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what's your reason?


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something funkadelic happened today.

one of the girls i work with found out that i'm Sikh and she, being the scholar that she is, confessed that she didn't know much about "Sikhism" and asked me to explain why guys wear a turban.

after a lot of graceful stuttering and awkward pauses (i totally wasn't expecting her to ask me that), i finally gave her an answer that i think explained a lil bit bout why some guys wear it.

but... i think it'd be nice to really know what the inside scoop is on why guys either keep their hair or wear a turban/keski/dastaar/whatever. (i'm not lookin for official "this is the Sikh way!" explanations. i know plenty of them already. i'm lookin for ur personal reasons for doin so...)

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By Khalsa im referring to Akali Nihang Singh Khalsa... male warriors... don't blaze me im just clearing things so you understand my point better


Nah you have to broaden your horizon mate.

Khalsa do exist out of Budda dal :D .. and Nirmalaie, sevapanthis are proof of this.

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Just want to add my own 2 Pessas:

I think this reply could also be used in the why girls dont like 95% of the guys with turbans or whatever the title was :P

Ok before you start reading this.. clap your hands.. and start bopping your head.. :)

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Dont forget your Kanga


Tuck in that lar


The gals are waiting

:D All parts in red are my own modification of the original song called milkshake can be bought http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/B00...0009034-5500660


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LOL, the Milkshake remix was hilarious..

As for the Dastar question.. for starters i dont know very much in depth, but this is my general understanding:

The dastar is worn for several reasons.

Lookin after ur Kesh is the obvious one.

Also, culturally, covering ones head is a mark of respect and respectability (although we all have our own ideas as to whats respectable.. but thats a whole different thread)

Then theres the status symbol. The dastar is analogous to a crown. To slightly paraphrase the themesong from the Highlander TV series, "We're the princes (and princesses) of the universe". So we wear it in honour of our spiritual ancestory.

(I hasten to add thats not to denigrate anyone else or any other faith) But if our Guru is our Father, and he is also the King of Kings (the same King of Kings that is worshipped by every other faith by whatever name) then it stands to reason (i hope it does anyway, feel free to kick my butt if it doesnt lol).

Further to all of that, its a part of being battle ready. Im not a Nihung Singh and im sure the veterens of the site will be able to go into alot more detail, but the Dastar was the precursor of the modern day protective headgear worn by law enforcement agencies and the armed forces.

also, as previously pointed out, it makes Singhs look more chissled and brings the gals to the yard lol :)

Im sure there are countless more indepth reasons as to why we're meant to wear a Dastar, but that will hopefully be enough for a start!

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Slighty off topic.. and im not trying to be funny.. But u se pictures of some of these Singhs wearing huge tall dastaars, and some are, without meaning to sound disrepectful, just plain disproportionate.

Martial arts in general, and from what little i've seen Shaster Vidya has alot to do with swiftness of movement and agility and so on. How would these Singhs move swiftly under any circumstances?

Even if we look at it on the most basic level, could the Singh in Sikh Fauj's avatar duck out of the way of an incoming punch?

again, im not taking the p*ss, its a genuine question that i've wondered abt for a while...

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