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General Brar Case

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Four Sikh separatists tried to slash the throat of a retired Indian general in a revenge attack carried out on the streets of London, a court heard today.

Two of the men and a female co-defendant appeared in court accused of attacking Lt Gen Kuldip Singh Brar last year. They, along with one man who has already admitted his part in the attack and another who has never been arrested, believed retired Lt Gen Brar to be responsible for atrocities committed at the Golden Temple of Amritsar during the Indian army's crackdown on Sikh separatists in 1984, the prosecution alleged.

The prosecutor Annabel Darlow said that one of the defendants Harjit Kaur, 39, tracked the retired soldier as he holidayed in the West End with his wife Meena. She told the jury her case would prove that Ms Kaur passed on the Brars' whereabouts to the attackers on the day of the alleged assault in September last year.

The other two men Mandeep Sandhu, 34, Dilbag Singh, 37, were accused of carrying out the attack itself. All three standing trial have been charged with wounding the 78-year-old Lt Gen Brar with intent. Barjinder Sangha, 33, has admitted the same charge, the court heard. The last alleged accomplice is not involved in the case at Southwark Crown Court.

"Kuldip Brar was slashed right across the neck with a knife. He sustained very deep cuts to his face and neck," said prosecutor Annabel Darlow. She added: "Each took part in an enterprise to cause Kuldip Brar serious harm."

And Ms Darlow said: "The four [men] acted in a group, deterring anyone else from becoming involved and going to General Brar's aid and sheltering the knifeman from view. Harjit Kaur too played a crucial role silently, unobtrusively following the Brars."

Harjit Kaur wore a pink shirt as she listened to the proceedings from the dock. Her co-defendant Mandeep Sandhu wore a white shirt with dark pinstripes and Dilbag Singh a grey t-shirt. The men wore Turbans and long, dark beards. None spoke and interpreters assisted all three throughout.

Lt Gen Brar, himself a Sikh, said that he was given one of India's highest levels of protection as a result of "unlimited" threats to his life. Giving evidence via videolink from India this afternoon, he said that one website declared him the "number one enemy of the Sikhs". Another threat he said he received read: "there have been seven attempts on his life which have not succeeded, but the eighth one will."

He was not protected, however, on his trip to London, which he said was a private holiday. He added that he and his wife, who have been regular visitors to London for more than a decade, did not want a security detail because they preferred to enjoy a normal holiday. "We wanted to meet our friends and walk in Hyde Park," he said. Their protection has now been stepped up as a result of the attack, the General added.

As the prosecution opened its case today, the jury saw CCTV evidence Ms Darlow said showed the four men running away from the scene of the crime. The jury also saw footage the prosecution said showed the General falling to the floor immediately after the attack.

The jury heard that the prosecution will attempt to show that the defendants were in constant contact via mobile phone, despite rarely contacting each other before that weekend. Ms Darlow alleged that most of the group met in London at the city’s Central Gurdwara, before reconnoitring the hotel their alleged target was staying in and launching their attack.

They were tracked down, Ms Darlow said, after one of the group's discarded mobile phone was found at the scene and handed in.

Mandeep Sandhu, from Birmingham, Dilbag Singh, from London, and Harjit Kaur, from London, all deny the charges. The trial continues.


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Well you need to jump down you British botolicking Hindu. Do you propose Sikhs should just take this?

Also deep curs don't cause a person to appear on TV no injuries few days later. Or have wounds that superficial they should have finished the job if this case is true.

Still don't understand throats part or how they were arrested if they had no prior. If you have a big knife the gut and finish it. Hello to authorities Watchung this, sitting in class come at me lool. Do you have 125,000?

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Come out of your denial mode, those 4-5 young braves (not) of yours failed to harm a 80-year-old who fought back like a tiger he is. One old Sikh gentleman was attacked by a gori, the whole khaliban samaj was up in arms. here their own conspired and attacked a 80-yr-old and they fail to condemn such cowardly attack. disgusting lack of morality in this movement.

You really comparing apples and oranges here

Diffference between 80 year old sikh gentleman who got racial attacked and brar that sikh old gentlemen was innocent whereas brar is war criminal and has blood on his hands.

There are many cases of old nazi war criminals getting arrested..some even got attacked by victim families since no justice was given (understandably so because of emotions all though i m not advocate of pro active violence but swords are justified to defend the dharam and when all means are failed):

Here are some of many:



So again unless you are hindu/communist/arya samaj right wing/shiv sena fascist imbecile who were distributing sweets in operation blue star where innocent sikhs were dying unless you are one of those for most part even small kid can tell big difference between innocent sikh old gentlemen getting attacked and brar an war criminal getting attacked.

This is coming from someone who has fought against sikh fascism or fascism of any kind including hindus fascist/islamic fascism all my life on the other hand you lack any rational..you are clearly here with an agenda..people like you don't say one word against state sponsor indian terrorist gov't but have nerves to criticize miniroties...

Let me ask you this question, how does the whole sri lanka and tamil lte conflict make you feel? do you feel for your tamil brothers or sri lanka singelese? you probably think tamils have full right (which i agree too) but obviously that makes you hypocrite?

What are you? tell us your story. Let it all out....lets reconcile together. Don't be hypocrite talk about atrocities from both sides not just one.you are no better than khaliban/rss/congress/taliban fascists

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Its a shame the evil piece of shit survived and lol at the clowns saying he fought them off the way I heard it went down was like this the Sikhs attacked him in a open area in broad daylight brar started screaming for his life and it attracted a crowd it was still a sloppy attempt tho they shouldnt have done it since they weren't fully determined to do the deed now they will have to take responsibility and face the consequences of there actions.

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Thats true jathedar veera...at actual hindu and sikh dont have much differences they will still feel home with each other.

probably on a personal level, but then again i have some rally good friends who are pakistanis, and apart from our religion (same as with sikhs and hindus) we are still the same.

they were probably pakistani's trying to defame sikhs by dressing up as sikhs and maybe changing their names legally to sikh like names. It's mullah propoganda to turn Indians against one another

too funny.

Anyway you look at this incident, only one word comes to the mind SICKENING. Congratulations British Justice system for not compromising like Indian courts.

It is sickening, but rather than gloat, think about the people who have died at the order of the indian state, and then look at the indian justice system that compromise humanity and honesty.

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Hi Sher

Bhindranwala pic everywhere in Punjab and overseas Gurdwaras.

Sher simple question have you read the history of Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindrawale ?

Have you read about his character , mission ?

( theres plenty of information on Youtube if you get time have a look it will open up your eyes)

Also on youtube search harinder singh 1984 , a sikh originally from india as a young child saw the attrocities that happened , went to the states and has done so much research on 1984 , is a must listen to is lectures , it will open your eyes . ( 1984 was an icing on the cake , the plans to wipe out the Sikhs were done in 77-78 ( if i recall correctly) well in advance )

Another question ?

What do you think should be done , if a government/law and order is against a minority group , and after 29-30years still no justice . The minority are

being opressed , take the recent event where Bhai Gurbaksh Singh Khalsa has gone on a hunger strike asking for the government to release the Sikh Prisoners who have served their sentences , its been 30+ days ( it think , well a long time , since Gurbaksh Singh has been on hunger strike and still no resolution , no indian media coverage in fact people in the "pends" dont even know what is happening .

If someone stands up against the police/government they are falsely framed , beaten up "chucked in jail" , how do you think the minority can get justice ?

The perpertrators( Police , MPs ) are walking around free , how do you think they can be bought to justice ?

How do you think the innocent Sikhs who are falsely put in jail be released , simply because they attended a demonstration against the false Sadhoo Babas again look at Sikh organisation of prisoners welfare ?


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i have classified Sukha Jinda Beant Singh in a totally diff category. I would put Godse in the same group (killed a compatriot for their political ideology). Bhagat Singh Udham, Madan Dhingra Chander Sekhar Azad, sukhdev Rajguru, Sarabha..different kind of revolutionaries as they fought a colonial master. None of these people ever hurt a civilian or tried to lynch a 80-yr-old.

what a bloody hypocrite! General vaidya was retired from the army when justice caught up with him.

Leave it mate, go and crawl back in the hole you came from.

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for war crims there are courts. no one has ever stopped anyone from seeking justice from the Indian or international courts.

Yes the cases of sajjan and company are exemplary cases of the justice received from indian courts.

Of course, khalibans do not believe in justice system the civilised world follow. I have been muzzled otherwise

The civilised world? where is it? India? don't make us laugh.

You haven't been muzzled because of your bark or bite, it's the bullshit that comes from your mouth, that we hate. That's why you are muzzled.

Even today, they have their own kangaroo courts run by a highly-bigoted clergy and other similar semi-literates.

kinda like your bahman-bans telling people they have to marry animals to get good luck, isn't it?

Khalibans are extremely self-centred bunch. for them, the notion of justice is restricted to the human rights of their reformed/surrendered/incarcerated/dead extremist comrades. The fact that a large population (example: dera sacha sauda) of Punjab is facing unprecedented persecution at the hands of Tat Khalsa adherents is not noticed by anyone who matters in that quasi-theological state. want to know who is a bloody hypocrite? that's anyone who think it is ok to persecute DSS but prosecution of cowards like those who attacked Brar, is violation of human rights.

Self-centred? No. If they were they wouldnt have learnt how to attack minorities in their midst, whilst pretending to be the saviours of democracy.

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Besides the mass murder, mass rape, etc.

If you hadn't made this post in reponse to your others it would go lke this:

Listen. Admin Cut

Then would find a strap and blow your head off.


Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh.

Wb Killing Wazir Khan when he old?

You are a internet shit talk coward, I know why hindus love cow.

Because instead of one piece int heir mouth they can have 10 or 15 along with piss to drink.

Go Join Them. If you In Toronto , Holla at me.

Sardari Jaan Tou Pyare.

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Why you have to expose your ignorance every time you comment? Delhi killings, 442 convicted inc 49 imprisoned for life. Air India bombing by Khalibans, only ONE conviction (Inderjit Reyat). If Sajjan Kumar is not behind the bars so are Ajaib S Bagri, Ripudaman Malik and other such lowlifes. IS the Canadian justice system worse than Indians'?

The difference is my hindutva buddy, that t he canadians based thier sentence on the evidence provided to them. the indians refused justice on the evidence provided to them.

I know your mind is like a snake, all slithery and slippery, but you know this. comparing canada and india, is like comparing apple pie(canada) to a turd.

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Talk facts Chatanga.

I did, the leaders of the profroms are free, whilst the indian judicial system refuses to take proper action against them. It's fact.

and fyi, i dont support khalistan, and i don't know of any sikh that is glad about the air india bombing. i certainly am not.

but that is hindutvas stock answer to any Sikh who asks a legit question or makes a legit point.

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Talk facts Chatanga. 442 convicted for 1984 killings of Sikhs in Delhi and elsewhere and ONLY one for the bombing of Air India plane by Sikh terrorists in 1985. what bloody hindutva has to do with this? The point is the judicial (esp criminal justice delivery) system has failed miserably in Canada and Sikh terrorists have got away. Indian judiciary has on the other hand convicted 442 scums in Delhi itself. "indians refused justice ..." pathetic observation and without any substance. shall i say Canadians have REFUSED justice? Also, Sikhs glorify their terrorist inc those who bombed the Air India planes killing 330 innocents (around 70 of them children) but not hindus. Show me one Hindu mandir which has the portraits of Jagdish Tytler or sajjan kumar. give me one instance where any of these 'alleged' killers or any of the 442 delhi scums has ever been honored by a Hindu org. Akal takht on the other hand has made it a sickening practice of 'honoring' cold-blooded murderers and other crims. who is failing here is for anyone to see.

(Ref your statement):

"Show me one Hindu mandir which has the portraits of Jagdish Tytler or sajjan kumar ..."

What an utterly low level of thinking. That also explains the basis of all your other posts.

You will never understand Sikhs or Sikhi. Not sure what you are trying to prove with all your posts. You write very passionately. But what you write is just polished trash. Pity.

Healthy, constructive discussions that benefits all should be encouraged in forums,

As far as your attempts to prove "something" ... You are never going to be successful.

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