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Turiya- Chauta Padh- Very Nice Article


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On Page xi and xii of the publishers note it is stated ,"...enlightenment can be attained without the help of religion or concept of God...."

This is in direct contradiction with the mool mantar where the akal purakh IS the creator (much more than a "concept") can only be attained through GurPrasad (and to obtain Gurprasad you have to have a Guru and a faith).

After reading the publishers note, I did not proceed with reading the book. Should this text be even referenced at this site? I dont think so.

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It was not my intention to post a link to a book that breaks faith in the existence of Waheguru. However there are subtle advanced concepts explained in this book which I thought were well written. I personally overlooked the fact the author challenged the concept of God but was more interested in learning about the different states of consciousness. I have only browsed through but I will read more closely over the coming days.

Apologies if my post affected you negatively in anyway. If Admin deem it not appropriate they are welcome to remove.

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hsingh, you may be taking it out of context.

Author is not challenging god existence per say (as book mentions bhraman/paratma/atma many times) or Gurparsad or importance of Satguru, but rather author is stating enlightenment can be attained without dogmatic concept of god/christian version of god/ dogmatic notions of religious notions/rituals which is taught in outer layer of mainstream religions

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Even the Buddha says there is no God. This is part of advait philosophy. Gurparsaad in mool mantra means the acquisition of gyaan. This gyaan is realized. This is gurparsaad. The grace of God. In sikhi guru and God are the same.

So actually you do not need a guru. Bhagata sadhana was a butcher he had no guru. Read bhagat parmanands shabad it delves into this very question. I would disagree with hsingh6, who seems to think that guru will appear and put his hand on your head and you will then get gurparsaad. He seems to mortify the shabad gurparsaad.

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I guess the best way way to put it is to avoid confusion - Guru is same all across (regardless whichever form sargun/shabad/self form), its just we see it as sargun, shabad according to our perceptions and avastha. The problem arises only when one confines gurparsad to only sargun form so much so they end up confining satguru role to only gurparsad in sargun form only whereas in reality- satguru/gurparsad is self/nirgun, shabad and sargun....truth is here and now..grace is here and now...mere mortal thinks that thought or desire of mukhti it his- looking outside to seek gurparsad but in fact satguru is already giving its form of gurparsad so that seeker can even have a thought of mukhti...satguru is already giving its gurparsad in form of self/nirgun..its way to draw seeker to itself but mere mortal ignores(inadvertently) divine wisdom within which comes in form of inner thought coming from satguru -self and end up looking outwards with dualistic perception ...!!!!!!!!

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Neo bhaji is right. I've read the book and it is excellent. Swami Rama meant that enlightenment can be obtained without the dogmatic concept of God and/or Religion and/or Riturals. I would say read the book it is very good.

I have actually finished reading the book at really enjoyed it. Was a real eye opener and has somewhat changed my perception of what I believed God to be. Obviously one can truly never comprehend that true nature until one reaches such high avasta.

Pangtis by Guru Arjan Dev Ji on Ang 370 touch upon it.

First, I renounced my egotistical love of myself.

parathmay ti-aagee ha-umai pareet.

Second, I renounced the ways of the world.

dutee-aa ti-aagee logaa reet.

Renouncing the three qualities(Tamo =Sex, Anger, Greed, Attachment, Pride; Rajo = Hopes, Wishes and Desires, Sato = Compassion, contentment, Humility, Moral Control), I look alike upon friend and enemy.

tarai gun ti-aag durjan meet samaanay.

And then, Turiya (the fourth state) of bliss was revealed to me by the Holy One.

turee-aa gun mil saaDh pachhaanay.

In the cave of celestial bliss, I have obtained a seat.

sahj gufaa meh aasan baaDhi-aa.

The Lord of Light plays the unstruck melody of bliss.

jot saroop anaahad vaaji-aa.

I am in ecstasy, contemplating the Word of the Guru`s Shabad.

mahaa anand gur sabad veechaar.

Imbued with my Beloved Husband Lord, I am the blessed, happy soul-bride.

pari-a si-o raatee Dhan sohagan naar.

Servant Nanak chants the wisdom of God;

jan naanak bolay barahm beechaar.

one who listens and practices it, is carried across and saved.

jo sunay kamaavai so utrai paar.

He is not born, and he does not die; he does not come or go.

janam na marai na aavai na jaa-ay.

He remains blended with the Lord.

har saytee oh rahai samaa-ay.

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Found definition of turiya pad from japji sahib teeka by sant gyani gurbachan singh bhindranwale. pdf page - 733.


In turiya realized state, distinction of three other states cease to exist. It's atma state- eternal state inherently present in all- all the time- which underpins or supports/witness-sakhi of all three states of human being- jagrat-awake, suopan- dream state in sleep, sukhopat- deep sleep.


Please see-attached screenshot:




There is another state beyond turiya its called turiya atitha is bedah mukht state. Permanent turiya athiya state upon releasing the body.

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22 hours ago, Sukh_preet said:


7th and last stage is called as Tureeya-beholder merges with the beholding…

Ie.the enlightened person will merge with radiant light.He also gets the form of light and merges with it.Everything is one..only enlightenment…ie brilliant light everywhere.only light!!!!

This is Absolute enlightenment or Thureeya avastha!! Last stage of enlightenment.

These are seven stages of enlightenment explained in Yoga Vasista

During stages 6 and 7, is the light/ radiance percieved through the senses or rather realised and felt? 

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