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how important is amrit to being a sikh

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how important is amrit (not naam ras) to being a sikh? and why? what is the importance or significance of amrit?

Amrit is very important for an Sikh because Guru ji created amrit (immortal drink) to benefit us..I don't know why sikhs of today hate the word "amrit" like if it was a poision...why would guru create poison for his sikhs??..

Guru created immortal drink/Amrit (which has power to make jagasuo jevan mukht).

Amrit has three layers- 1- Phsyical layer (Actual amrit ceremony where 5 drops are dropped in eyes, on head, and 5 times drink) 2. Naam Amrit (Gurmantar/Mool Mantar given by Panj Pyares) 3 Bhramgyan Amrit (using 2nd layer to approach this final stage- Bhramgyan Amrit - Bhram vich leen hona/merge with Vahiguroo )

We all know without Guru there is no mukhti. In house of Guru Nanak Dev Nirankar amrit is must...whether it's charan amrit or khanda da amrit both perform ultimate same purpose which is give this kalyugi jev with gurmantar/Mool Mantar along with discpline(rehat) so that one can follow Gursikhi Bhagti Marg.

In Gurbani, there are harsh words used against "Nirgura (one without Guru)"... one can turn around and say... Guru Ji didn't love being who doesn't have Guru...but the fact is- Gurbani is Mata Roop(idol of mother)...Mother always first make her kid understand with pyaar...if not then with pyaar then with tarna (don't know what the use english word for tarna).

Charan amrit these day's not used much...some say it was replaced by khanda da amrit which was created for khalsa hood (not only for any particular sampardha).

Regardless of these two type- one thing to notice that there is no historical facts that Guru themselves blessed charan or khanda da amrit to sehajdhari sikh (one who want to cut/trim his/her hair even after amrit ).... If there is any proof..Please bring forward the historical accounts/figures...please don't take offense to this query.. i m just wondering..i m just being little bit of skeptic here.

ok going to sleep now..will post more.

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Amrit is very important for an Sikh because Guru ji created amrit (immortal drink) to benefit us..I don't know why sikhs of today hate the word "amrit" like if it was a poision...why would guru create poison for his sikhs??..

do sikhs despise amrit itself or the manner in which it is forced upon them?

moving on... this is exactly what i wanna know.

what is the benefit of amrit?

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In all honesty, I don’t think you are a Sikh of the Guru, in the truest sense, without Amrit. You might have immense love, devotion, respect for the Guru, but I think it still doesn’t make you a Sikh (in the truest sense of the word).

Therefore Amrit is very important.

I’ve been told that having taken Amrit you are guaranteed to be rescued, even if you fail in this life and are drowning in the worldly ocean. Meaning the Guru will bless you with another opportunity at this life without you having to go through the long cycle. I guess the Guru just really loves you if you take that step towards commitment, and he looks out for you more.

Being Amritdhari, you are listening to an instruction of the Guru, so it must be good for you. Just as repeating Vaheguru, practicing Rehit, doing Nitnem have benefits.

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Pheena Jee posted a link to a Punjabi katha by Bhai Sarabjit Singh Jodhpuri on Amrit and Logic. Its also available on www.proudtobesikh.com. I suggest one should listen to it (its only an hour long) and it may answer most of your questions about Amrit.

Just to add on to that, a relationship without commitment is no relationship. One is just putting oneself in an illusion if there isn't any commitment. Its comparatively easier to get away if you cause any sort of damage to a relationship without commitment, rather than the case when you were committed. Amrit is committing yourself to Guru Gobind Singh Jee, that you will live by the code of conduct prescribed by Him and not follow your own mind which is bound to lead you astray thanks to maya.

The rest I shall leave for you to listen in the katha. :)

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author: Sadhrayn kaur

Hmm... so what DOES amrit offer?

Surely we cannot be so naive as to assume that just because amrit gives you guidelines, that amrit does not have something to offer. If we say this, we would be the most ignorant fools on the earth. There is a reality we must embrace - that amrit is a wonderful gift, a wonderful change of lifestyle, and a very drastic and valuable opportunity.

Let us look at this example, which is very minor compared to being blessed with amrit:

Somebody offers you the position of Captain on the Detroit Red Wings hockey team. You would be simply astounded. But uh oh, wait a second - what a big responsibility that is! You will have to get training, become professional, be a good role model, be leadership material... you will have to accept accountability, big expectations from people... you will have to follow certain guidelines - you will need to wear a certain uniform and act in a certain way. Pretty limiting? Ask the captain of Detroit Red Wings, Steve Yzerman, if he loves his job. Of course he does! Would he trade it for anything? Definately not. Does it have restrictions? For sure! Do the advantages of the job beat the restrictions? No competition - there are tons of advantages and the disadvantages just seem like reasonable parts of the game.

What game are we playing here? This is the game of love. What is the first restriction? We must remove our head - be willing to completely surrender our physical, emotional, spiritual and mental self to the cause of the Guru. We must have no doubts when we set on this path - we should not care for what the world says. What team are we on? Akaal Purakh Kee Fauj. Imagine that you are the defence man... this is our team... Who are our captains? Guru Gobind Singh jee and Mata Sahib Kaur jee. Who is our coach? Guru Granth Sahib jee. Who is our goalie? Our own rehit is our goalie. Who are our opponents? Kaam, krodh, lobh, moh, ahankaar, jhoot, nindaa, vair, virod, and their coach is Maayaa. If we want to play we know the rules. We know the risks. But our skates are like ice... and our ice is like the sharp blades of skates.. this path is sharper than a sword's edge and thinner than a hair... this skating arena is the world... there is no overtime in this game... our sangat is on our team.... our rehit maryada are the referees... All the devis, devtas, sur, nar, mun, jan - THEY WANT TO PLAY THE GAME - but they are our fans... they cheer us on... we can win... and the rewards are endless... theh anek roop nau nav nidh this daa anth naa jaaee paaeiaa.... man jeetay jug jeet... jis no bakshay sifat salaahu naanak paatshaahee paathsaahu... the rewards are endless... all the worldly bliss, but more importantly the true love of the guru's feet... and the internal bliss of immortal nectar of the guru's bani... we can obtain this if we win the game... but there is a lot at stake... we must remain dedicated... We should not have duality.... we should not lose faith in our team... and we should never waver from the high standards of our team... or else we will lose in the end.. this is akaal purakh's game

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Is it the amrit itself that Sikhs despise?

Or the way that many amritdharees indulge themselves in different forms of brahmanivaad?

i asked the same thing up above.

new question: why do some amritdhari's feel the need to indulge in different forms of brahmanivaad?

is there any benefit to it? <- i'm not asking to be "cheeky" or whatever, but really, is there something going on behind the scenes that i'm not aware of that makes them superior and gives them the right to act as such?

why is there so much hatred and disgust between some amritdharis and non-amritdharis? aren't we all supposed to be attempting to become Guru Sahib's sikhs at whatever pace we can manage?


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Ahankar, Krodh.

I’m guessing some amritdharis feel they deserve some special respect from non-amritdharis and when they fail to get it, they get inflicted by krodh.

This sort of ahankar inflicts everyone really.

But we also see non-amritdharis who act spiteful and try to constantly degrade amritdharis for the simple reason that they themselves haven’t reached the same level…. jealously and resentment!!

Having attained anything of value can arouse ahankar. For some, becoming the Sikh of the Guru by taking amrit causes ahankar to swell up.

Such is the human condition.

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so the problem probably is

the ego of certain "amritdharis" who consider themselves superior and belittle non-amritdharis


possible intimidation or jealousy experienced by non-amritdharis or other "Sikhs" who don't understand the essence/significance of Amrit and mock amritdharis.


amritdharis starting to follow "ho sabhna ki ren ka to aao humaare paas"..."first become the dust of everyone's feet n then come to me", and realize that taking amrit is a new n fresh start of the journey, not the destination.


non-amritdharis starting to understand the importance of amrit, and admitting their present circumstances as "not favourable for taking amrit" and trying to make attempts towards making those situations as "favourable" sometime in the near future...admitting ur flaws or inability to accomplish something isn't necessarily degrading.

thats what i feel...forgive any mistakes in my 1 cent

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i dont think age has anything to do with Amrit...there is a sakhi in that audio katha posted by Pheena veerjee (oye Sukhi yaar when u gonna listen to it :evil: ...making me type portions of it over here...u know how many calories i burn up typing? :evil: and i m already toothpick size skinny :cry: ...anyways...juz messing with u :D )...its like an 8 yr old kid had to take amrit, and was refused by the panj pyaare...the dad was called in, and asked "will u make sure that he does all 5 nitnem baniaan daily?"...the dad goes "isn't Guru Gobind Singh his dad once he takes Amrit?"...they say "yes"...the dad says "well then its upto Gurujee to make sure that he does his daily nitnem baniaan!".

the point is that age is no bar...some kids are spiritually enlightened from previous lifetimes and are fully ready at a really young age for Amrit...surprisingly they even keep proper rehit strictly...but usually it is advised to take amrit once u r mature enuff to understand the commitment and rehits...

plzz forgive any mistakes...

ps: Sukhi !!!!!!!!!...listen to the kathaaaaaaaa !!!!!!! :shock: :shock:

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i see it like this, taking amrit is giving ur head to the guru, meaning, u are gna disengage manmat, and engage in gurmat, follow the teachings of the guru granth sahibji...my point is that in order to follow advice, u need to understand what is being said...

there needs to be some sort of understanding before takin the amrit, and also i dnt think a person can jus decide to take amrit one day and change their life the next day...habits can last a life time....addictions take years to get over, and even then ur still not totally free of them

imagine ur english and u get married to a russian, how can u understand each other???the marriage will generally break up, due to a lack of communication...the same is with the youth these days...

generally, amrit is taken so that ppl can fit into social groups...so that ppl can feel that they are part of a group...

gotta run, ill carry on later....

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