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What does OM mean?

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"Om" is not associated only with the Hindu religion, but symbolizes the Omnipresent, Omnipotent Divinity. The mesmerizing syllable 'Om' is not a product of man's imagination, it is ever present, all pervading and can be felt within a seeker whose mind is tranquil and free from all disturbance.

the link below will answer all your questions.


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Thank you for the link pheena. I know of Gurbani.org, it is a good site.

What place does this mantra have in Sikhi? I read some of the jap ji sahib katha by N30, and the impression I am getting is that "ik-oan-kar" is like "better" or, I can't fin the right words. Here, is a line from N30 translation of japji sahib katha.

"Guru ji asked sidhas, in this aom, show me where is vahiguroo who is the creator of these three dieties???"

I would avoid trying to relate it to sikhi in the context of an 'ism'. You won't find this relationship on the outer level, rather this relationship will form when you've gone beyond the mind's attachment to labels, its filters and biased viewpoints.

The quote you posted is not trying to belittle AOM, rather the Guru is trying to bring them out of the Sargun (maya) aspect of the AOM and trying to transcend them to the Nirgun state of AOM. Which should have happened, but did not. Somewhere something went wrong, the Guru is trying to point the Sidhaas towards that.

AUM is just as sacred as Waheguru and vice versa. The sacredness of a Mantra lie in the Bhaavna of the Sadhak reciting it.

A Nihung went to eat at a Dhaaba, upon leaving he went to paid the owner and accidentally dropped his rupee into the Tandoor. The Nihung waited until the tandoor cooled and went inside to find his rupee. when he entered the tandoor he goes, "oh Allah" as it was still a bit hot. The owner puzzled asked the Nihung are you not a Sikh? If so then why did you say Allah. The Nihung says, why would I bother my Waheguru for such a small task.

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In the book 'The Mystical Arts of the Ninja' - or maybe one of his other books I've read, Stephen Hayes (a Bhuddist) compares OM as being the same as AMEN or AMEEN of the Abrahamic religions. The basic sound structure is the same.

It can't be the same - 'Amen' means 'so be it'. Just because two words sound the same doesn't make them similar.

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It can't be the same - 'Amen' means 'so be it'. Just because two words sound the same doesn't make them similar.

I agree. Sometimes these western orientalist scholars deliberately or out of ignorance misinterpret eastern concepts to suit their work. Unfortunately the same has happened to people applying similar methods to Sikh traditions.

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