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The khanda?


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SSA all,

I have been pondering for the last few weeks, how the khanda was designed the way it is. It couldnt just fell in to place just like that, neither would Guru Gobind Singh ji just appeared it from nowhere. how was it merged? how was it put together? when did it really start? how/who manifiested it? I know the basic answers (not boasting) but would really appriciate if someone could really explain from the root.

Thank you

P.S The new site looks much better and friendlier :D

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One kirpan for spiritual freedom and one for self defence (please correct me if i'm wrong)

Round Chaka = GUR BAR AKAL...God is eternal like a circle

gotta find that site..I can't find right now which shows what each symbol respresents :?

once again please correct me if i'm wrong :)

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Da two swords represent Sri Guru HarGobind Singh Sahib jis Miri Piri Swords. One for Spiritual/Religous freedom, and the other is for defence of oneself and others. Chakar represents endless and beginingless (ahem xcuse me for da words from Khandaydhaar dictionary!) God, since a circle has no begining and end and datz wat our karas represent also. The double edge khanda has two sides, i think dey represent Gods (something)...gota find out aye...oh yeh da tip of da khanda is supposed to represent ones soul like where da soul or mind (im confused now!) or conciousness, i think da ppl who take amrit! i read somthin like dat on da net...but gota find out again! yeh da site looks much beta u modz deserve patz on da bak!

i really like how we can post a reply below! cool! :)

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its sad how the khanda symbol has been abused... VERY SAD!!!!

(thaz all i gotta say... sorry i can't help, i think i knwo the answer, but i juz dun wanna say cuz then i mite not really knowww!!!)

keep on smilinggggggggg :) (imagine a chunni on da smily) lol

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i been looking at some styles of writing allah, and have basically noticed that if you take out the chakar you are left with a symbol similiar to the iranian flag (which also spells out allah)

im not a master in persian but here goes an attempt to explain how to get allah from the khanda, (remember persian is read right to left)

take out the chakar

the sword on the right is similiar to a straight line going down (in this case its curved and shaped like a sword) this is the letter a, --Purple--

L is the letter L (this is the khanda which comes in the middle) -L --Black--

the sword on the left forms the other L shape - L --Blue

the handle of the right sword (the little circle bit) forms the ah - ah --red

so you get allah..........................................., [flipv:a6454e343d] V[/flipv:a6454e343d] ,

Then put the chakar in for decoration.........[ }{ ]

sorry for the crap diagram...........................' T /'

but you got to give me some credit ............ ; ! :

so thats how u get allah from the khanda symbol of the sikhs :twisted: lol so i guess those people who call me RSS will now think im Iatolla Dynameenee :twisted:

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heres another way of writing allah, the w shaped word with a tail coming off it and going up is the word allah

you can see how its similiar just that the khanda is shaped using weapons..

another intresting note is that if you take out the chakar you are left with a remarkable ressemblence to the tarsool (trident) a symbol of shivji (hinduism) could adding the chakar signify the union of islam and hinduism under one flag? the sikh flag??

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