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Shaster Vidiya on TV

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This episode will be airing on Discovery Knowledge (Channel 522) on Wednesday 10th September at 6:00pm - repeated on the 11th at 8:00am and also at 1:00pm

In this offbeat look at the history and science of different weapons from around the world, Mike explores the cultural context and demonstrates the use of a weapon. He then challenges his co-host, Chad, to improve upon it using modern manufacturing techniques and materials.

CHAKRAM: In India I met the Akali Nihangs, a nomadic sect of Sikh warriors, from whom I learned various techniques for throwing the chakram – a razor edged steel battle quoit – both on foot and from horses and elephants!

Although it was my first experience with the chakram I managed to throw one 40 yards with no trouble at all. The chakram has an airfoil cross section and you can see it working - it really does fly. And it is surprising how quickly one can become accurate with it at shorter ranges.

Nidar Singh, an expert in Indian martial arts, showed me many different techniques for chucking the 'chakkar', as the chakram is more commonly known in the Punjab. The tajini method of spinning it on your index finger is the most well known but there are other methods, such as bowling it underarm as you approach an enemy, throwing it on the move or the more powerful diagonal throws from left to right and right to left.

As well as the different types of throw, there are many different types of chakram - from the standard ones around 9 -10 inches in diameter to small bracelet sized ones worn on the forearm and flicked at an enemy's face at close quarters with an action similar to flicking a deck of cards. At the other end of the scale are the large chakrams of two feet diameter, which are worn around the neck. Nidar showed me a technique for dploying these from the second or third ranks behind the front line when engaged in hand to hand fighting - they are thrown almost vertically to descend on the heads of the enemy's front line.

I also travelled to Patiala where I met the brothers Harinder and Mobinder Singh who showed me how to make a chakram in a traditional forge.


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It was ok - the Chardi Kalaa Jatha made an appearance as well lol.

What hit me most was when Mike went into the Baba Atal tower and I saw the nasty white gloss paint......why?????? :evil:

It was good to see how the Chakar was used and to see Singhs on TV, in a positive way, always makes my day.

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What hit me most was when Mike went into the Baba Atal tower and I saw the nasty white gloss paint......why??????

Its called "beautification"! Dont get too angry, its karsewa, innit.


I strongly sugest that all those who take an interest should record/photograph all these artworks/relics/history for posterity. It may be the last time you or others ever get to see it.

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I've [finally!] managed to convert this into a torrent... (I think!)


Click on Download this .torrent on the right hand side then run the torrent file to download.

NB you need a BitTorrent client to download the video. If you don't have one already, I'd suggest BitTornado... it's small, fast and simple. Download from http://www.bittornado.com/download.html

I'll keep seeding as long as I can. Please continue to seed after you've downloaded!

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15 peers and 5 seeds already... didn't realise it'd be that popular!

I encoded it using XviD so you'll need the right codecs to play it. You can use VLC like unbreakable mentioned, or if you want to use Windows Media Player install the K-Lite Codec Pack - http://www.free-codecs.com/K_lite_codec_pack_download.htm

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i have bittorrent.

when i try clicking on 'download this torrent' i get a page saying problem loading page (when using firefox), i also get a cannot conect error with explorer.

i tried right clicking and saving, left clicking, and clicking other things lower, where it has the file name, nothing is working, any idea why?

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i m leeching at the moment, almost done. As soon as i m done with that, i m going to host it on gurmarag host..so not soo techie sangat can download it from simple download link, is that ok with the author of this file?

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