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  1. Jayraj is from fetus via womb example we are and saythaj is from sweat like lice in hair.
  2. @GLA7 No one can control bad thoughts, these arises due to our desires and deeds done in this or previous lifetimes. But it can be very much tackled, when bad thought arises remind yourself that you are not this thought, you are witnessing it and create a gap from it. And let go of it, do not pay attention to it or it will surely drag you down. Do this and thought loses it power and vanishes in a moment. Shaheed Singhs are, you can say the best possible sikhs you can look upto. They do not go around bossing people like we think. If person wishes to do Sri Dasam Jee Bani, and
  3. Version 1.0.0


    Author recounts his experiences with Ramana Maharishi, Meher Baba and others. Its a Good Read.
  4. Dhadriwale was riled up because couple of months back when Guru Maharaj Beadbi was done by miscreants all sikh forces were planning on doing peaceful protests in the state and dhumma was also a part of it along with sant samaj. But then Dhumma backed out saying we do close door meeting with Badal's. Nobody was in favour of closed door meeting and dhumma dropped out of the protest. Dhadriwale and few sant samaj members continue the protest and eventually all the pressure they built on govt. regarding catching beadbi culprits just lost its steam. He is upset of it thats why he is saying dhumma
  5. He is making comments against Dhumma not taksal.
  6. Version 1.0.0


    A very good read.
  7. Singh, you will be getting the book by this week. I won't disappoint you.

  8. Version 1.0.0


    .pdf format
  9. Version 1.0.0


    Swami Rama- The Art of Joyful Living .pdf format .epub format is also available with me, if any ipad/e-readers users out there, could "pm" me.
  10. @Lucky e.g. Copy and Paste the "https://youtu.be/MuZrX5XAzQ " share link, like in the screenshot here, in forum post.
  11. @Lucky Below the YouTube video, there is share button, copy the link, on the forum. Bingo.
  12. @paapiman Nope, better check on Facebook, maybe some latest samagam invitation is posted there.
  13. Praises of Maharaj Jee, from Ganjnama - Bhai Nand lal Singh (Goya) Jee
  14. Trataka is completely harmless, it is cleansing Hatha yoga technique, but if you are planning to do trataka on Sun, better look for a trained teacher.
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