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Alot of Sikhs believe in religion "cleaning" your mind etc from many things such as greed, ego, attachments etc.

But to be honest, there are times where i feel like my natural self, where i am spiritual and have a sense of freedom in the mind. But i don't understand how people can be like that 24/7.

I'm 17, and i find that i like doing fun things, but i find that with religion, they hold you back. It's as if you have you can't do all the things you want, it cuts down your freedom making one feel sufficated. Like a butterfly trying to fly when there's someone pulling down on it's wings.

The lifestyle which is grandly popular is clubbing etc, but how can i be a good Sikh but at the same time live my life a little?

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Guest kaur1699

I'm 17, and i find that i like doing fun things, but i find that with religion, they hold you back. It's as if you have you can't do all the things you want, it cuts down your freedom making one feel sufficated. Like a butterfly trying to fly when there's someone pulling down on it's wings.

Fateh Ji,

I don't think there is anything in Sikhi holding you back from having a good time, I dont go clubbing and keep away from bars/pubs, but still have a good time... There is loads to do out there and still stay with your Sikhi without being suffocated ...

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Im 15 okay

I was da gal wearing da latest clothes with they nicest and most poular gal... the whole works.. a typical yr11 gal from a mashed up skool yeah.. da gals gigging and what not and da guys (and gals) wid da spliffs behind the 6th form blocks at and flats...

I was ur average typicals asian gal... used to go round thinking i was a Sikh... yeah man.. show off the shiney gold Khanda on a black peice of thread round ma neck... probably lukin like a slappa... and sum of the stuff i did was pretty bad anyway.

Nobody eva sed to e i cant stop eating meat or stop doing my eyebrows....etc.....

I was brought into SIkhi quite interestingly. Sikhi doesnt just say to stop doing this and that just like dat.

Behind every explanation is Sikhi there is a reason. BEHIND EVERY SINGLE ONE.

Sumtimes now wen ma mates r going out... i rem da buzz i used to get ont he danclefloor yeah... the fit dhol playa etcc... now i think how much those pll or missing ouut.

I know now im Guru Jis daughter... and 100% will be this summa. In replacement of the drinking gig scene.. i got the most blissful scene in the world - Sangat. In replacemnet of the "buzz on da dancefloor" i got so much joy from my Paaht.

Everything becomes squeeky simple and honest and true. ALl my reasons for the questions in my head were answered.

Yeah it stopped me from goin out wid ma m8z... but wen i tuk that 1 step towards the direction of God... thngs start to change. You have to take that leap. Just think for once.... u knwo what this is sumthing man....!

Ppl can be like dat "24/7" cus dey got faith. You got to have the right company yo. If ur friends are gona b going clubbing and stuff - so r u innt. If ur friends are also into religion - so will u be. Your SANGAT is the most important thing in the world.

I learnt the hardest way... in my eyes anyway.

Your sangat will bring u doubnt in ur mind ji.

Like i sed.. im 15 yeah, and its cus of Sangat that i stay in tact. If it wasnt fo that id fall.

Path is sharper than the edge of a sword and thinner than a peice of hair.... u cant afford to have BAD sangat.


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Gurl ure dam right! SANGAT HAS ALL THE INFLUENCE ON A PERSON..WHETHER IT BE URE MATES OR URE FAM, GOOD OR BAD..i myself have strayed of my True Path and done some stupid things but always felt like it wasnt the real me..but God & Guru saved this fool...now when i look back, i feel soo stupid!!

but now i realise how important sikhi is, i jst wish others would too one day...God Bless


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awesome post K4ur!! :D i agree with u 100%

i been brought in Sikh family, but recently i've gotten to know how important sikhi really is.

when you see those mashed up people at high school and think :

" i could've been doing that "

now instead of thinkin :

"i wish i woz them"

i think :

" bhai re, they're wastin their lives real bad"

after a while we DONT WANNA do the stuff that's prohibited in sikhi - hey you're totally on the right track, ajiboom ji.


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ajiboom ji - how can u stay on the right track??????? Find sangat, try and put Sikhi into ur life more... if u notice its more about being a nice person than just getting dwn to da nitty gritty's....

Your answer will come when u find a good sangat...THEY MAKE U WANT TO "live ur life alittle".... when u realise what living actually is, and ull only find dat in a Sikhi Gursikh sangat... then ur thoughts shall be pressed......!!!!!!!!

FIND THAT SANGAT.......!!!!!!!!!!

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K4ur Bhain Jee, Your post was really inspiring, and I wanted to say how happy I am for you, that you found so much love through Sikhi :D

I think the high you get from clubbing pales into insignificance in front of the high you can experience from Naam. These temporary desires fade away as you delve further into Sikhi. People that are unique and don't follow the 'norm' are truly blessed by Vaheguru, and He never lets you down.

However, they say every journey, even of a million miles, must start with a few steps, and it's usually those few initial steps, which are the hardest :wink:

Bhul Chuk Dee Khima



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Khalsa Soulja Ji

Yeah it was cus of ma bro. he got into it and then he brought me in.

I duno how long gradual or sudden is to u paggee... but i only truley had an interest in Janruary03, and hopefully in August i will take Amrit. Now that seems pretty sudden to me but it mite seem long to u.

All the questions i had in ma head were answered b4 i even asked them...

Ppl talk about going Sikhi camps and then usually they r brought in thru them... and thats wikid yeah. i

I used to sit and chat to ma bro for hours on end about SIkhi and then and only after i got into SIkhi - the functions/lectures etc... waas da crem de la crem....

Everything SIkhi had was wat i always wanted... everything it haad to offer AND MORE!!!!!!!!!!

SIkhi gave me gud and comfortable friends - like how this site is in a way, BROTHERS and SISTERS u can chat to without there being sum kind of alterior motive.

My m8s wanted to make their ground and their own history, when Sikhi had not only just a gr8 history but a pricless heritage....

My m8s had the l8st this and that and everything appealed to me - i got wat i wanted quickly and easily... in Sikhi - sum1 sed to me u cnt just have wot u want, u have to do this 1st - do Paaht, pay ur tax to Guru Gobind Singh Ji...next thinng u know, i had a goal in life.

Everything just fitted nicley together... and it was almost as if sumthing had just dawned on me... and i finally was comfortable...until i realsied i cudnt get too comfortable... cus Sikhi is not about being comfortable.... its about what u can do to make other comfortable..

As soon as i realised it was tough... i was like WOAH... but u know wot... the rewards i got were UNCOMPREHNDABLE.... they were diamonds...

ever since then.... well.... i changed.

dats it really....

hope dat answered yar question Ji...........


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Waheguru. :)

If you really want to clean your mind have faith and believe in Waheguru but only YOU can begin to make steps toward being a better Sikh. If you do this one day it will fall into place so to speak and you will not even realise that this lifestyle your talking of will be far behind you.

I speak from experience.

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wow..k4ur, ur so mature 4 ur age...

i was brought up in a sikh family, yet i wos prob worse than half the ppl in this planet....i'm onli startin 2 realise the true benefits of sikhi.

i think the main problem wos that i was kinda made 2 wear a keski frm the beginin, so i made myself hav a bad reputaion in order to fit in..almost lyk bein the same as every1 else..i wos such a hypocrite

i'm tryin 2 change now..and wot uve riten has inspired me so much. 2 c that ppl without religous background can speak lyk that about a religoin makes me feel......makes me feel pretty weird and ashamed. :(

i dnt no how u do it.

all my m8s r so materialistic and i'm onli startin 2 realise dis, as i wos one of em 2...they admin cut bout ppl behind dere baks..dey smoke, drink and insult ppl without feelin guilty.......i cnt bleev i used 2 b lyk that.

ne1 on dis forum hoos lyk i wos..no's how i felt..i wos in constant pain ova pointless tings.

i hav onli recently realsied how lucky i am 2 hav parents hoo r amrtidhaari, but i need 2 try and get more sikh friends lyk U...i mean if i had that sorta company everyday...boi would i understand and appreaciate sikhi a hole lot more..

neways beta stop rambling on..waheguru ji ka khlasa, waheguru ji ki fateh....

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u know wot i know exactly where u r coming from so penji jus relax yo....!!!!!! Yo got two Amritdhari parents yeah - do u know how blessed a soul u must be in order to have that life.

I come from a pick n mix family and trust me - it has its all sorts. The only person truley interested in SIkhi is ma bro, and hes at uni half the time so i am on my own too in a way... but the sangat i can only speak of as so HIGH off and so GOOD, i do not see them everyday. I do not see them everyweek. Infact we all gather up together every couple of months... We meet up, spend day together - and this is a lot of us yeah, and then we set our selves a task to do for when we see eacho there again. I keep no phone contact or anything.

Most of my day is spent at skool where da gals r wasted and the guys r also... wasted!!!!!! Its hard for me too. And i know how it is to be influenced by your company, and i like u have the desire for sangat as well, like ur calling out most of the time of how u wish so much u cud b in the ocmpany of Gursikh instaed of the gals at ma skool. SO i know exactly wot u mean penji.

U know wot. Im startin yr12 this yr in september, and i plan to go back to skool without ma head - yeah!!! And im not gna tell any1, but im gna go in,.. doo a liccle random chit chat... STUDY HARCORE - cus i need to at da mo, and come home... relax...work...relax... and be happy. Thats wot ive planned my life out to be for the nxt two years!!!!!!!

You shudnt feel weird or ashamed cus - uve beenn blessed.

I wud never disrespect my parents - but when it comes to Sikhi - speciall dad.... well... hed b more against it than for it.

If i had my dads blessings ting is my life wud be easier... but i accept it.

Penji - dont give up yeah -!!!!! My "m8s" at skool drink, relationships dat last one night wid guys, smoke - the wholeeeeeeeeee thing - and i tell u sumthing i got trapped in all that last year... id cry ova tiny things... id do sum sum stupid things... and u know wot... just being around them wud make me flip back to who i used to be, cus i grew up wid dem...

Penji u know wot... u know on judgement day u have to explain everything to God all ur gud deeds and bad deeds... and if gud was 100 right now, i'd be into minus's....!!!!

I need to change, and i found it hardest bringing sikhi into my life at skool cus i thought i cudnt etc....

No1 is gna stop me now! Im gona go back to skool alone standing on the grounds GuruJi gave me... and nobody is gna get in my way! In fact i dare Kalyug to come test - bcus i dont want to let GuruJi down... not no more.

You may laugh at me cus i think sumwhere in that it got a bit corney - but u know wot - i dont care.

Naaaaa... like i said my Sikh friends i meet every couplea months and if i had da power - i wud try n be with them every second i cud be.... but u knwo wot, i cant. Not every second. Not every minuete.

I know the sangat at skool will bring me dwn... but onl if i let it. You see we have choices and we have grounds... and i thought that with my mates at skool i cudnt be that, but slowly ive realised, i dont wana be put in a catagory where Kalyug wins once again, and GuruJi is sad once again, cus when He see's his children on that path, it must hurt him... this thought s the one thing that keeps me going. And also the Sangat i meet evri cupole months too, they keep me going... like re charging my batteries u cud say!!!!!!

Im gna sharaap now cus i know im goin on a bit, but if u want sangat, u got me, cus im ur sister ji and its my duty... but it can only be my duty if u REAALY TRULEY want it to be. You want to go on GuruuJis path, its gna be "thinner than a strand of hair and sharper than a sword!!!!!!!!"

Fateh JI.

xxx Much love 2 u cus i know how ya feel xxx

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honestly veerjee so many people prevent themselves from becoming true Sikhs because they think that they'll "miss out" on life or that they wont have fun... but whenever i'm with sangat, whether we're doing keertan, going out, chillin, whatever, i have so much fun and i would never wish to be anywhere else with anyone else..

it takes time though, obviously, at first you'll feel really, really confused and you'll be full of duality, but little by little, everything will begin making sense and your mind will become free.. *ab mun choot gaya, sadhu sang miley* - my mind has become emancipated, as ive met with the saadh sangat.. :yo:

it always seems like the grass is greener on the other side, but with sikhi, 100% FOR SURE i KNOW and have experienced that life is SOO much better in sikhi rather than in manmat and maya - in maya/manmat you're always thirsty for something and things are always going wrong... in sikhi, you're satisfied and so many problems which used to seem unbearable become sooooo easy to deal with.. its hard to be pure all the time but little by little, wonderful things can happen..

i got a story in my email once which was really good......ill try to make it short -

---there was a grandfather and his grandson, and the grandson told his grandfather that no matter how hard he tried to do paat, it never did anything for him, and he couldn't understand it. So the grandfather brought his grandson to the kitchen and tried to show him something.. He told the kid to bring over a strainer (the things you use to pour cha into cups, you know, the paoni thing) which was dirty, grimy, and greasy... He told the little boy to wash water through it once. The boy did it, and said "See, this strainer is like my mind - even if I put something as pure as paat into my mind, it just seeps right out, just like the water seeps out of the holes in this strainer."

The grandfather then said, "Ok, try it again".. The kid poured water through the strainer again, and the same thing happend. The kid was confused, but the Grandfather told him to do the same thing 11 times. After all that water that had gone through the strainer, the Grandfather asked his Grandson, "Do u see any difference in the strainer now as compared to when we had first started off with it?" And the kid said, "Well, yeah, it was dirty and grimy before, but now it has become clean, pure, and shiny." And the Grandfather said "EXACTLY! That's what happens to your mind when you try your best to get into SIkhi and do paat. You may not notice it but your mind is slowly becoming more and more pure, with each and every step towards Sikhi, and each and every time you say VAHEGURU and do paat, it becomes cleaner and more pure.. It's a matter of sehaj!"---

so that's the story, it makes sense , yeah ?

man niramal har rav rehiaa paaeiaa dharagehi maan ||2||

Their minds become pure, and they remain immersed in the Lord; they are honored in His Court. ||2||

saachae mail n laagee man niramal har dhhiaae ||

The truthful ones are not stained by filth. Meditating on the Lord, their minds remain pure.

man niramal naam dhhiaaeeai thaa paaeae mokh dhuaar ||2||

Meditating on the Naam with a pure mind, the Door of Liberation is found. ||2||

sathagur saev man niramalaa houmai thaj vikaar ||

Serving the True Guru, the mind becomes immaculate and pure; egotism and corruption are discarded.

aap pashhaanai man niramal hoe ||

Those who recognize the self - their minds become pure.

man niramal mukh oojalaa hoe naanak saadhh ravaal ||4||

The mind becomes pure, and one's face is radiant, O Nanak, when one becomes the dust of the feet of the Holy. ||4||

:bow: VAHO !!!!!

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One thing me has a question about....

I don't drink, smoke or do anythin stupid like that, but one thing i absolutely love is dancin... I mean it's like it's in my blood or somethin....

If one becomes amritdhari, do they have to give up dancing....

jus wondering :?

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Dont dance in a lust nature. Dance with family. M8s... not other gals... nuttin dat wud set off wrong signals in ur head....

Sorry Pritam Ji.


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Let u into a secret.... it made me cry reading Darshan Ji's post, cus i new how she felt, and i know if she was sitting wid me den id give her a BIG hug and fall at her feet outta love. She is suched a blessed soul to have Amritdhari parents, i wish i cud give her a BIG MASSIVE HUG, cus i think she needs it....

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Darshan Ji --- jus to cheer u up...

Take a mini walkman or msuic player or sumthing wid u to skool okay and make sure u lustening to kirtan okay!!!!!!

Make sure u dotn get kicked out agen cus Guru Gobind SIngh Ji said that all his Sikh wud be "purey - likehey" which means educated if u can get dat...

And anuva thing... stand out like a true Khalsa...!!!!!!!! You a diamond in disguise cus u hurting sweety.... i duno if u youngar or olda than me... but Penji... Nuff rSpec 2 u...

xXx Mwahzzzzzz xXx

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k u know wot im crying rite now and all im gna say is GuruJi is brill... His children are brill... evrything is abs BRILL...

and dont any1 eva 4get it okay............!!!!!!!!!!!

Im going to bed now... nite nite yeah to u all...

and sweet dreamsssssssss....

Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa... Vaheguru Ji Ke Fateh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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