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Chandi ki vaar - why before sunrise?

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I thought it was the other way round veera??

Before sunset, or all the way to sunrise!

Anyways in answer to your question, i heard from baba maan singh that if you do it after sunset, then shaheed singhs come and join you (which can be frightening i guess.) Also because some shaheed singhs told him this i.e to do chandi di var at these times. This is good enough for me!


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Post from our veer- Surrey Singh take from akj.org:

I have read Sant Baba Harnam Singh Ji's autobiography called, "Se Kanehia" In this book Baba Ji talks about how he used to do Chandi Di Var Paat everyday before sunset. One day he decided to break his normal routine and did this Paat before going to sleep. He says, as he was about to fall asleep, 2 Singhs began to approach him from a distance. They came up grabbed the Baba Ji and lifted him up from his bed by his head and feet. Baba Ji began to do Mool Mantar and they put him down, and they said they were Shaheed Singhs who came to tell him how to do Chandi Di Var, since he decided to "test the Paat" by doing it after sunset. They told him if you do the Paat in the daytime, no problem......but....if you begin the Paat after sunset, you must keep reciting the Paat all night till the sun rises. It can be done by more than one Sikh, in turns, but cannot stop. This was how it was doing before a battle during the Guru's time. This is written in this book, its a really good book, i recommend it.

ps-i heard this is a really hard Paat to do properly

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from what i've understood, which could be pretty offffffff, but havans their philosophy of incorporating a fire into their religious beliefs and systems..

e.g their weddings are done with four circles around a fire, similar to the Hindu style wedding....

i'm sure someone else can give much better info, cuz i'm pretty sure i'm a bit off with that.

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Havaaan.. :)

(MC style)

Its the Fire.. FY AAAAR More Fire... When I say more U say Fire..




FIRE>... oh... GOsh..

havans are the way man..

CDV can be done at any time depending on what you are doing it for..

I'll find out more on the specifics but till then.. FIRE>> FIRE>>>

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