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guru name query

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1st guru - Guru Nanak Dev Ji

2nd guru - Guru Angad Dev Ji

3rd Guru - Guru Amardaas Jee

4th Guru - Guru Ramdas Jee

5th Guru - Guru Arjan Dev Jee

6th Guru - Guru Hargobind sahib jee

7th Guru - Guru Har Rai sahib jee

8th Guru - Guru Har Krishan sahib jee

9th Guru - Guru Teg Bahadur sahib jee

10th Guru - Guru Gobind Singh Sahib Jee

Guru Nanak Dev Ji ,Guru Angad Dev Ji ,Guru Arjan DevJee

rest no guru have "DEV" in their name

is "dev" part of name of three guru or is called in respect

forgive me if i sked something wrong or showed soem disrespect to guru sahib jee's name. It was just a query .and no tark like thing.

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I've always thought that the 6th and 7th Guru's name would have equally sounded nice if it had "Dev" in the ending instead of Sahib.

But Sahib also sounds just as good. Some people also add "Sahib" to the name of Guru Nanak Dev jee instead of "Dev". They say it as "Guru Nanak Sahib Jee".

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Maybe its a modern thing because Sikhs did not want to use the names Bedi or Sodhi. I read on SikhSangat.com a while back that some sunday school teachers at gurdwaras discourage children from using DEV beacuase its too Hindu!!!! Wont be long before we start saying 'Bhai Sahib Guru Nanak Singh Ji'

Then again the first guru is also known as Rimpoche Nanak Lama, Nanak Faqir, Baba Nanak Shah etc, etc depending on who they're followers are.

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