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Kerambit weapon

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I think the index finger could dislocate when excessive pressure is applied to blade in retracted position.And in extended position it looks very ineffective.Looks very gimmicky, like something a child would design.

How about if you held it in a reverse grip (upside down), with your index finger going through the ring, and the point of the blade pointing forward?

And then just punching with it? That way, you would have a punch dagger that's also capable of ripping attacks (with a lot of force). Would be very difficult to disarm.

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A couple of kerambit pics are here:


The normal way of using it is (contrary to what's described on some websites) to put the index finger through the hole, and hold the handle securely in a tightly-clenched fist, the blade sticking out from under the fist.

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thats about 8", u can hold it in ur hands with a downstriking motion, and also you can put it between your fingers like a claw (hence the plastic grip) , holding it this way wont break your fingers like the kerambit would too

the bhag is much different, that goes on the underside of your palm, and rings to put your fingers thru

like so - an open handed slap/swipe with that would mash up anyones face :| :shock:



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Bagh naka. many difff types of them, but they can look very simalar just like katars looks the same, but each katar is made specfically for each part of the body, eg ribs, muscle, bone, intestines etc.

Naka, single claw style. Many diff types sizes shapes. These are very good damala shasters,

as dynamic said, they are used similar to damala shasters, neother of those pics are really of Damala Shasters (thats i know of).

By the way, if you looks closely on the pic by iron, after starring at the pic for a while you will see a face, each shaster has its own characteristics, the face of this one is based on a lion, you have to imgine the hair. Try it.

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Anyone have any experience training with a karambit? What do you think of it as a self defence tool?  @GurjantGnostic


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