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Balbir Singh Nihang - escapes death..

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Nihang Baba Budha Dal chief escaped unhurt in attack


Tuesday, 13 January 2009

PATIALA: Budha Dal Nihang chief, Baba Balbir Singh escaped unhurt when armed assailants ambushed his convoy near village Bhagi Bandar in Bathinda district this morning. The assailants pumped a volley of bullets into his bullet proof vehicle injuring one person.

Police sources said that the assailants, who had taken cover behind roadside trees and bushes and on the rooftop of an abandoned house opened fire on the bullet proof vehicle in which the Baba was seated alongwith his gunman and driver.

While the Nihang chief and his driver escaped unhurt, gunman Paramjit Singh was injured. He was later admitted at a hospital in Talwandi Sabo and was stated to be out of danger.

The assailants fled after pumping 10 to 12 bullets into the bullet proof vehicle. The Baba alongwith his supporters was on his way to attend the Maghi Mela at Muktsar.

It is supected that a rival group in the Budha Dal was behind the attack. Baba Balbir Singh had succeeded Baba Santa Singh as the Budha Dal chief and the succession was opposed by a section of the Budha Dal, including the relatives of the late, Baba Santa Singh.

Meanwhile, Baba Balbir Singh has demanded z plus security cover for him as Punjab police had failed to provide him adequate security cover.

Talking to The Pioneer over phone, he said that he has been receiving threatening calls from persons of his rival group. The matter has already brought in the notice of Patiala SSP SK Asthana and Punjab Government but all have given cold shouldered to his request, he alleged.

He said that killers of his father, two brothers and nephew has been moving freely in Patiala but police ahs failed to arrest them.

Earlier, four 'Nihang' Sikhs were killed in a bloody clash with a rival faction at the Baba Buddha Dal Chhawni (camp) here on September 21, 2007, Baba Balbir Singh's father Asha Singh, brothers Bhajan Singh and Jagdish Singh and nephew Karan Singh were killed in group clash. Dal Chief late Baba Santa Singh, had declared Baba Balbir Singh as the successor Dal on April 9 2007.

Baba also added that he has already filed a writ petition seeking z plus security cover for him which was still pending in the court.

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Not surprisingly Balbir has changed his story:

Nihang chief’s cavalcade ambushed

Rajay Deep

Tribune News Service

Talwandi Sabo (Bathinda), January 13

Baba Balbir Singh, chief of the Shiromani Panth Akali Budha Dal, had a providential escape when his convoy, that was proceeding towards Muktsar this morning to attend the Maghi Mela celebrations, was fired at.

While the Baba escaped unhurt, one of his followers was injured in the firing that took place at village Bhagi Vandar, near Talwandi Sabo, in this district.

The Baba, who was sitting in his bulletproof black Scorpio, was going to attend the mela celebrations, at around 9.15 am in a convoy of seven cars. When the convoy reached Bhagi Vandar village, a white Zen (HR 51G 1296) abruptly came in front of the cavalcade.

As the road is under construction, the pilot vehicle and all cars in the convoy had to slow down. All of a sudden, miscreants opened fire at the convoy from the right side. Police sources said more than 25 rounds were shot of which five-six hit the bulletproof Scorpio.

The driver of Baba’s vehicle managed to drove away as the rest of his Nihang followers retaliated. A sewadar of Baba, Paranjeet, alias Kala, suffered a bullet injury in his left hand. A buffalo was killed in the firing.

According to the police investigation, the suspects had stopped over at a liquor shop near the bus stand of Bhagi Vandar village, from where used cartridges and empty liquor bottles were found.

The police has booked Dyal Singh, Joginder Singh, Jaswinder Singh, Kulwant Singh, Paramjeet Singh, Maahan Singh, Inderjeet Sing, his sister Chhinder Kaur, Gurbax Singh, Daya Singh and his brother Sham Singh, Kuldeep Singh, Satnam Singh, Sukhbir Singh and Kulwant Singh along with five-six unidentified persons.

A case has been registered under sections 364, 307, 120-B, 148, 149, IPC, and 25, 54, 59, Arms Act.

The police has recovered the white Zen and 25 cartridges of .315 bore and 14 cartridges of .32 bore were found in the car.

Talking to The Tribune, the Baba said: “The attack was pre-planned as the assailants targeted us at a suitable place. The accused are none other than the group of Surjit Singh, who has been trying to kill me ever since the succession issue arose.â€

“Soon after the attack, I called up the DIG and the SSP of Bathinda, but they did not respond. Then I called up the DIG, Patiala, who passed on the message to police officers of Bathinda.

“It is not the first attack on me but the police and government have been taking it lightly. I have filed a writ petition for Z-plus security, but even after more than a year, it is still pending.â€

Ajay Maluja, SP (D), who is investigating the matter, said: “Certain persons have been rounded up to ascertain the facts.â€

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balbiro pabhi di gutth chaj naal ni khich hoyi, haje ve bandria vang tappi janda. Kameena, gadhi chor.

This man is a murderer, who has the blood of many nihung mahapurush on his hands, ehdia andhra nu khich ke ehnu sooli te tangna chaida!

Balbir Kutha Maro Jutha!!

Another Nihang Phoola Singh then?? Is it going to take a couple of Panjabi mona patits - who aren't allowed to call themselves Sehajdhari Sikhs- to show the 'Sikhs' on how to deal with these type of individuals?

Or can the kaum get their backsides into gear and do something useful for a change?

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Am I the only one to see the hyprocrisy on this thread. The same people who were quoting Gurbani on the Niddar Singh in Parliament thread about how no one apart from Dharamraj being the judge and yet they don't seem to taking their own advice when it comes to Balbir Singh!

In time honoured fashion, ok which one of you guys are going to Balbir Singh's choani and confront him about his actions? Please keep us all updated!

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