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Tapoban Jatha.


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I would like to ask few questions on tapoban.

- When was tapoban jatha started?

From what i know is tapoban existed in the times of bhai randhir singh's time it was a just place of name where bhai sahib used to do meditation. But I think tapoban in form of jatha was created not long ago. Which lead to me other question.

- Who started it?

- Is Tapoban jatha recongnized by Akaal Takth like AKJ?

- Why there is fight between AKJ and Tapoban??

If i m not mistaken they are from same jatha yet they fight in toronto...few clashes were few years ago akj publish a article joined with Sanj Savera, wrote some articles on tapoban and requested sangat to boycot them that cause lot of fight. Last year july samagam .. I won't mention any names. Representative of Tapoban came to AKJ Samagam and set up their table and AKJ Representative minded that what you guys doing there?? Fighted start off then.

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i must say i'm being pleasantly surprised by the tapoban admins recently...

i've seen them allowing healthy debates with people of different views putting forth those views....

and they're instituting a new policy of not doing nindiya of others....although some of their members haven't seem to get that policy ( ahem..a certain giyani)

i don't agree with most of what the tapoban guys believe but i gotta say the website is definately improving...

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