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Interesting "Western Sikh" Wedding........


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Check it out guys:


Also this one:


Its wicked.... really amazing to see so many white sikh women wearing bana and punjabi suits and even ghagra in some pictures with pride. :D:D :yo: :yo: :bow:

There is a picture of couple kissing each other on there.


Its funny to see comments on tapoban forum .. there few fanatics posted... oh this picture is manmaat ballah ballah..bullocks like that..man they are married for god's sake.. they can do whatever they want..whats your business...damn it .!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :evil: :evil: :evil: ...

no wonder gursikhs even after marriage...are sexually repressed.....oh i can't kiss my wife ... oh this is manmaat... oh let me get up and go take pesh because i kissed my wife :LOL::LOL: :x :x :shock: :shock: :bling: :bling: :bling:

As an wise men puts it (bahadar sehan :wink: ) - Master it, expereince it but don't become slave to it . !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D

Well enjoy the pictures...my atma became joyful, blossomed after seeing these pictures..

May Guru Nanak Dev Nirankar Sikhi spread all over the world like sungund(smell) of a flower.

Raj Karega Khalsa Akhe Rahe Na Koi ! :D :D

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I have read the comments on the Tapoban site, and N30 Singh, please don’t take a comment out of context and then label a person a ‘fanatical’. The Gursikh Bana is modest and so should the behavior of a person wearing it. Maybe living in the west has made you very ‘westernized’, but back in Punjab when we see a couple kissing and making out, they are called Besharam. Now those guys are Goray, so I don’t blaim them for kissing in public as they are not familiar with our Punjabi ways and concept of Sharam. But for a Punjabi to support such Besharam acts is in itself Besharmi. What a couple does in their privacy is their business, but to do it in public is just badmaashi, plain and simple.

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hey just because they're sikh doesnt mean they are punjabi, nowhere have i read that sikhi is a punjabi religion for punjabi people only, religion is not all that governs a persons life, their culture and society will also dictate a massive part of their own progression towards the devine as and how they wish.

If some baba or bibi regards them as punjabi simply because they wear a dastar and have love for the Guru then holy cow dung they need to wake up, and I would agree with NEO that person can be labelled as Fanataical, Fanatically Ignorant..

Secondly the only reason we hide our affection in public is because its the way punjabi's are. Im sure there is nothing against kissing in Bani is there?

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I don't see nada wrong with the picture of them kissing...it is an expression of affection. Just like holding hands, kissing is just as innocent. But there are always those who see Kaam in everything. Even a simple act of kissing. It is nothing sexual but an expression of ones affection and love. Would it be different if it was a kiss on the cheek? So if it is on the lips it is tabooo. Wake up and smell the Achaar.

If sexuality is in your mind, then a simple act of kissing is sexual. If Purity lies in your mind, then the simple act of kissing become just as innocent. You see Sexual because Sexual is the mind that interpets such acts.

An Act is pure because Purity lies in the heart of thos that act it out.

btw those are wonderfull pics.

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Guest Javanmard

I am not going to say anything about the tapoban comments. The day these guys convert to Sikhi I'll take their comments seriously!

I just wish to quote one of the ghazzals of this great saint, Bhai Nand Lal Goya:

The kiss of your tiny and tender lips surpasses all sweetness

This is not a metaphor, it is truth unsurpassed

Know separation, so that you can yearn for union

How can you reach the goal without separation as your guide.

Look into the eyes of the Beloved and become one like the eye lashes

Till the bowl of desire gets filled with the diamonds of fulfillment

The lover's branch of hope never bears fruit

Till tears do not, make the eyelashes green with waterin

Everything is futile, o Goya, do not even talk of love

For who puts his feet on this path, who does not give his head!

(trans. B.P.L. Bedi)

From an anthroplogical point of view the kiss represents the union of souls through the breath. In many cultures kissing is just a form of greeting or an act of friendship.

I personally think that this Gursikh couple has done something beautiful for there is no evil in showing the love that exists between them.

Those who speak of lack of 'sharam' should rather concentrate on those hypocrites who have pornographic material in their cars (and say it's their dad's :wink: ), hang around criminals (SP) :wink: , say that Guru Gobind Singh only had one wife and say on radio that the chali mukte were not mukte :evil: ... but that again is another matter....

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Guest Javanmard

Yes N3O, the same Nand Lal Goya whose writings are considered to be a compulsory reading with those of Bhai Gurdas for anyone studying Sikhi. They happen to be in Persian: I wonder how many people actually bother to learn the language and read it!

ps. I still think 3HO is a cult but that's just me... :wink:

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Bhai Nand Lal Ji was great Sikh and very intelligent person. Pictures are good. A Sikh woman is not a machine to produce baby khalsas so they should be treated same as women. There should be affection, love between couple regardless of their spiritual level. And having love for your wife is not lust.

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