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Video of Niddar Singh been questioned in hazoor sahib


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That's not the full video, do you know when the rest will be posted?

Jvalasingh: It is important that this be brought in the open, you don't understand how many problems the lies spread by Niddar Singh & his crew have caused amongst youth in the UK.

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All that racket. I didn't make anything out but a couple of accusations about Nihang Nidar Singh being in the wrong, towards the end.

They were worse than a bunch of women at a tea party!

Someone put the full debate up, please?!

Latest news is that the Hazoor Sahib lot have ripped up the "apology" and stated that it was all a mistake, the book is now on sale at Hazoor Sahib.

Can you verify that please?

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I think the fault that Niddar's hatti had been doing such a roaring trade up until a few years ago is in many ways the fault of Nihang Dals in India. I remember about 5 years ago I knew a Nihang in the UK who through his contacts in Budha Dal was doing his best to get a written statement from Santa Singh confirming that Niddar was not a Jathedar of Budha Dal UK and that his statements about 'snatan' Sikhism were false. After countless phone calls and other contacts it all came to naught mainly because the Budha Dal just didn't take the Niddar thing seriously enough. This is why I believe that Budha Dal has been at fault for allowing Niddar's hatti to run for so long. It is important for any organisation to keep a careful watch on anyone seeking to use it's name in order to enhance his own credibility whilst misrepresenting the views of that organisation. Try setting up a burger bar and calling it McDonalds and see what happens!

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