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Make no mistakes Christians in India hate you.


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Nothing like a deep dive into the religous rooms to simply reassure Sikhi is the best. I haven't said anything like that. I haven't tried to convert anyone or sway then from their religion. Except muslims, who I encourage to join anything, be it Jedi religion, or those larpers who do the LOTR Simarillion based religion, whatever, but even then didn't say you should be a Sikh and only Sikhi works. 

I've met some formidable people in other groups. But wait long enough and the colors come out. 

While we encourage people to be successful in their thing, and don't discredit other people's faiths, like other faiths do...when you humbly love and speak truth and support everyone else... They kinda all fall flat and leave you the last one, or one of a last few people standing. 

Singhs are Kings. Sikhi doesn't intend to, but ultimately does stand with best posture. 

There is no place for racism in Sikhi. I think we should be sensitive to the plights of the races and cut them some slack. And uplift each other. That being said a lot of them are pretty racist and most of their spiritualities claim only their way is real. Which is limiting. 

Now that the initial Parchar and some reputation is established. I'm going to continue Parchar but more aggressively attack fake doctrines and enemies of the Paanth. 

Sikhi stands alone and unassailable. 

And any small Gurbani controversy really doesn't change the fact how beyond Gurmat is compared to other systems. 

At least we beleive they get the fruits of their systems and we all go to Narak equally, not...our select group is saved and everyone else is burning in eternal hellfire. 

Get the racism and casteism out the Paanth and change the representative structures of government we use. Fauj up. We got this in the bag. 

Plenty of friends out there, but we need to just do our thing and recruit more than deal with anyone else. 

There's too much polluted mental garbage in the way to accomplish much outside of Sikhi. We have enough snakes to deal with as is. Human nature. 


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And unfortunately...but simply....we really need to recruit. And be prepared to stand alone. 

We need all four doors open at the Gurudwaras, we need people to know who we are through Parchar, and our conduct, but most all funds should be dedicated to Gurudwara programs, helping the Sangat acquire the jobs and educations and materials the Paanth needs to survive, and training our Faujs. 

Weapons, wells, caches crops. More important than ever. 


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Things going well for me professionally. Might be moving for work. Some other changes going on that's freeing up time next year. 

Going to keep preparing for Amrit, but in terms of my study of other groups it's just aboriginal australians, and the islanders, and native americans left on my list. And the homeless. To check for compatibility. 

Anyone had much interaction with the chinese, japanese, korean, vietnamese, cambodian, thais etc regarding Sikhi?

They just aren't prevelant around here. And the ones we have are instantly americanized. 

Sri Lanka is heavily buddhist with a muslim population, why they aren't our allies again?


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In fact. We might, and by we ..I, might have to just start some rooms highlighting various crimes against Sikhs and others from today reaching back into time, at the hands of hindustan and pakistan both. 

There any really good sources with all the info compiled and cited, that would save me time?

Topics genocide, rape, casteism, terror politics, censorship. 

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