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What is the longest time you have chanted or done Japa for ?

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How long do you chant for ? What is your threshold before you start feeling lazy or start feeling tired ? Have you gotten sore throats ? How do you tell yourself to keep going and going when mind just wants to give up ?

I will be very honest here, I am still stuck at the first stage of meditation, the Baikhari bani or  Physical Japa. When I try to do mental japa, the mind turns more noisy. I am just looking to inspire myself and get a feel for how long can one chant for continuously. Personally, the maximum I ever did was just short of 3 hours, but maybe once or twice. I want to push myself, but it will be easier knowing what other Gursikhs are upto, so I feel motivated to do at least that much.

When we read Guru Granth Sahib, there is a lot of emphasis on physical Japa. I want to know more about it. Lets talk about practical methods instead of intellectualizing & engaging in debates.  Hindu traditions have so much emphasis on doing lakhs of Japa , but i rarely hear discussions like that amongst Sikhs. Even Guru ji says Ucharo Ram Naam Lakh Bari, Lakh Lakh Geda Aakhiye Ek Naam Jagdees.

Lets hear your views !


ps. I tried googling for the maximum time people have chanted for and achieved results, but couldn't find much, so thought I would ask SAers ;)

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If you are talking about simran... probably an hour or so continuous (at a samagam).  If you are talking paath... then see my other post in this forum.  2 hours continuous, and totalling 12 hours in a 24 hour period cumulative of japji sahib (2 hrs on 2 hrs off).  And that was not easy... I doubt I will be making another attempt any time soon. 

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I've never done loud verbal jaap for much time.Even I can't.I'm little bit suspicious about it whether it's right or wrong.Few months back,I was like I gotta do jap for entire day.I used to get up at 2 in morning then could do jaap till 5.I couldn't find how I spent these hours.Sometime only listening to kirtan drives me into state into meditation and sooner shabads of kirtan becomes inaudible.But Sometime I can't even sit properly to continue my jaap.In this case ,irritation starts bothering.sometime,when It's off day then can spend my entire afternoon just sitting in remembrance of god.The maximum time I've chanted for is perhaps 3 hours.

Anyways these days I'm struggling to be on the track again.Some useless worldy affairs like studies,exams start distracting.So hope if it happens again.I'm sure other member's posts gonna help me a lot.

but I think time doesnt matter.It all happens by grace of akal purkh.When his mehar vision blesses then it can happen within seconds otherwise meditation of several hours,years or even yugs can't be fruitful.

So all depends upon love towards sachepatsah.when love awakens,then can sit for several hours but at other time when love towards worldy affairs start rising then can't sit even for a second.

So a tarrapp according to tuk

"Houu tumarii kraho Nitt Aas prabh mohey Kabb Gal Laavey gey||"

Is necessary to achieve the infinite.

Dhan Guru Nanak!




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How do you guys know when to make transition from a loud Japa to silent Japa inwards during your sessions ? Does it happen automatically ?

When you become focused single-mindedly on the Dhwani of the Jap then you let go of the Dhwani and focus on silence.

Try different things and you'll see where you get the best results.

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It happened automatically for me. Eventually the external voice becomes internalised. 


Though recently I have begun to feel the need to  occasionally (in a very low voice) verbally say mantar when I jap. By this I mean a few repetitions verbally when the rest of it is internal. I think this happens when I feel .....'intense' for lack of a better description. 

Yea I think the word you are looking for both instances you described, is 'spontaneous'. Indeed I also find that this stuff is best when it happens spontaneously.
It's like nurturing a plant or an infant. When you provide them with proper nutrition, they display a need, you fulfill, and they grow up into healthy life forms spontaneously. Whatever happens is spontaneous and you just go with the flow.

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When we read Guru Granth Sahib, there is a lot of emphasis on physical Japa. I want to know more about it. Lets talk about practical methods instead of intellectualizing & engaging in debates.

I have been trying this one method out very recently.
It is essentially and purely - Dhun main dhyan dhyan main janeya
What I like about this technique, is that it is fully dhun-based. No words, only dhun. Different kinds of dhuns, different frequencies and such. And you literally Vibrate with the dhun. You can literally feel the body vibrate.

Check it out and see if you resonate with it. (pun intended :)


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