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  1. Well It has never made any sense to me create a set of beings, most of whom will inevitably suffer in this life and then throughreincarnation or hell. Paradise/heaven/Nirvana/Sachkhand does not seem to justify this at all nor does it answer the whole point of existence in the first place (maybe thats because of my limited knowledge) So why did God create us?
  2. I'd prefer philosophy etc... maybe commentries on spritual aspect of sikhi to. also commentries on bani. Neo Singh are you working on translating any kathas like the Jap Ji Sahib one?
  3. Thanks for the replies also could anyone reccomend any books on sikhi? in english (still trying to bulk up my punjabi) thoguht i'd save making a new thread
  4. No way Neo you got banned did they tell you exactly what for? now thats messed up also if it aint to much to ask any links to your debates with bijla singh? (would be an intresting read) This Bijla Singh i do respect someone as he does seem to take time out and study Sikhi etc.. but is he an Akj? it seems like it from some of his views?
  5. Wasnt Sikhsangat site hacked though ? apprently it lost some of there threads because of it maybe that explains the baba mit singh thread disapearing Which mahapursh and Singhs are these? were can i read about it i can understand though that people might not agree with the story as that would mean der "bhai sahib, baba, sant" was wrong.
  6. I just found this site and was reading it. It talks about how the ik oankar has been distorted ( last paragrah) website link : http://www.onlyonegod.ca/
  7. argggggh i want this, are they any copies left?
  8. Neo Ji the link you gave seems to be on somethingelse rather than on bhavrasamrit also if it has been translated any idea where you can get a copy from UK or Canada?
  9. thanks shaheediyan and curious ji yes i would like some on general topics like vikaar, maya, also on veechar on nirgun/sargun etc.. or if they are any compartive katha on religions
  10. Can anyone recommend any good kathas to listen and possibly provide links please thanks Peace
  11. So 2pac is a no no ?
  12. I'm a veggie and that little errrm 'article' is one the most stupidest/ funniest things i've ever heard is it a new thread because i cant find it
  13. Intresting Article , would the vidiya stand well against an MMA fighter? anyone here learnt the vidya?
  14. I've never heard of them myself I would definatly want to listen to the veechar for this. Also i heard Bhavsramrit has been translated in english somewhere?
  15. I feel your pain samosa singh i alot of the time feel preety much the same way and question alot of things even the existance of God at times. I came across this quote recently on pain by an american poet Jim Morrison i think it was
  16. Isnt the whole keski argument based on some rehatnama? also is there any article refuting the akj claims as keski being kakkar? Its real sad that some AKJ's seem to think they have a monopoly on Sikh / Waheguru & Amrit
  17. The meat issue always crops up, its really dissapointing out of all the rich theology, philosophy, poetry etc in sikh dharam...we want to dicuss meat above the rest.
  18. Do these centre's actually do parchar? or are they opening just another gurdwara? Who is it funded by? I've seen many little "organizations" talking about how they will spread in depth sikhi parchar etc... but when i've visited these talks/ seminars etc.. i ts always been the same old stuff grow you hair take amrit... thats why alot of sikh youth arent fond of sikh events and talk that take place anymore. Is there even a place were one can learn about sikhi/ gurmat philosophy/theology in the west?
  19. But then why are we given the ability to do things called sinful? & Why, then, are we punished for doing exactly what God has created and given the ability for us to do? (question also posted in thread to ask sant jagjit singh)
  20. Could someone give more insight into the concept of sin or 'paap' in Sikhi? Also how does it differ from the idea of sin from western religions
  21. Neo Ji what if there is no brahmgyani in the panj pyareh when giving out amrit? Is it still amrit? or will the effect it has on the indivduals be lesser? Do you think amrit is given to easily in this day and age? Also where can one take amrit where atleast one of the panj pyareh are brahmgyani?
  22. Im going to sound stupid now but whats a Mangal Charan
  23. Thank you for the replies Could you possibly explain Sankar Amrit, Naam Amrit and Gyan Amrit and the differences between them? Also im guessing by sankar Amrit you mean Khandeh di Paul? is Khandeh di Paul Amrit ceremony simply an initiation into the sikh fold and accepting Guru Granth as Guru? Can you not accept Guru Sahib as Guru without taking Amrit or is Amrit a must? Also Neo Ji what is Adyadhamic Sikhi? I'm not familar with these techinical terms lol Maybe you could create a glossary of words
  24. Just a few questions, you said Why is it a must to have a Guru? Can you not do bhagti without following a religion? Also you said killing someone is bad karma. Is it still bad karma when you kill an enemy? e.g when Sikhs killed Mughals in battles?
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