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okay now this might not seem a major issue and it is not even a big lie. But nevertheless it is a lie which shows that without any research or investigation some facts have been written and this undermines the credibility and confidence in the site.

also many other things have been written about Nanaksar Samparda which are inaccurate and disrespectful. But let me try to explain you what has happened.

I was just browsing through the their site, under the nanaksaria section I found a picture of Guru Granth Sahib ji. In the caption they write that this is the picture of adi guru darbar at nanaksar kaleran. But this is not the picture at kaleran.

How do I know ?

becus that picture was taken at my house. i dont how it got on their site. I think i must have posted it on sikhawareness long time ago.

since i couldnt copy their picture , i will attach the original pic (Green)

and then i will attach the same pic in different colored rumaalas just to prove that i am not lying tht indeed this pic was taken at my home in Patiala.

Why I am going through all this ?

To be honest I am not against anyone or this site. I have no hatred towards anyone. The whole point that I am trying to prove is that do not believe what others say or write down either in books or anywhere else. Be vigilant. This might not be a big deal for someone but it saddens when people write things that are hurtful and disrespectful to certain samparda. I respect all sampardas. Instead of jumping to conclusions straight away and giving out verdicts that this is right and this is wrong is not a way of living life.

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Great work Ragmala Jee. Check out the kind of stuff they have written about the Taksal sampradah(Mehta) and Shaheed Bhai Fauja Singh Jee. When I talk to real Nihangs(in India), non of them hold the same views as these people. A Sikhs should live and die for the truth. Intellectual dishonesty is the worst thing for someone with the authority to write books or write information on their websites. This type of info written by people who are often quite dishonest can can very easily mislead someone who have very little or no knowledge about Sikhi or who is very impressionable.

That is why one should try their best to learn about Sikhi from Punjabi books rather than English sources. So far Sikh literature in English is almost laughable. Infact I would say they mislead more than they lead to the path of Gurmat.

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I find Sarbloh and co limited abit childish and rather rubbish, especially the way they come out with their claims. I mean, do some research, put references up if you are going to challenge something/ideology..etc.

This has proven that they are just copy'n'pasters rather than creators.

I would recommend you contact them and ask them to remove the pictures. Most likely because the sun shines out of their "ahem", they will ignore you.

Sad, really sad.

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Silence - I told you before, if you have an issue with Nihang Niddar Singh, speak to him directly, instead of acting like a stupid little hidden nindak.

Personally I think there is some great info on this website and the sister website Sevapanthi, although I don't agree with some things on the former.

As highlighted above, instead of wasting time and effort here, contact the webmaster - Teja Singh on nihang@gmail.com and ask him these questions and ask him to make changes to whatever you can prove are incorrect points.

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Bhai Shaheediyan, I don't see anything wrong in discussing this here. They themselves make tall claims about other groups, individuals on their website publically, which only leaves the door open for others to also do vichaar about them publically. If they themselves were going to mehta and talking to the people there directly instead of writting $hit about them on their website I would have agreed with you, but brother they themselves don't follow what you are advising silence of doing.

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I have sent the following email to nihang@gmail.com. Lets see what their response is. My guess is that no ones going to change anything and they will still believe that they are the right ones. anyways I tried. .

wjkk wjkf Teja Singh Ji,

I just want to notify you of something. The image that you posted on your website , under the Nanaksaria Section of the Adi Guru Darbar is not the picture taken at Nanaksar Kaleran ,as it says under the caption. Infact this picture was taken at my home 5 years ago. I have proof of this which I can show it to you if you wish.

So my request is to change that caption and please start respecting some copyrights. I find it offensive when you just paste your labels on photos taken from other places.

Also there are some misconceptions I want to clear , and I would request you to change those on your website.

1) Neither Baba Nand Singh ji nor Baba Ishar Singh ji has asked followers to stop wearing gatres or kirpans. Just because some people who claim themselves to be Nanaksarias and make false claims about not wearing Kirpans because of their selfish or lazy excuses doesn't mean that you can generalize this statement and apply it to Nanaksar.

2) We highly respect Baba Nand Singh Ji and often keep their photos in style. This is to remind us of their Bhagti , to derive inspiration and to receive their blessings. This is to remind us that through these Mahapurakhs we will meet our pyare Guru ji. And Guru is Parmeshwar roop. Once you meet Guru you have met God. But all this doesn't mean that Nanaksar believes in Dehdhari Gurus or anything like that. Baba Nand Singh ji made it very clearly and strictly that there is ONLY ONE GURU and that is GURU GRANTH SAHIB JI .

3) Just because we do sewa of Guru Granth Sahib ji , place them on big beautiful mattresses and beds , adorn them with beautiful rumaales , use expensive attar and perfumes, lit desi ghee jot in Baba ji;s room and do bhog of food and milk doesn't establish a parallel between Sikhs doing sewa of Guru Granth Sahib ji and Hindus worshipping their idols. Your statement that Nanaksarias treat their Adi Guru Darbar just as hindu treat their idols is very offensive.

4) The Issue of Nishan Sahib

The only reason that there is no nishan sahib at Nanaksar Kaleran is because during Baba Nand singh ji's time this place was a jungle and there was no provision for langar or food. Baba Nand Singh ji said that this 'thaath' is a birakti thaath, people shouldn't come here to look for langar or food neither should they come here to get their wishes fulfilled. The only reason they should come here is to do bhagti and simran. Thats why we often hear Nanaksar Bhagti Da Ghar.Nevertheless, this image has been tarnished due to certain events that have taken place in recent years.

Baba ji said that Nishan Saahib means that it is a gurudwara and langar and food will be guaranteed to the travellers or devotees.

Baba ji would say since he is happy under the Hukam of Guru Nanak whether He sends something to eat or not , he cannot guarantee that everybody would get food since the whole purpose of this dera was bhagti.

5) And you have also mentioned that Ram mantar was given to sikhs and hindus. It was only given to Hindus. Sikhs were advised to do japp of Waheguru mantar. Muslim were advised to do tasbi of 99 names of Allah. Every body was instructed according to his own religion and depending upon his avastha.

I kindly request that you take note of these above mentioned points and remove the controversial material.

I don't mean any offence to your good efforts at trying to promote Truth. But I would like to suggest that what may seem Truth in your eyes may not be in reality true.

wjkk wjkf

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The guy also got feedback from people in the Namdhari group as well as soon as he advertised his link there. Pretty much all of his crappy points copied from ganda singh's books were refuted within 24-48 hrs of posting and he was an active member too back then. Not a single response. So don't hold your breath. :LOL:

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I just got reply from him . surprisingly quick

This is what he said :

"Sri Akaal Ji Sahai

Can you send me the address of the page that has your picture - I'll remove it.

I was sent this photo through a contact - and the assumption was it was taken by him. Its not a big deal to remove the photo.

With regards to the other points, I'll pass them to Nihang Niddar Singh - and together we'll come up with a solution and see how these issues can be accomodated/answered."

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