Rs. 1.67 crores of foreign money was utilized for educational purposes, about Rs. 53 lakhs for religious purposes and rest Rs. 62 lakhs for social purposes. This much amount of money spent should show results somewhere.

We might be able to solve this mystery if we dig a bit about its key functionaries, i.e. Varsha Rani, Balvir Kaur and Piara. A simple google search of this name with Ankur Narula will show that all three are Pastors in his church and actively promote conversion to Christianity. Varsha Rani is the vice president of Ankur Narula Ministry society. Balvir Kaur, who calls herself a “Prophetess”, runs Roshni Ki Kiran Ministry, another front for Ankur Narula, and is routinely featured in Masih Parivar Channel on YouTube. In the description of this video, shown below, you can see how both are connected.

ankur narula balvir kaur

Piara or Pastor Piara Lal, as he is now known, runs Gospel for Nations, Dialpur. That is another front for Ankur Narula. You can see the description of this video, that he is an associate of Ankur Narula just like others mentioned in the list.


Basically, Ankur Narula runs a web of organisations, all of which have the same goal of converting Hindus and Sikhs of Punjab to Christianity. The money being used in these activities can be openly seen in their programmes.

On the other hand, Ankur Narula claimed on his social media that he had bought many properties in the year 2018. He bought a college building and also opened The Christ Bible College. Clearly, a lot of money was spent here. If the account of Spiritual Welfare Society are audited, probably we shall know the whole truth.

Illegal foreign donations to Ankur Narula

At this stage, a simple question arises. How does an organisation, which has practically no footprint on the internet, manage to attract crores of rupees from foreign countries? Now this donation is not by a single organisation, but by hundreds of people, who must have known about the activities of the organisation before donating.

Please remember that the NGO named Spiritual Welfare Society does not even have a simple blog or website to solicit donations. Clearly, the donations are being solicited elsewhere. If not, hundreds of people do not magically know the correct account details of the organisation.

Here comes the role of media arms of the Ankur Narula organisation. Ankur Narula and his lackeys, publicize their activities through various social media channels. To take an example, the YouTube Channel by the name of Ankur Narula Ministries has more than 4 lakh subscribers. It is also known by the name of Anugrah TV. He actively seeks donations on the channel and the website of the channel. It must be noted that despite Ankur Narula not formally having any FCRA, he seeks foreign donations or “offerings”, as he calls it! It is clearly against the law.

ankur narula

It is for the investigating agencies to check where is he directing the money received from foreign countries. Infact, Spiritual Welfare Society might not be the sole route through which he is receiving money. He might be getting money through various other NGOs and through hawala route too. The information might be communicated to his followers through the given WhatsApp number. Please note that formally, on papers, Ankur Narula has nothing to do with Spiritual Welfare Society, so getting money from even there is illegal for him, specially as his organisation is not registered under FCRA! He cannot solicit any donations from outside Bharat at all.

The impact

The impact of this pumping of money in conversion activities can clearly be seen in Punjab. As we wrote in an earlier piece, Punjab is now 10% Christian.  Ankur Narula started with 3 followers in 2008. By 2018, he had 1.2 lakh followers and his followers were growing double every year by his own admission. If we extrapolate the number, by 2020, he would have about 3-4 lakh members. Please note that the entire Christian population of Punjab in 2011 census was reported to be 3,48,230!

In 2016, Christian leader Imanul Rehmat Masih said, “In reality, our population is 7 to 10% in the state, but the latest census shows us less than 1%.” He demanded representation of Christian community in Legislative Assembly and easier methods to get conversion certificate. It is a matter of time before the political parties start another kind of appeasement in Punjab. In many cases, it has already started.


The government has recently amended the FCRA and it might curb to some extent the activities of these NGO, which are fronts for conversion factories. It is likely that the hawala transactions will now increase and unscrupulous elements will find and exploit some loopholes that still remain. It is important that the relevant investigating agencies mount a full investigation into the accounts of such persons so that fear of law can be put in the hearts of these people.

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On 7/26/2022 at 1:15 PM, paapiman said:

Are a lot of Sikhs converting into Christianity in India?

In the context of Sikhs being on course to be a demographic minority in east Punjab by 2031 every naive Punjabi conned into the racist Slavemaster religion of Christianity (that has inflicted Genocide upon millions of darker skinned people globally) is a real concern.

This is not just a concern in east Punjab. A significant proportion of the financing from abroad in order to push Christianity (alongside Islam) in east Punjab is coming from Christian Jatts in the Greater Vancouver and Fraser Valley area.

40 years ago virtually all of the Punjabi Christians overseas were Pakistani Punjabi Christians as the Qazi's would not allow who they deemed to be "Choorhe + Chamar" into Masjids (and thus in Muslim villages of united Punjab our poor brethren often understandably turned to Christainity during the almost 100 year period of racist British Empire).

It is important to note that among the greatest Shaheeds of the Sikh Panth we count Shaheed Bhai Jiwan Singh (who the Muslims thought of as a "Bihari Chuhra" in the Islamic mindset of caste and bloodline nobility) and Shaheed Bhai Sangat Singh Ji who led the Sikh Fauj at Dhan Dhan Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj's behest (who again the Muslims and Hindu's despised as they could not understand how the Sikh Qaum could be led by an erstwhile Chamar).

However, the strong recent impetus towards increasing Christian numbers in east Punjab (in order to push Sikhs into a minority demographic status there by 2031) is heavily promoted and pushed by Christian Jatts based in BC, well embedded into post-1984 Punjab Police cats drugs trade in BC along with the support of RAW. 

This rich Khatri Christian convert Ankur Narula and the richest Jatt actress Sonam Bajwa are at the forefront of pushing Christianity with American & Canadian funding.

The tactic of promising Punjabi's a Canadian visa if they convert to Christianity is simply genius when we analyse the naive mentality of some people in east Punjab.

Whatever our differences may be as Sikhs, we still need to be rock solid united in the face of this RAW and Christian Jatt NRI threat to the Panth.

What is interesting that the state media in India always falsely paints crook like Ram Rahim Sirsa (real name: Gurmit Singh Sidhu) and the Radha Swami Deradars (Dhillon family) or Sonam Bajwa as liberated people from oppressed backgrounds when the actual reality is that the overwhelming majority of our Gurdwara's are managed by Sikhs of Mazhabi ancestry as the Giani or Granthi and that Sikhs from economically weak backgrounds comprise the majority of the Sikh Panth (and overwhelmingly so in terms of the Khalsa Panth).


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Christians outside of india bear us no ill will really. They either like us or don't know us. 

I've since seen some real Christians stand on Truth and stick up for me and just now somebody spoke against the Guru Sahiban in the chat and they instantly deleted it. Just wanted to come give them their props. 

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