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Singh On Britains Got Talent


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This is just brilliant guys, check it out.


The judges move onto London and Piers Morgan is convinced that there will be some great talent there.

The first act up in London is so determined to get a yes that he has a secret weapon up his sleeve which he's hoping will guarantee him a place in the next round.

Suleman Mirza from London is a lawyer by day and by night he transforms into a Michael Jackson impersonator with his act Signature

He said: "I don't think the judges will have ever seen an act like mine before..in this act there will be a lot of moon walking, but there is a twist, and if they weren't Michael Jackson fans before they may even turn into one."

Suleman moonwalks his way around the stage, to the delight of the audience, and Simon.

All is going well until someone (Madhu Singh) walks past Ant & Dec and makes his way onto stage armed with a broom.

"Heah come back, get off stage" shouts Dec and the audience and the judges all seemed puzzled as to what is going on, until the two start a Bhangra/Michael Jackson dance off, bringing the whole theatre to its feet.


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Watched it last night. The reaction from the judges and audience was just awesome. The whole auditorium was on their feet. Even bought a smile to Simon Cowells face!!

You can watch the clips on youtube of thier other performances. type in their names; or search on itv.com for a good quality replay of the show.

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HOw on earth did that young dancer manage to win??!! Out of the final three Signature were the best.! Yet other exceptional acts didn't even get into the final three...such as Escala - what talent ;) and Faryll.

If we look generally at these talent shows over the past years we see that those who win seldom make it big in the long term but those also ran are the names we hear the following year and in Xmas charts.

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