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Ever wonder what the point of life is?

we must asked our selves this question a million times and come with a conclusion similar to "to gain union with the almighty waheguru/lord/allah etc.''........if thats the case....then ever questioned what bani means when the gurus wrote 'those who are pre-destined will come to unite with the true lord'.......if it is pre-destined, then do we have any control over our destiny/fate??......what do you guys think about this?

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What is the point of life? The point of life is to live it, breathe it, and appreciate it. Religion is here so that we won't even feel sad if we follow it correctly. If I'm not correct, someone please correct me on this, SIKHI doesn't believe in pre-destination. Sikhism is the most practical, logical, rational religions.

Practice it, obtain it, UNITE with the lord WITHIN yourself, don't put false hope into wordly things, and you will master life.


For more info please read this great site which includes rational answers:



Gurjote Singh

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Ever wonder what the point of life is?

yes, i ask the same question everyday! if u ask me humans have the biggest flaw, our brain! i mean why can't we be an ant and juz take life at wat it is? k well that question is undefined, unexplainable and just impossible to answer! if u ask me just soak it up and keep on going... thats what we have been doin so far! i hate not knowing, but then i don't really know anything, so im goin to go now and do more homework, and do what i usually do cuz i don't know why im doing it in the long run! lol


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sahijaleen kaur, if u tell the average joe "my goal in life is to break the cycle of birth n death" they would be more then confused, isnt it best to explain in the most simplist terms, guru maharaj tells us "sachahu orai sabh ko upar sach aachaar", this raises the question, what is truthful living? again it is ambigious to the average joe

to me, the point of life in the most simplist terms is naam japo - vand chhako, kirat karo

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I agree with harpreet.

X to the power of nothing equal one.

X is arbitary, the power is the point of life, one is one.

so, the point of life is nothing which equals one in any circumstance.

on a serious note! instead of asking whats the point of life, what is life itself?

is touch, love, compassion, hurt, sense, expeirence, emotions, etc life? what is life? if you can define what life is, surely you must be able to figure out the point of life then......... maybe an easy way to answer what is life? is by understanding what is death?

your all nuts!!!

mugermach singh. :)

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Thats one way of looking at it, indeed mugermach, an interesting post.

Also X to the power of 0 = 1

X - lets take this to be 'Mugermach'

The power - represents the Ego. If the ego becomes zero then he will be 1.

So if the power is anything other than 0 then 1 cannot exist.

So if we can get ego to become 0 - then 1 exists

1 = realisation

Another application of X to the power of 0 = 1

Jaap Sahib - 'ik hai fir anek hai'

X = any number - ie in practical terms any being - plant,animal,human etc

Lets take the power zero to be constant for the purpose of this explanation.

If zero does not change then x can be all sorts of numbers, but it will always equate to 1

Same way - Ik hai = 1

Fir anek hai = x

no matter what X is, it will always = 1

Balle balle Uncle Cheema

(biblo: M S Cheema - Self realisation volume 1 ) :bravo:



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I always like to use school as an analogy to religion:

Accepting a religion is the same as registering for elementary school. Teachers in school are analogous to Guru's/Prophets - they guide you with their wisdom. Of course, it is ultimately up to us if we choose to follow our teacher's rules, but as we all know, we fail school and have to repeat the course until we choose to accept the teacher's rules.

Similarly, this life is our "school" if you will. We come to this life repeatedly until we correctly do everything Guru Ji has instructed. Only when we pass Guru Ji's School, we have attained spirtual discipline and taken full advantage of life.

So what exactly is "spiritual discipline"? According to Buddhism, one has attained spiritual discpline when he/she realizes that everything in the world can be broken down into atoms, then elementary particles (as suggested by Physics) and then into "Spiritons" - these "particles" are God's light. Everything in the world is made from God's light - the one thing that cannot be broken down any further.

In other words, we have been enlightened when we finally come to realize that everyone and everything is made of God's light. Once we realize this, we see no difference between the poor and the rich, between money and dirt, etc...

Now you may ask, why did God create this school? why did he create us and make us go through his school? This is a very deep question and fortunately the answer has been provided already in Gurbani: God's creation (Life) is his "play", his amusement. His "test" to see who overcomes all his challenges. Think about it, wouldn't you have created something if you were God?

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If we refer to Gurbani, it very clearly tells us:  bhai prapat manukh de hureeya gobind milan ke eh teree bariaa.

Our past karam,  will  always make us induce into more karma, thus perpetuate our stay in the mayavee creation. 

So do His bahkti as per Gurmat, thus get cleansed from all impurities, free from the cycle of births and deaths, and as a consequence of this attitude, merge in Him becoming one with Him, with His apaar kirpa.

Sat Sree Akal.

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