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  1. You need Ahankar otherwise you'd be dead. Aham means I and Kara means to do. Ahamkar is the I-Maker, without this you can't act. The type of mukti where you have no ahamkaar means you are finished, gone. All Saints that help humanity have some Ahamkaar. Why are you villanising Ahamkaar he is our friend?? He just needs a friendly slap now and then. Using an iphone is a riddhi siddhi, using the internet is riddhi siddhi so is driving a car, the only difference with this guy is that his riddhi siddhi is internal whereas our riddhi siddhi's are external. Internal riddhi siddhis have to do with the power of magnetism, animal magnetism. Like a magnet you can attract forces. Franz Mesmer discovered this force and healed many people inthe 19th century but his ideas were subsequently ridiculed.Riddhi siddhi is advance Vigyaan- Science.
  2. I agree that all fundamentalists are stuck at the "Sharia" level, but instead of sharia we could use the word Opinion. We all form opinions about life, these are built upon a desire to believe in something, in some ideal. This is natural if it passes onto the next stage of Experiment, whereby in the laboratory of life, the opinions are tested with the implements of critical thought. This takes some courage as the 'opinions' may upon closer inspection be seen to be not what they were originally thought to have been. Faith in some ideal, belief or religion may be shaken, doubts may creep in but a person must proceed. This stage is one of reason and intellectual understanding, opinions are refined and made clearer through empirical observation. The final stage is Direct cognition - the result of mental analysis and testing in life becomes self-knowledge, a self truth that cannot be shaken - indestructible - as Self-knowledge is identical with Guruji. The extremist does not progress beyond step 1. At this step nothing is certain or fixed, it can become so only through long hard work on oneself, at step 3, this journey can be unpleasant and scary. The child mind refuses to undergo this initiation and clings onto opinions, beliefs and ideals. Even if these opinions are correct it doesn't matter as they do not belong to the person. So this person is always fearful that his opinions/ideals will be destroyed thus engages in destructive actions to prevent this perceived loss. The person at step 3 has no fear as his self-truth won through hard work cannot be lost.
  3. Dhan Guru Nanak Ji The word Daivik means from or of the Devas, it was believed that certain Devas influenced the destiny of Humans and through this influence the fate of a person was determined. So the word Daiva came to mean 'fate'. Thus Daivik dand came to mean general 'fate' and accidents of nature and negative social effects. This would include Raaj dand which is any punishment by the state/government for example a court case. Any external authority imposing restriction/anxiety upon an individual falls under Daivik dand, Pitr dand is more in the past i.e. inherited traits and Rishi dand in the future. Pitri dand is not just about procreation but also it is your inherited qualities and bodily form, if your ancestors misbehaved the punishment will be visited upon you: their progeny, this is another meaning of Pitri dand. Rishi dand is also related to Bhagti and Naam Jaap, in the 'future' a person who did not put effort into Bhagti will suffer from Rishi dand. Pitri and Rishi dand are unseen/atemporal forms of punishment whereas Daivik dand is seen/temporal punishment. Daivik dand can be financial difficulties, court cases, disrespect, depression, loneliness, oppression, war, starvation, natural disasters, seperation of loved ones etc. Rishi or Pitri punishments are different to the above class. For example through Pitri dand you may have a bent leg even though you may have honor in the world and much money but you still are stuck with having a bent leg. Dev dand does not exist as Devas are beneficent Beings and help Humans. What Dev dand refers to is imaginary gods that people started praying to and through force of habit created an independent thoughtform. The Brahmins started this trick of praying and worshiping imaginary gods, they made people do convoluted poojas to make money from them and when they did not do the pooja in a correct way the brahmins said that such a person would get dev dand. Dhan Guru Nanak Ji
  4. Vaikhri Bani is uttering Naam with your mouth causing vibration in your vocal chords and in surrounding air. The attention/dhyan is focused externally. Madhyama Bani is chanting softly localised in the throat area where your vocal chords are. It is called madhyama which means middle because attention/dhyan is half outer and half inner. The Naam vibration begins to go from outside to inside. Pasyanti Bani means seeing, this occurs in the heart, it is chanting Naam in the imagination. It is a visualisation that is internal - attention/dhyan is totally inner. The Naam vibration has passed the madhyama/middle and is now vibrating on the inner plane of imagination. As you carry on practicing, the Naam vibration begins to grow and cleans the imagination which has a lot of Sh*t in it. Para Bani is beyond everything it is Oankaar.
  5. Dhan Guru Nanak Ji, There is Pitr Dand, Daivik Dand and Rishi Dand. The meaning of dand is to punish or reprimand, normally for transgressing a law. Dand also means rod, which can symbolise power and sovereignty as a staff or sceptre - that can be used to mete out punishments. The three punishments above, may refer to three innate (not man made) laws in the universe that when opposed or flaunted will cause a 'danda' to fall on the transgressor's head. I believe they are related to the three Rna's(debts) of the same name. The first debt is to the ancestors. To fulfill this debt you must continue the family lineage - procreate, if you do not have children Pitr dand will be visited upon you and you will become dried up and miserable. The next debt is to nature or the earth we live on. If we do not live frugally, consume more than we need or hoard wealth and abuse our Mother Earth the Daivik Dand will occur. Which would be natural disasters, illness and disease in the body. Rishi Rna is the obligation we owe to our teachers, of whatever Dharam, if we do not follow the wise teachings of the enlightened Saints our buddhi/understanding will become diseased - Rishi Danda and as they say; Vinash Kale Vipreet Buddhi. On a more intrinsic level all mental actions that are incorrect and against harmonious relations become the seeds of Rishi dand. All emotional feelings that are incorrect cause Pitr dand. And incorrect bodily acts cause Daivik dand. If you really want to go deep into it we could link in Karma theory and how some forms of Dand are instantaneous or delayed akin to Sanchita, Prarabdha and Vartmaan karams. We could also find a way to destroy the seeds of future dand by doing appropriate actions now. Collectively amd individually. So danda is the inevitable result of transgressing a law in the Universe, it is impersonal (hand in fire=burn) and unseen. But strictly speaking the Law is not transgressed only an effect follows from a cause, it can be experienced as being transgressed if a person accepts that he must self develop: then, certain actions set up causes and effects that are harmful for self development.
  6. All Religion is a form of ignorance; to be coerced to behave in a particular way through some external force, that arbitrarily decides what is right and wrong, is ignorance. More accurately religion can be called a form of external morality, these are norms of behaviour for a certain time in a certain place, they change as the external society changes. This is what is seen as acceptable in our society, by our peers and elders. But as you pointed out not only religion has a morality even naastiks have morality so external morality can be religious or non-religious, but its common element is that it is imposed from the outside. I believe there to be an inner morality within an individual which can be called Conscience. This inner morality is the same for all Humanity regardless of caste or creed. The only problem is that the inner morality becomes covered up by a crust of imposed opinions and buried in the subconscious of the individual, where it languishes and has little opportunity to break into the light of waking consciousness.
  7. Astral plane is a junction point between the formless realms and realms of form. In the words of a Sufi master the 'place' where spirits are materialized and matter is spiritualised. It is called Astral because it is luminous like the stars; lucid dreaming is an experience on the Astral plane. In the physical body there is 'seed' of the astral body, this seed must be watered with the tears of suffering and given sustenance and heat by the Sun of tapasya or holy labour. And then another body can grow which can experience on the Astral plane which is also known as the plane of deception. Its symbol is the serpent. Which is why all Masters are shown with a Serpent overshadowing them because they have mastered the Astral plane. This shadowy realm is the only means of interaction Perfected beings have with imperfect beings perfect=formless imperfect=form.
  8. "In my dream i can see Jesus and Mohamad dressed as Nihangs who cares ?" Dream of deluded intellect is different to a true vision of a Seer.
  9. Music is against Islaam, Hazrat Mohammed had one Kaam, To hear Har Kirtan Amrit Naam, Now it is no longer Haraam, Chuk gaya musalmaan ka Bhraam!
  10. Science first makes a hypothesis, it then attempts to prove this hypothesis by experimentation. If the hypothesis proves to be observable and measurable, it becomes accepted as scientific truth. Until someone else can prove its falsity through the same method. If we leave aside the fact of large corporations bribing scientists, science must always be continuously updated therefore the only constant is the scientific method itself. Which is itself an *idea* not itself accountable to scientific method. The *idea* of the scientific method is accountable to a different disciple called 'metaphysics'. This name signifies 'above nature' or the subject of 'principles of order above the changing principle'. Or in Indian terms the knowledge of the effects of Purusha on Prakriti. (Experimental science only deals with Prakriti). This knowledge has traditionally been the domain of religion. Modern science has refused to accept this knowledge and calls it mumbo-jumbo. Religion as the repository of the knowledge of the 'Effects of Purusha on Prakriti' is not limited to a subjective emotional experience but stands above all mundane knowledge and creates order within it. By mundane knowledge is meant history, politics etc.
  11. Mother and Wife are both Prakriti (Maya) or the Prima Materia. From the Mother the Son is born, who is abstract Intelligence, he plans creation. Prakriti then Generates the father Brahma. From this Plan, the Father who is Brahma, creates the World with his wife Maya. This is Pravritti Marg. After the Pravritti creation The Son takes Maya to be his bride and makes Nivritti Marg.
  12. Many Thanks to the creator of the website, it is a very valuable resource for individuals who wish to take their health in their own hands and wish for long term sustainable improvements in place of short term unsustainable improvements (western medicine). Please keep up the good work, many people are now understanding the benefits of working in harmony with nature, instead of against Her.
  13. The idea of the Paraclete in orthodox Christianity (and Islam) is analogous to the idea of Baseeth in Gurbani, as an intercessor or a go-between for two parties.
  14. This is a confused statement. A person's Dharma is related to his or her Varna, so a Brahmin who gains knowledge is acting in accordance with his Dharam. You seem to be using the word Dharam to mean intrinsic religion, which does relate to outer societal duties. Is there any historical precedence for using the word in this sense or did you just decide to use it in this way? And do not call me an imbecile again otherwise we can terminate this exchange of views.
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