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Clarifications about Mahalla controversy


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Some misinformation has been spread over Internet. I have received some emails and phone calls in this regard. I think it would be good if I answer all such questions here in this thread to avoid same questions in emails to me. If anyone has to ask something, please use this thread.

Here are few clarifications: -

1. Any Nihang-chief has not threatened me during Hola Mahalla festival in Sri Anandpur Sahib Ji on March 26, 2005.

2. It is a punishable offence under Indian Penal Code, if someone attacks on any person. If someone has attacked on any person, he cannot say that he did it. On the other hand, some people, who pretend to be warriors, do not tell others that someone beat them up. It was unfortunate that some people were beaten up, as told on another website, I regret that my name has been used as an attacker.

3. It is said on a website that I slapped a person from UK, named Bhupinder Singh. It is wrong. I did not slap HIM.

4. I wanted to have Darshan of Veer 'Narsingha' Ji, who is a scholar of 'UK Snatan Sikh Group'. It was my bad luck that I could not have his Darshan. I talked to a person, who was from UK and came with group. He told me that he does not know any Narsingha/Nihang Teja Singh/Jagdeep Singh.

If anyone has more questions, please ask here in this thread.


-Amrit Pal Singh 'Amrit'


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It has been said on a forum that I was saying against Blue Star Operation and Kar Seva of Sri Akal Takht Sahib under Government control.

There is little confusion about this. I was addressing some foreigners and I spoke something on Operation Blue Star and Akal Takht. But, it was on 24th March, and not on the day of Hola Mahalla.

Though, again on the day of Mahalla, I have said only a few words about Operation Blue Star and mishappenings after that. I said this in the presence of Singh Sahib Baba Balbir Singh Akali Ji, the cheif of a faction of Budhha Dal. He too was standing with me when I said this. It was recorded by someone from UK on vedio camera. Here I want to make it very clear that niether Baba Balbir Singh Ji Akali, nor I have changed any previous stand on this issue. There is no need to threat me over phone.

I have not met any person, who says that he/she has the vedio recording where I was saying this in presence of Baba Balbir Singh Ji. In my CD, it is clear that Baba Balbir Singh Ji and myself are saying something together.

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I went to Budhha Dal (Baba Santa Singh) camp too. No one threatened me there. All went good. When I reached there, Bhog of Sri Dasam Granth Sahib Ji was done and they were distributing the 'Prasaad' of it (sugarcane). We were given the 'Prasaad'.

An old Nihang Singh objected when our sister was looking there where they were renewing Nihang licences. I brought our sister to the main gate of Shahidi Baag to avoid any problem. Then they asked me to meet Baba Santa Singh to give suggestions about 'Santhiya' of Sri Dasam Granth Sahib Ji. They also asked me to take the newly printed 'Sri Sarabloh Granth' in one volume with me. I did not want this, because I already have it in two volumes. I came back after that. There was no tension, no hot words. I have not met any person from 'UK Snatan Sikh Group' there.

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It is really stupidness to say that Baba Santa Singh threatened me on main road during the Mahalla procession. There was too much voice, too many slogans. I cannot understand how some people could hear what Baba Santa Singh 96 Karorhi said to us, when rumour-creators were not even near to us at that time.

Baba Santa Singh was laughing when he talked to us. He was in so good mood. I have taken two pictures. He is very calm in both pictures. I was the only person who took photographs at that time. I took this photos from distance of three feet only. The 'Nishanchi' Singhs were carrying flags and Baba Santa Singh was surrounded by them. I entered in the group of 'Nishanchi' Singhs and took those pictures. It was all in good atmosphere. There was not any threat. Baba Santa Singh said jokingly to us and it was not a threat. That is all.

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Veer Ji, is it possible for me to ask one question in response to a comment you have made?

When you say "It has been said on a forum that I was saying against Blue Star Operation and Kar Seva of Sri Akal Takht Sahib under Government control. "

Do you mean that it was suggested on this other forum that you were criticising Operation Blue Star and Kar Seva under Government control when this was not really the case?

Also, if it is not too much trouble, can you just briefly clarify what your stance is in relation to this topic. I am sorry if what I ask would seem to be assumed knowledge that everyone would already possess, but I am fairly new to this site and as such am not aware of these things.

My sincerest apologies if this question annoys you, as I know the intention of this thread was not to reply to such points, but to allow people to ask questions about the actual events at Holla Mahalla.

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Dear H4RPAL Ji,

Many things are being told. When I refered to another forum, I meant WHATEVER is saying there. I just clarified that I addressed to some foreigners on 24 March, not on Hola Mahalla.

My stand is very clear. It was a big sin of Indira Gandhi that she ordered for the Operation Blue Star. On Hola Mahalla, I used her name when I said few words. The Congress is in power, so threats are obvious. I do not find any reason to change my stand. There was no need for Operation Blue Star at all.

Same is with 'Kar Seva' by Baba Santa Singh Ji 96 Karorhi. It was wrong. Hindus were doing Bhangra in streets of Sri Amritsar Sahib and SOME Nihang Singhs were doing 'Kar Seva' as per instructions given by Buta Singh, then the Home Minister. People were laughing at us.

I have not changed my stand, nor Baba Balbir Singh has changed his views.

Again, I want to say that I have not used BAD words against anyone.

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I have been told that a person by the name of yankee attacked a sikh with axe at holla mohalla in anandpur. he gave the person and his colleague several injuries.

is this true?

also is it true that any body speaking english with a british accent and wearing blue clothing is referred to as a uk NIhang, and all the individuals attacked and injured have been labeled uk Nihangs?

and can you also state what the Authentic Punjabi taksaalis view is on the uk nihangs?

there are many rumours being spread by some wicked chardikala gurusikh akj/boss individuals. what ever so called truths they are spreading.. are they true?

also,I have been in touch with the group which went to holla mohalla for the two week sanatan/punjab/sikhi trip.

so far so good, very good feed back with loads of photographs and recordings.

thankfully none of them have been involved in any of the disruptions.

currently half are with Baba Santa Singh and BabaHari singh

with the other half with the chief of punjab and his colleagues ( only for a evening meal)

everybody including the punjab police, the Nihang dal, and taksal are preparing for this weekends chardikala tarna dal wedding. which should be a brilliant experiance for all the uk travellers.

talk to you all soon, its my turn to do the horse riding competition.( the phujangis are cheating by trying to make me ride a donkey...lol :LOL: )

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Same is with 'Kar Seva' by Baba Santa Singh Ji 96 Karorhi. It was wrong. Hindus were doing Bhangra in streets of Sri Amritsar Sahib and SOME Nihang Singhs were doing 'Kar Seva' as per instructions given by Buta Singh, then the Home Minister. People were laughing at us.

I have watched a video which claims Santa Singh had agreed not to rebuild the akal takht after the govt invasion, then the video claims he goes on to accept indian govt money to rebuild the akal takht in Govt sponsored 'sewa'. What is the truth in this?

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