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Nitnem prior to Sri Guru Gobind singh ji

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If Guru Sahib has given us the 'full' Nitnem, why would people ignore Him and go against their Hukam?

Amritdhari Sikhs are given the Hukam to recite 5 Banis, Rehras and Kirtan Sohila, in addition to Gurmantar and Mool-mantar. So yes, people still follow Guru Ji's teachings.

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I think it was the Panj Granthi as a daily nitnem

A booklet published by Sant Jagjit Singh contains a list of nitnem banis recited by sikhs before 10th guru. I too believe it is all the banis in Panj Granthi- been years since I read through the booklet.

Some Sikhs still recite the panj and das granthi in addition to standard nitnem. Admittedly you need time on your hand because it takes ages to go through.

I can't remember the title of the booklet , but they used to give it away free - as per Nirmala tradition that you cannot put a value on knowledge.

Basically the booklet was a mini-encyclopedia giving lists, details and background info on sanatan/sikh history. ie eventful dates forgotten to modern sikhs,name of 40 mukte, 14 rattans, 9 riddhis, 18 siddhis, list of skills/knowledge a person should learn (not for puritan sikhs, though), categories of foods. 8 types of sexual lust, types of hankar, etc, etc.

A real gem of a book!!! Its in Panjabi and recommend anyone to get hold of it to read.

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I think that Amardeep Jee is right. Japji Sahib, Rehras Sahib and Kirtan Sohila were the Nitnems of the Sikhs before Dasam Patshah.

I don't think Panj Granthi was ever the Nitnem of the Sikhs. Although ideally a Sikh should have that memorised and read it daily in their nitnem. But it was never a part of the Nitnem.

Many puraatan Taksali Singhs during the time of Sant Gurbachan Singh Jee would have the Panj Granthi memorised. I would encourage all Sikhs here to get all of Panj Granthi memorised. We should think of this as being a must, only then will we have the honour of being a Panj Granthi Singh.

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Panj Granthi was the nitnem prior to the Nitnem given to the Khalsa.

The Panj Granthi is the Jap Ji Sahib, Aasaa Di Vaar, Dakhnee Onkar, Sidh Gosht and Baavan Akhree or Sukhmani Sahib (depending on the Panj Granthi you pick up.

In the evening So Dar Rehraas was recited and at night it was Sohila.

Not that much different to today

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Jattboot, do you still have this booklet? If so, please let us know what it's called.

would love to know what booklet that is as well

The book is called SOHAIL PRAKASH. "Sohail" being Pandit Sohail Singh Ji Nirmala; who the book is dedicated to. They were Sant Jagjit Singhs vidiya guru and taught sant ji Sanskrit and Ayurvedic medicine- getting them registered as a Vaid (desi doktor)with the Govt.

It was one of the original books writen many years ago, by Sant Ji. They may have some copies at Sultanpur to give away.

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I have suhail parkash sent to me by kam veer ji. Here is the download link of both sohail parkash and bhannu parkash. The only problem is its in adobe page maker format the software you must download in order to view it. If any technical people out here can find conversion software from page maker format (pm5) to .pdf..that will be great because it will make more user freindly.

Here are the download links for both bhanu parkash and sohail parkash in

right click and save target as :


right click and save target as :


enjoy !

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