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Has anyone ever seen a ghost ?


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On a serious note ....one of dad's friends dadajis father ...met a chureil.... :shock: :shock: she used to live on a tree outside the pind hunna....and one afternoon she was dressed as a woman and using "daat" to cut the "fasal" or something and these guys were fooling around there...and then....she looks up and tries to charm them but :shock: dadajis father saw hunna that ...this "woman" had feet which were turned backwards and he caught her by her hair and she felt sooooo helpless and then :shock: dadajis father said who are u....she came back to her ganda roop and said she was a gandi churell and that she lives on a tree :shock: and dadajis father said go away frm the pind and she was like ok...hunna and then D's father said how will we know ke u gone...she said....the tree on which I live will tear into half :shock: omg...and the next morning the tree did tear off so loudly that the sound was heard all over the pind OMGGGGGGGG...Waheguru and this is a true story.... :shock:

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forget about ghosts and ufo's. i'd like to see God. now THAT is an experience worth talking about. so... whoever's seen Him/Her/It/Whatever, speak up.

just look at his creation as he is prevading in his own creation.........

Page 281, Line 17 -- Guru Arjan Dev

apunay kaaraj meh aap samaa-i-aa (in His Own creation, He Himself is pervading).

Page 288, Line 1 -- Guru Arjan Dev

rach rachnaa apnee kal Dhaaree (Having created the creation, He infuses His own power into it)

Page 325, Line 4 -- Saint Kabir

jot kee jaat jaat kee jotee (The creation is born of the Light, and the Light is in the creation)

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disclaimer: dont do this unless your stupid and if you are then accept all the karmic crap on your own head.. !!

How to see a ghost.

Find some animal or person (the second is against the law and the first will get u a hefty fine and the rspca will hate you)

Ensure its death is made blatent to it, for example let it die slowly and be aware you are its killer. (by the way this method ensures you KNOW you are seeing a ghost other methods are easier to do will mention it later)

After it has died, take either its carcas sit on it make sure the flesh and bones are all there,

make sure you are away from fire or water (they wont do much to protect you but they do help however we want to see the ghost not stop seeing them)

after sitting on the carcas wait.. once you begin to believe its all a waste of time and there is nothing there you allow that beings ghost to prove its there..

This is where it gets intresting..

FIRSTLY remember the disclaimer.. !!

secondly if you are stupid enough to perform what I said out of curiosity then its all your own fault.. I placed the method here solely for scientific purposes.. !!

Thirdly a person who knows whats going on should be there to protect your a$$ if stuff goes wrong.. (you could always turn to guru ji but i dont think the gianis would be happy u carrying a carcass into the gurdwara darbar sahib)

If you want a more subtle experience (still messed up and I aint responsible for the consequences) then you could always trying sitting on bones of a dead animal killed some other time.. but because it has no karmic relationship with you it may not appear or may appear so subtly you would dismiss the experience..

Once again only a fool would do the above.. mentioned crap .. but khalsa fauj u dont believe in it.. u should do it to prove im lying.. !! :)

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lol... DB, you're crackin me up.

i've got a better idea. one of you brit SA people needs to do this though.

and dun worry bout the karmic repercussions of doin this...

find DB and sit on him til he turns blue and suffocates. and stay sitting on him til ur sure it's a waste of time and then tell me what happens. that oughta be way more intermeresting than the method he told us. and this way, no one's gonna get hurt anyways cuz it's just DB, right?

(that was revenge for ur suggestion in the marriage and sex thread.)

cybersingh (that sounds so wrong) how exactly do i train myself to see God in his creation? i have a hard enough time seeing sense in my stats text. :shock:

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ye ye, the only reason you feel the need to harm yourself is cuz the disease known as Sukhi is actually WONDERFUL and you just can't contain your joy. hence, the need to open yourself and let the rest of the world drink in your happiness.

as for the karmic repercussions of sitting on you: there's nothin to worry about. i'm sure a gas mask will do the trick.

so who's up for sittin on DB?... beasty?...

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