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Memorials of Guru Nanak Exist in Africa & Mideast!

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I was reading a book about the travels of Guru Nanak and it says that there are a number of shrines of Guru Nanak in the Muslim world. The books is by SS Kohli

It claims, "At Madina, religious discussions were held with the Guru by Imam Ghaus, Imam Ashraf and Imam Azim who ultimately bowed before the Guru with great veneration. A house of Nanak Pir of Wali Hind exists at Madina at a distance of about three miles from teh burial place of the Prophet."

In Iraq, it is said that "Even today there are several disciples of Guru Nanak in Iraq. These people live on the banks of the Tigris river, partiuclarly in the cities of Al Kut and Baghdad. They are called Sobi and generally they are gold-smiths by occupation. They are experts in their trade. They keep long hair and do not cut their beards and remember the Guru by names of Baba Nanak or Baba Nana."

In Egypt: "It has been leart that a platform of Nanak Wali still exists in honour the vist of the Guru in the Suburban area of Cairo...[sikh soldiers] saw a platform towards the south of the town of Kaikai which was stated to be the place where teh Master had met the Sultan and that the Sikh soldiers had congregation and sacrement there".

In Uganda: At a distance of about 12 miles from the Tapora Station, there is a memorial in honour of the visit of Guru Nanak in the hilly forests. At a distance of about 24 miles from Kampala, there is a villge names Bab Nanika after the name of the Guru where the sprin commemorates teh visit of the Guru which was the result of his blessings. It is said that ther is no other spring in the vast area."

Syria: It is said that there is a mosque here named mosque of Wali Hind near the mosque of Baba Farid"

Uzbekistan: There is a Dharamsala in memory of the Guru. It is said that the Sikhs installed the holy Granth in this Dharamsala in AD 1858. Up to Bukhara several Sikh merchants are found, but byeond that there are very few. Another town named Karmine was said to be visted by the Guru near the town of Vakand. The poeple of this place are only devoted to Guru Nanak Wali Hind and his discipline.

Then the Guru visited Karshi. The memorial of Nanak Qalandhar is situated to the south of the town. In Samarkand, the people of this place still hold him in veneration and worship the Asa (staff) of Nanak Kalandhar.

A village in the area named Narata was visited by the Guru there is a sping of the Guru at this place on a hill. The people remember the Guru mostly as Pir Wali HInd. Some of the remember him as Nanak Qlandhar. The keepers of this memorial say that in AD 1826 the Emir of Bukhara attacked the Emir of HIssar (in Uzbekistan) he was defeated in the first battle, but when he prayed at teh sprin of Nanak Pir, he was successful in the next attempt.

IN the area around Ura Tybe people are disciples of the Guru and do not talk of any other preceptor except Wali Hind.

Afghanistan: In Gharuka, 25kos from Kabul, It is said that the sand gaters in teh form of a mount during the day and spreads out during the night. Early in the morning the noise of the horses' hoofs is heard. The music is also heard during the night. There is a Sikh temple at Gharuka in honour of the vist of the Guru. In Hazara, the disciples of the Guru in the area are known as Murid Nanaki. It is said that because of the faith of the people, the impression of the Panja (hand print) of the Guru is seen on the Prasad.

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Heard/read this article before. Its all very well making vague, general statements such as in this article but where exactly are these memorials or followers of Wali Hind. in a similar vein other claims are that the city of Nanking in China is named after Guru Nanak or that there were once found several hundred year old inscriptions of the MoolMantra in caves somewhere in Africa - again vague claims without any hard evidence! As an aside, would these stories have any thing to do with a map on display in the commitee offices at hazur sahib, nanded which depicts the udasis of Guru Nanak taking him to countries like Japan, Mongolia, Rome (italy), African continent and far South East Asia??

Some of these fantasies by 'Sikh Supremisists' does make one laugh.

PS DID YOU KNOW....Nuneaton town in the UK is named after Guru Nanak's visit there? LOL

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accoding to Bhai Gurdas Ji it is written that Guru Nanak DEv Ji travelled the word(9 Khand). There is a story of Sant Ishar Singh Ji Rara Walae in wolverhampton close to the house they left the world in used to go into the local park and circle it a few times whilst doing simran. At the end they bow to a tree and walk back home. when the devotees asked why they did this Sant Ji stated it was due to Guru Nanak DEv Ji once sitting under the shade of that particular tree.

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Gurudwaras in Afghanistan

Gurdwara Bhai Nand Lal Goya, Ghazni. Gurdwara Kotha Sahib, Ghazni.

Gurdwara Guru Nanak Dev Ji, Jalalabad

Gurdwara Baba Nanak, Jade Mewan, Kabul.

Gurdwara Baba Sri Chand,


Gurdwara Guru Har Rai,

Shor Bazar, Kabul.

Gurdwara Karte Parwan,

Mohalla Karte Parwan,

Kabul. Gurdwara Khalsa,

Shor Bazar, Kabul.

Gurdwara Koth Sahib,

Kabul-Tashkant Road,

Aksara, Kabul. Gurdwara Khalsa Diwan,

Chashma Sahib, Sultanpur


Guru Nanak Dev on his way back from Mecca traveled through Afghanistan. At Kabul, the capital city, he held discourse with several Muslim holy men. They cautioned him to be careful because he was traveling in a predominantly Muslim land. The Guru told them that God's light shines alike in all; even their bodies He made alike. Some undergo circumcision and call themselves Muslims, others make a vermilion mark on their forehead and wear a sacred thread on their body and become Hindus. Later, a Gurdwara dedicated to Guru Nanak Dev was established in Kabul but it was demolished during the reconstruction of the city because it stood in the way of a new road.


Jalalabad is northeast of Kabul on the road to Peshawar. Guru Nanak Dev stayed here too on return from his western udasi. Gurdwara Choha Sahib also called Chashma Sahib Patshahi Pahili commemorates that visit.

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This Shabad is by Bhai Gurdaas Ji in Vaars Bhai Gurdaas on Pannaa 1

DrI inSwnI kOs dI mky AMdr pUj krweI]

dhharee nishaanee kaas dhee makae a(n)dhar pooj karaaee||

Wooden sandal (of Baba Nanak ) was kept as a memory and he was woshipped in Mecca.

ijQy jweI jgq ivc bwby bwJ n KwlI jweI]

jithhae jaaee jagath vich baabae baajh n khaalee jaaee||

Go anywhere in the world, you would not find a place bereft of the name of Baba Nanak.

Gr Gr bwbw pUjIey ihMdU muslmwn guAweI]

ghar ghar baabaa poojeeeae hi(n)dhoo musalamaan guaaee||

Without discrimination of Hindu or Muslim, in every house, the Baba is revered.

Cpy nWih CpwieAw ciVAw sUrj jg ruSnweI]

shhapae naa(n)hi shhapaaeiaa charriaa sooraj jag rushanaaee||

When the sun rises it cannot be covered and it lightens the whole world.

buikAw isMG aujwV ivc sb imrgwvl BMnI jweI]

bukiaa si(n)gh oujaarr vich sab miragaaval bha(n)nee jaaee||

When the lion roared in the jungle the flocks of deer ran away.

ciVHAw cMd n lukeI kF kunwlI joq CpweI]

charrihaaa cha(n)dh n lukee kadt kunaalee joth shhapaaee||

If someone wants to conceal moon by putting before it a platter, it cannot be hide.

augvxhu qy AwQvxhu nau KMf ipRQvI sB JukweI]

ougavanahu thae aathhavanahu no kha(n)dd prithhavee sabh jhukaaee||

From rising to setting directions i.e from east to west, all the nine divisions of earth bowed before Baba Nanak.

jg AMdr kudrq vrqweI ]óô]

jag a(n)dhar kudharath varathaaee ||aa||

He diffused his power in whole of the world.


I've heard this confirmed by various parcharaks. Also, my brothers friend, a devout Muslim, went to Mecca and this was told to him by the caretaker there.

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Guest Harpal Singh

I don't know how people can share such negative statements on the existence of holy places in other countries I am sure these type of people joined this group to misguide people I saw one person named "Mast Hathi" so be careful of these type people I am not sure about his religion but he is not a sikh/Punjabi for sure.

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