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Time to sign off.......

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I've been on these forums for well over a decade now. In that time, I've learnt SO MUCH about my Sikhi heritage (recently especially in terms of my own Bhai Daya Singh sampardaya heritage), learnt to read my prayers (though I don't do that nearly enough these days), finally improved my Gurmukhi skills (through translations we did together) and shared opinions on many topics, I've felt were important to our panth (like grooming and caste), and maybe most importantly (???) brought simran/meditation into my life.  Spending time on forums is often considered a waste of time, and often is, but I can say here, in my personal experience - that has not been true and places like this have helped me grow so much.  

I want to thank all the people who have helped on this journey even though I have so much to still work on myself. 

I guess I'm just posting this to let people know that work commitments and a sense that the community will now go in whichever direction it will, and that I've more than said my piece - means that I won't be frequenting the sites like I did before. I will check in now and then because sometimes gems come up. But the rest of you, take care of yourselves, and always keep our Guru's and what they stood for in your hearts and souls. 

I've have some old broken laptops with images and documents that might be of interest. When I get these transferred onto a hard drive in future (probably after the new year), I'll post anything I think worthy of sharing.


One love and thank you my brothers and sisters. 


Dal Singh


PS - N30, you're a star for championing free speech in the panth like you have!

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On 11/13/2022 at 11:12 AM, chatanga1 said:

I hear you bro. Since lockdown last year, work commitments have kept me super duper busy that I don't even have the time or strength for reading anymore nevermind writing on forums. Welcome to life lol.

Life post covid manipulation indeed. We all called the consequences, and the spurious nature of it and now we're seeing the fruit. The total control of wealth and people and a wwIII looming with covid perpetrating nazis everywhere. 

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