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~ Going back to the moment to almost worth dying for it~


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For me the last 24 hrs it was just emotional roller coaster where my 16 month old son just made me realize something to worth almost dying for. One cannot realize this by reading discourses which i have read about it but it was only just recently that was put into human touch.

Kids are wonderful, they are free from dvaish(partiality), shyness, culture-religious barriers, discrimination, like-dislike things in others.

I listen to katha by mahapursh that kids are gyani in sukhopati(avidya) avastha. Their avastha is next big thing to bhramgyan.

When one spent time with kids, they will learn many things, one thing is they are without culture-social-religious barriers, with their full free thought mingling with other adults, their fellow kids without any sense of partiality, socio-culture restraints. If adult like me or many of us here do the same thing, there are many barriers, shyness, personal biases, inferiority complex, insecurity, deep biogtry, socio-cultural-religious restraints which we ourselves created and now trapped in it like for eg- if we try to act like kid and trying to mingle with others with full free thought, it would about 30 seconds or so, our mind will make it sexual, make it taboo, remind us of socio-religious-culture restraints, inferiority complex, insecurity ie- no he/she is black/white/red/yellow, he/she is hindu, muslim, sikhi, christian, buddhist, jain, atheist, gay, lesbian, poor, rich, disease, fat, ugly, pretty etc etc. see the difference?

We were all kids at one point, see the difference back then and now, i want everyone with highest degree in academia, master of master debates to typical joe blow like me on this forum tp stop everything whatever you doing just go back to moment of your childhood which you were in your free thought of love towards other human without any boundaries and think what was life like and what is it like now?

I feel so guilty now that may god forgive us for what we humans have done to ourselves.

If i don't merge with vahiguroo this life and get bhramgyan this life, i would wish god blesses me for that moment of childhood of impartiality again which is worth dying for. I would rather be gyani in avidya avastha just an kid than having read all the gyan discourses and still cannot move up because of personal bias, socio-cultural-religious restraints, shyness, dvaish , maya which we created ourselves and now stuck in it until guru maharaj save us.

Next thing you spent time with kids, don't just take them for granted as just kids, try to study their nature, you be amazed how much attributes of akaal purkh you can find in kids, they are chanchal yet beparvah only i can wish they know the power they posses in their hidden seed, they wouldn't have any struggle to strive for bhramgyan/milap with vahiguroo unlike most of us here trapped in maya.

sorry for the rant had to let it out. !

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Barinder Singh Ji,

family is a real blessing, because the sparkle, innocence, and anand in the eyes of a child, are like the Darshan of Akal Purukh. I feel very very grateful to have a large family where children are always around.....they are the future. Your right in these moments, we reflect, and all the politics, intellectualism, dissolves away...........and we feel alive once again!


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Excellent post N3O Singh Ji.

But I also believe children are born with a personality. I didn't believe this until I was blessed with a daughter. Her personality has been the same from the moment she was born and is clearly distinguishable from others in her age group. I believe children and born with certain gun and that it is for parents to recognise and enhance them.

It's interesting that until recent times, Sikhs used to live up to their name i.e. Bir Rassi names would create yodhai and shant rassi names would create sadhu lok.

Also the psychology and mental/spiritual state of a mother affects the childs development a long time before the baby is even born.

There are a lot of rituals that Khalsa mothers used to follow when they became pregnant to induce yodhvir gun in their to be born babies.

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Sherni da dudh is not so easy to get hold of nowadays - but Singhni da dudh is possible (the Khalsa mother).

When a woman is found to be of child, display shastar around the home so that her eyes never leave the supreme form of Mahakaal - the child will invoke the 'ussar' of the shastar through his mother.

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i work with special needs children and the innocence and simplicity they has is speechless...........i never thought i could have a conversation with someone throught eye movements............through expressions..............through touch.............words have no place when you are communicating through love.............

Another one of Wahegurus gifts :)

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That is very true. One family I know who live in Walsall have 3 sons, the elder are GPs and the youngest was at Uni studying Medicine. Unfortunately something happened to him at Uni, and he didn't complete his course. He came home and just used to sit in front of the TV depressed. This state continued, he stopped takling and eventually lost control of his body and is now fully paralysed. He has been in this state for over a 15 years now I think. His parents are quite old ( in their 60s at least) and take full care of him. we went to see this family some tme last year because they knew my mother, it was the 1st time I had seen them. It was extremely sad to see this Singh in his state lying on a bed in the lounge. However he had some movement in his head and could move his eyes, and through that alone, we had the most amazing conversation - I found him to be a beautiful soul. I asked to massage my brothers legs with his permission and he shook his head. I told him I wanted to do it to make me feel better (selfish reasons) and he agreed. So much understanding. His father dedicated his life to looking after his son where many others would put them in care. He reads arth of Sukhmani Sahib to the Singh everyday without fail, and keeps his full Khalsa roop intact, combing his washing and combing kesh everyday - amazing family.

I believe those in real pain and unfortunate circumstances who have been shuned by society and family (like this family, who are not even allowed in their local Gurdwara because the stupid commitee won't let a 60 year old man use a wheel chair to take his paralysed son into the Guru's hazuri) have so much love (and gratitude) to give, it's on par with blessing from Akaal Purkh.

The Singh had utter joy in his eyes to see that someone of his age was in his home talking to him like a normal person. I haven't seen him since but intend to soon (sorry excuse is I am too busy in my rat race life - which is no excuse at all). I feel the Punjabi community is far behind the norm (in general terms, there are excepetions) when it comes to supporting disabled people in our extended families and community.

That is why I have respect beyond measure for Bhagat Puran Singh Ji - their whole life was a challenge to this backward, uncaring Punjabi mentality.

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thats simply amazing........its amazing how the role of the caregiver and the person needing care can often which roles..........i find i get so much from these souls...............theres is nothing i have that could give them as much joy as they give me...........

They are so hungry for love, kindness, warmth, affection......they express love without inhabition, worry or consious................it just shines from them.............my apologies if im not making sense................thats when souls connect and words are nothing..........

(Willenhall gurdwara, which is hopefully not too far from any of the Walsall gurdwareh, has a darbaar downstairs which would be much either if that pahji and his father wish to has Guru Ji's Darshaan............:)

Im shocked to hear about the Gurghar not letting them in but sadly not overly surprised either.........the lack of empathy does truly astound me..........the Indian mentality of total denial is something that will possibly change with todays generation but...........unfortunatly many of yesterdays generation narrow-mindedness and a society that lives and breaths for acceptance from these people is truly shameful...........but hey...........lets makes these changes in ourselves and spred them to others...............Where the is Love............there is everything......

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