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Anti Sikh propaganda spread by BAHADUR ALI SHAH!!!!


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I was just taking a look at the Shia website shiachat.com and noticed anti Sikh propaganda being spread by Bahadur Ali Shah like here:


He writes:

Sikhs say that the Holy Prophet deviated from the right path in their second holy book, the Dasam Granth in the Bachitar Natak. According to Sikhs all prophets mislead humanity due to their ego except their own 10 masters. Astaghfirollah may Allah (swt) preserve us from such heresy for it surely implies that Allah (swt) failed to guide humanity until the emergence of that ignorant peasant cult from Panjab.

They are on the whole fiercely opposed to Islam though some might appear "tolerant".Their codes of conduct called rahit namahs forbid trusting in a Muslim, interacting with Muslims. In fact Muslim initiates into the Khalsa order would be fed pork. They forbid eating with Muslims, eating halal meat and most of their prohibition deal with prohibiting Muslim social habits. They have a long history of looting, killing and raping innocent Muslims, especially Sayyids. They always talk about resisting the Mughals but they brag in their own history books how they massacred the Sayyid village of Samana in Panjab.

They have a text called the Karni Namah where they talk about invading dar ul islam one day and conquer Mekkah and Medina and destroy Islam.

In case you wondered how I know this:

I spent 8 years studying Sikhs in an academic way at university and have been a Singh myself, though not fully initiated, they never trusted my love for Ahl ul Bayt I guess.

Sorry to break your illusion Brave Muslim Warrior but Sikhs are far from being friendly inclined towards Islam.

kind regards

Bahadur Ali Shah

This is what annoys me the most. Idiots who convert out of a religion only to end up bashing it later on. Yet this hypocrite calls anyone who questions Islam as "Islamophobe". What an arrogant hypocrite.


On this thread he again starts with the usual Bakwas about how Guru Nanak Dev Jee was a Muslim and how Sikhs are heretics.


The issue of Hazrat Baba Nanak Shah being a Muslim is an issue that predates the heretical writings of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad from Qadian. Usman does seem to forget that Hazrat Baba Nanak Shah 's companion, Bhai Mardana had descendants who still exist today.These have remained Muslims and used to play sacred music in Sikh shrines. These Rababis or descendants of Bhai Mardana are ALL Shi'a.

The fact that Hazrat Baba Nanak Shah was a Muslim is also mentioned in Ismaili and Ni'matullahi writings who clearly talk about him as being a dervish and one of their onw. At that time the Agha Khans took bayat from the qutb of the Ni'matullahi order and followed 12er Shi'ism at meast in theory. The title "Shah" is worn by dervishes of Shi'a Sufi orders such as the Ni'matullahi.

Hazrat Baba Nanak mentions a hadith of Imam Ja'far about the fact that Imam 'Ali and the Prophet are one light.

The institution of langar and the very structure of the recitation of Sikh hymns follows Ismaili and Alevi patterns.

The initiation ritual of the Sikhs is DIRECTLY dervied from Shi'a chivalry manuals such as the Futuwwah Nameh ye Sultani of Kashifi.

Hazrat Baba Nanak Shah never created a new religion but rather an interfaith organisation where Muslims and monotheist Hindus shared a common love for God. The fact that it wasn't a new religion is shown by the fact that the Sikh masters also got mosques built besides Sikh shrines. Muslims and Hindus who followed Hazrat Baba Nanak Shah were encouraged to be good practitioners of the their own tradition, in the same way as Rumi taught both Muslims and Christians. Of course Islam is the ideal religion and eventually the aim was to bring people to Islam.

The teachings of Hazrat Baba Nanak Shah were never intended to become a new religion which makes modern Sikhism an outright heresy like Ahmadism.

Usman, your cult is good at coming up with moronic scholarship without any real academic proof. Just for your info: I used to be a Sikh 'alim!

what the eff! I didn't even know we had any "alims", then how did bahadur become an "Sikh Alim"? and in this same thread he just goes on and on about spreading his lies to mislead the other people there about Sikhi.


Bahadur Ali Shah's hateful propaganda is also influancing many other people to have a very negative image of Sikhs like here:


Sikhs are very racist towards Pakistani's and especially muslims there is even a revert from Sikhism here on Shiachat who converted to Shia Islam and he will tell you the scale of hate they have enbedded in their culture for us. What makes me laugh is that there is 10x more muslims yet no one ever calls for one unified Islamic state, maybe because the kufaar have changed the way we think to suite their needs.

hmm, I wonder who this "revert" is?

A little further down on this same thread this person who is obviously inflaunced by Bahadur Ali Shah's anti Sikh propaganda says:

well skhs in India used to carry a white tusk in their turban and before raping muslim women they would use this to 'purify' the dirty muslim women for themsleves to use and they also have many other sayings e.t.c from their Gurus cursing and talking ill of muslims in fact they viewed even our food as dirty and unedible. Anyway here in the UK they hand out leaflets saying that muslims are raping and using sikh girls e.t.c to feul racial tension and they regularly hand out these 'hatred' leaflets anywhere that they are a majority. Also especially after 9/11 they were even more racist towards Pakistani's than the English people so that says alot. Obviousally some SIKHS are ok but thats because they are probably not religious or not brainwahsed by the mainstream.

again what the eff? why the hell is Bahadur spreading this lie about Sikh men "purify" Muslim women with white tusks before raping Muslim women? This is the dumbest of many lies spead by Bahadur Ali Shah.

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I can't tolerate his BS.

Please , shaheed singho apni kalla vartao !

Ragmaala Bhai, I can totally understand your feelings here. People like these feel absolutely no shame in using lies to defame a group. Degenerates like him give humanity a bad name.

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Here's another of Bahadur Ali Shah's lies and hatred for Sikhs and Sikhi:


Dear brother Cyan Garamond,

the book you just mentioned in your link is indeed a translation of one such Shi'a Futuwwah Nameh. I highly recommend it as it is th emost famous one. Henery Corbin has also translated a dozen of them into French under the title "Traitï؟½ des Compagnons Chevaliers: Rasa'il e Javanmardan".

Unfortunately this book is out of print but you can get the Farsi translation under the title: "Ayin e Javanlmardi" translated by Ahsa, Naraqi, ISBN 964-372-065-9

These futuwwah nameh are fascinating in the sense that they are treaties that are very similar to the Japanese Samurai codes such as the Hagakure.

Regarding the life of Baba Nanak Shah the issue isn't so much the fact that are clearly distinguishable from mythology but rather their interpretation. For example it is a fact that Baba Nanak Shaha went to Mekkah and Sikh keep repeating this all over again. What the majority of them don't realise is that:

a. Only Muslims can enter Mekkah

b. That during the medieval times people from India only visited Mekkah for Hajj. Baba Nanak Shah took the land route which means months of travel not counting all the dangers that this implies.

Yet modern Sikhs since the early 19th century try to fool the world by saying that Baba Nanak Shah only visited Mekkah as a sort of courteous visit to give his universal message of unity.This is of course utter non-sense as well all know that non-Muslims can't enter Mekkah:end of story!

The Sikh tradition started as a community of people both Muslims and monotheist Hindus gathered around a saint, Baba Nanak Shah. He taught spirituality in the same way as Rumi taught Christians and Muslims alike. The problem is that a caste called the Jatts who now form 80 % of Sikhs joined that tradition and enforced their political aspirations by kicking out Muslims out of that traditions by enforcing anti-Islamic practises such as forbidding namaz, circumcision, halal meat etc . If you forbid these it means that as a group you have a clear agenda: kicking Mulsims out! The Hinduisation of Sikhism goes back to them even though they hate Brahmins too. They used the chivalry rituals imported from Safavi Persia to legitimize their guerilla warfare against the Mughals and the looting of Muslim land and property. They have been more than willing allies of the British in crushing teh 1857 Mutiny that could have brought about the renewal of a modern Mughal empire. I have lived a good 8 years in that community and you won't believe how much Sikhs hate Muslims.

Many in the UK follow a cult created by a martial arts teacher called Niddar Singh. They wear blue turbans and often wear a boar's tusk in it. They officially say it's a sign of courage i.e. slaying a boar but in reality it is used for a much more sinister purpose. Sikhs are forbidden to marry Muslim women. This rule made it impossible for Muslim foillowers of Baba Nanak Shah to be considered as fellow disciples of Baba Nanak Shah. In warfare Sikhs would use that boar tusk to rape Muslim women. In their sick belief the boar tusk would defile the Muslim victim and make her not Muslim anymore so that they could rape her.There are many accounts of them forcing Muslim followers of Baba Nanak Shah to eat pork. In my own case these followers of Niddar Singh would put pork in my food and make fun of me. When I joined the Sikh tradition I did so because of the beautiful writings of Baba Nanak Shah but didn't realise how horrible that community was. Sikhism is a house of heresy that should be at best burnt to the ground. In some sense I feel like saying that Baba Nanak Shah's beautiful writings should be saved from this race of demons that are modern Sikhs. Go on any Sikh forum and see how they insult Ahl ul Bayt . For years I tried to prove them wrong by showing them that Baba Nanak Shah never said such things but all you get in return is death threats. They are now trying to get a Sikh regiment in the British army. British recruiting officers regularly show up at Niddar Singh's public speeches and shows and advertise for Sikhs to join the army. I let you brothers and sisters imagine what a regiment of people trained from birth to hate Islam and Muslims and taught that raping Muslim women is ok would do if sent to the Middle East.

May Allah (swt) curse them and may He forgive for having waited so long to join the path of Ahl ul bayt .

-- --------------------------------------------------------

I just got one thing to say to Bahadur Ali. EFF YOU!!

This shameless "man" feels absolutely no shame lying like this. It makes me sick to think that we belong to the same species as that Hijdaa.

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With no disrespect to the to the picture of the Imam which is unfortunately in the presence of this HEATHEN.

Admin note: Please refrain from posting pictures of previous members without their consent. We have deleted the picture posted due to privacy and legal reasons.

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The House of Satguru Nanak has been stabbed in the back by its own blood (prithi chand) Mr Ali Shah is no pioneer in malignating the wonderfull path of Sikhi with lies and concocted tales to only favour his penis as his spous to be is a Muslim.

One thing I do find amusing is that we get all worked up over a FEW points which paint us Sikhs as percecutors of Islam, however if we were to list the attrocities of Islam on humanity the list would be endless. So why worry, let him paint our picture the way he wants, muslims are so caught up in theur petty feud with xtians and jews, will they think twice about us?

We as Sikhs have been persecuted and have had genocide commited against us, yet against all odds we still flourish.

Bani is Adh Jugad and Hai Bhi Sach, our very existence is a testiment to Bani ibeing Ajar Amar as through the resilience of the qaum it stands in todays day and age.

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Just curious but did Niddar Singh Jee's followers make Bahadur Ali Shah eat pork as he claims? Bahadur has mentioned this a couple of times in that site.

Also, where does he get this dumb idea of Sikh men purifying Muslim women with tusks before raping them? Honestly, where does he get this dumb idea?

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It's not entirely his fault; these 'dumb ideas' as you put them, came from certain members of Niddar Singh's akhara.

Anyway, i don't think you should give him any more attention - he lives off it.

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Why keep mentioning Nihang Niddar Singhs name?

Just because one so called student came out with this pathetic theory (which of course is entirely substantiated in Bahadur darpokhs highly trained academic eyes), doesn't mean you have an excuse to keep dragging Nihang Singh into this.

Muslim eye witness accounts are testimony to the chivalrous behaviour of the Khalsa - which this dog will never mention, or will find a way to downplay it, funny how such enemy accounts don't exist of the raping, pillaging armies which spread from Arabia:

Kazi Noor Mohammed - In no case would they slay a coward, nor would they put an obstacle in the way of a fugitive. They do not plunder the wealth and ornaments of women, but she a well-to -do lady or a maid servant. There is no adultery among these “dogs” nor are these mischievous people given to thieving. Whether a woman is young or old, they call her “buriya” and ask her to get out of the way. (The word “buriya” in the Indian language means “an old lady”.) There is no thief at all among these “dogs” nor is there any housebreaker born among these miscreants. They do not make friends with adulterers.

Jang Nama PP 156-159.

No doubt there were bad elements in the panth - as there are in all groups - but this dog is making out that raping muslim women is part of our faith. He also forgets to mention in his attack on rehit that the rehit forbids carnal interaction with Muslim women.

Of all faiths, only Guru Gobind Singh disallowed capture and sale of women as slaves.

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Veer trust me but I did not have any bad intentions when I mentioned Nihang Singhs here. I just mentioned it here because that Naamard Bahadur has repeatedly claimed that he was tricked into eating pork. Once he even mentioned that he was "forced" to eat pork by Sikhs. So sometimes he says he was tricked and sometimes he says he was forced. Changing stories for him is like flipping a coin. If you want Muslims to hate you, then tell these scandalous and false stories.

But without a doubt, I think that his stupidest lie that really brings out alot of krodh in me are his rape accusation. This dog Bahadur must have learnt a thing or two from the Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Geubels who would also lie and exagerate to make people hate. I think it was him who said if you repeat a lie a certain amount of times people will eventually start beleiving in it. That hijdaa bahadur is doing exactly that.

I doubt he will be a life long Shia. I think he will leave that path after a few years if his track record is to be beleived. Every few years he just converts to a new religion and starts to act like the high and mighty, but when people dont recognise him as a schollar he just leaves the path for a new one.

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Below is a perfect example of this bufoons grasshopping antics, and regarding the pork feeding issue - well he would have known about the fact that in the 18thc, due to the Sarkari price put on Sikh heads, many Muslims were happy to collect reward money for identifying Sikh hideouts, hence why in 'some recorded cases' extreme measures were taken such as the Muslims wanting to join the Khalsa having to prove their loyalty (and showing that they were not fanatical Muslim spies) through VOLUNTARILY consuming swine - yet he still sought be the Nihangs best friend, and didn't have a problem with these issues once upon a time when it suited him:

"I am glad people discovered on their own what I was willing to indicate.

If you read Henry Corbin's works you'll soon realise that there is a whole tradition of mystical chivalry going from Western Europe to Panjab through the Middle East. Fascinating.

Dynamic Banda is right. What is the difference between Philip le Bel and the SGPC.

The templars are dead, so are the samurai: NIhangs are the only left and trust me we'll do everything we possibly can to keep the tradition alive and give it a new life.

Gur Bar Akaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal hi Akaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal"


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I have to disagree on one point with you. The eating of pork was not a test to find out whether a convert from Islam who wanted to join the Khalsa was a spy or not. The Khalsa of that time knew exactly how the Muslims behave and they knew that a Muslim can LIE as well as do things which are against Islam if forced to do so. This pretty much negates your argument about the eating of pork being a voluntary act of a convert. Another factor is that living in the jungles of Punjab, wild boar would have been one of the prized meats of the Khalsa. Eating of pork was a powerful symbol of the convert leaving his previous faith. If that hurts Bahadur's sensibilities and causes him to throw his toys out of his pram then so be it.

As for Bahadur, he is a liar as always and totally suited to his new faith. He claimed to be Amritdhari and now he says he was not fully initiated! Maybe he's scared that there might be 'no exit' clause in Sikhism like there is in Islam and he's facing a death sentence for leaving. That wouldn't surprise me because at best his knowledge of Sikhi was superficial and coloured by his fixation with Ali and Shias. He seems to have a problem with the Sikhs having given 'sudhar' to the syed descendents of Ali at Samana. If anything Banda Singh's action here was proof that if you are a raping bunch of fanatics then you're not safe from reformatory action by the Sikhs not matter which Ali ouli you may be descended from!

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Reading some the previous threads on this forum, I really don’t understand why so many people here were impressed with Bahadur which just further inflated his ego about his overestimated abilities as a “scholar”. His trick was to use sophisticated language mixed with knowledge about Shia Islam and lo and behold everyone is impressed by this man’s “Gyan”.

Bahadur was as much of a scholar of Sikhi as Jerri Springer’s show is about real issues. What’s sad is that this man would use the most disgusting language and name calling about fellow Sikhs, and some here just supported him and further even began emulating his ways. Perfect example of this is how Bahadur coined the term “Ram Raiya” for AKJ people, then others here just began mimicking him by using the same language and same term not realising who the real snake in the grass is. Now recently some have changed the term from using “Ram Raiya” to “Basauria” when referring to AKJ people or those who they don’t agree with. This is all the emulation of Bahadur Ali’s evil and divisive ways and mannerism to further divide brother against brother.

Now that this snake has been exposed for what he really is, we also need to stop emulating his evil ways. I have my suspicions of a certain new member here who I think is Bahadur Ali and is arguing in favour of a very perverted topic which just further shows the type of degenerate mentality he has and is another reason for us to stop emulating his non-Sikh ways.

Bhrah, Bhrah naal vair rakhay, eh Singha vali gall nahi.

Forgiveness to any veer who I may have unintentionally offended

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waheguru ji kha khalsa

waheguru ji ki fateh.

Has any one watched this film?

I was given a film in the southall area a little while ago. It was the most powerfullest sikh film that i have ever seen.The film was called sawa lakh se ek ladaun . I did not watch this film once nor twice but 4 times the film is constructed in such a way that by watching the film it leaves you shocked at what is really going on in the sikh world.you cant but just help to watch it again and again. The film is availible in punjabi and english.The level of effort which has been poured into this film is amazing.there is also a 1 hour and half speach in the programme which is something quite diffrent to what i have evere heard before it is stromg to the point and true. drugs, superstition, punjab , false saints, rss ,rhada swami, ashootosh have been highlighted in this film. The film is about 5 hours long the (english) 1 dvd. Punjabi version has 2 dvds which has xtra added scenes at the end. the english version does not come with xtra addes scenes so you have to watch the punjabi version to see the xtra footage. I strongly advise people to watch the punjabi version as well as it has some scenes which definatly need to be viewed. It is about time some 1 got up and done something positive. The organisation also does not ask for any money donation this is the 1st time i have ever seen this at a scale of this size. You can see that this film has been made from the heart. You can obtain a copy by visiting www.ukgurdwarasurveyteam.com

waheguru ji kha khalsa

waheguru ji ki fateh.

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