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No joke..please read brothers

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Singh, we shouldn't say we should masturbate often. But we should say, when you think you are being sexually repressed then let it out that be more alinged with sikhi than making masturbation as an daily ritual..lol

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Balance.Practice not obsession nor repression.Yes, self pleasure is good for you, but dont obsess over it.And remember who gives you that pleasure, where it comes from.

All is One.One is All.

On a side note, its good to practice ashvini mudra too.It's good for pelvic floor muscles.Good for men and women.Here:


Ashvini Mudra

Yogic wisdom tells us that powerful energies lie dormant at the base of the spine, the pelvic floor, and the lower abdomen, and that stability on the physical and emotional planes is related to how we handle this energy. Ashvini mudra helps strengthen, energize, and bring awareness to the base of the spine and the pelvic floor.

Begin lying face down on the floor with your legs together. Rest your forehead on your crossed arms. Exhale and contract the buttocks, pulling them inward (Fig. 1). Release on the inhalation. Repeat a few times. Then contract the anal sphincter as well as the buttocks as you exhale, again releasing on the inhalation. Repeat up to 10 times, contracting as tightly as possible as you exhale, and relaxing completely as you inhale, as if you are filling the pelvis and buttocks with air.

Next contract the anal sphincter and buttocks as before, but this time continue holding the contraction through both the inhalation and the exhalation. Hold the contraction, inhaling and exhaling gently and fully. Practice keeping the breath smooth, easy, and unrestricted. Relax the legs as much as possible, and release any tension in the abdomen, shoulders, throat, jaw, face, and eyes. This isn’t as easy as it sounds! Hold for five breaths or more. Then relax completely for a few breaths.

Notice if tension creeps in elsewhere in the body, and release it. If you have trouble holding the contraction, notice if it’s due to muscle weakness, in which case reduce the holding time or the number of repetitions. Or if the contraction slips away as your concentration wanders, gently refocus your attention. Also notice if you habitually hold tension in the buttocks, anus, or pelvic floor, or if this area feels collapsed and doesn’t support you. Unwanted tension saps our energy; slackness in the muscles meant to support us also drains our energy.

Now stand up and repeat the whole exercise. Notice that it’s easy to engage the pelvic floor and urogenital sphincters in the standing position. Bring your attention to the front of the anal sphincter and concentrate on lifting and releasing in this area, and also on holding the lift as you breathe freely.

It's good to do pelvic floor exercise before and after self pleasure and after you evacuate your bowels.And contract and relax...

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While all men are at risk for prostate cancer, the factors listed below can increase the chances of a man having the disease.


The chance of getting prostate cancer goes up as a man gets older.


For unknown reasons, prostate cancer is more common among African-American men than among white men. And African-American men are twice as likely to die of the disease.


Prostate cancer is most common in North America and northwestern Europe. It is less common in Asia, Africa, Central America, and South America.


Men who eat a lot of red meat or have a lot of high-fat dairy products in their diet seem to have a greater chance of getting prostate cancer. These men also tend to eat fewer fruits and vegetables. Doctors are not sure which of these factors causes the risk to go up.


Getting enough exercise and keeping a healthy weight may help reduce prostate cancer risk.

Family history

Men with close family members (father or brother) who have had prostate cancer are more likely to get it themselves, especially if their relatives were young when they got the disease.

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With regards to this article in the first post, maybe this is one of the reasons why people back in the day... (i.e. Guru's time or even our grandparents generation actually... mid 1900's... ) got married at such an early age...

but now-a-days, its usually around mid to late 20's before u get marreid and hence, get sexually active.

What techniques are there to combat this urge of masterbation? This needs to be told so people can help themselves.

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Thought is the Force that is behind every Urge, Understand What thought are produced when doing what activity. Control the activity and you have controlled Thought.

Prime Example:

Breath is bridge between Thought (Mind) and Body. Any Thought that is produced first effects your breathing be it sexual, Anger, Hatred, Greed. The breath accordignly Slows down, gets deeper, or fater...etc..Only after it has surpaased the bridge of breath, it then affects the body.

So Controll the Breath by constantly Observing the breath, and you have conrolled the Mind (Thought). No longer is the need to Repress thoughts, simply cut them off at the bridge of Breathing.

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How do you observe you breath? Through yoga or any one can do it. I can observe my breath goin from navel to kant(throat) only... :S

Please help :)

Im sure Observing the Breath is part of some Yoga Technique. It requires nothing except your awareness at any time there is a change in the breathing. Or when a Thought that you do not wish to have, simply take you attention to your breathing. Do not fight the thought. Just observe the breath going in and out. As soon as you observe the breath, it will come back to its normal rythem. And if Thoughts are indeed related to your breathing, it will reflect it.

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  • 2 years later...

This applies to my brothers only.

Please masturbate regularly. It reduces the risk of prostate cancer; and since sikhi is a scientific relegion..well you can put two and two together.

Enjoy! (no pun intended)


For people who Naam Jap , Masturbation is very bad. Please dont give wrongadvice.

I speak from personal experience. It affects the spiritual state at a very subtle form which you can notice in deep meditations in amrit velas.

First of all , after masturbation all vairags, strength gained from devotional worship and everything is lost ..its back to ZERO.

I guess someone who knows more about chakras can explain it, basically your down to chakra 1 !

Masturbation invites negative entities/spirits to you, making naam jap very difficult. so masturbation should be avoided at all costs.

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Masturbation invites negative entities/spirits to you, making naam jap very difficult. so masturbation should be avoided at all costs.


Please expand on what "negative entities/spirits" you refer to, this would be interesting to understand. You seem like you're an educated man, so I would be grateful for a fairly comprehensive answer as this is something I personally do not understand.

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Freudianism is in a large sense a rationalization of modern sexual behavior, which seeks to provide scientific justification for sexual actions that are really unnatural and are products of aphrodisiacal food stimulation. Chief among the errors of this new pseudo-scientific phallic cult is the superstition that Freud picked up from the gutter and dressed in scientific garb that sexual abstinence is harmful and a cause of nervous and mental disorders as the result of 'sexual repression' that it involves and that sexual intercourse is a normal expression of the libido which is necessary for health, which belief has led many misinformed physicians to advise young men to visit prostitutes and risk venereal disease as a lesser evil than the assumed evil effects of sexual continence. [T]his belief is without scientific foundation . . . Freud makes this myth, in the form of his doctrine of repression, the cornerstone of his pseudo-scientific edifice. He himself was a sick, neurasthenic man. His picture shows him smoking a cigar, a powerful aphrodisiac. His entire philosophy of sex, to a large extent, has been colored by the chemotropistic influence of his tobacco addiction, without him being aware of it, plus his diet, which failed to keep him in health.


i've noticed two differences wiht this article and traditional bhramacharyi views from india. 1. milk is considered very sattvic in india. 2. yogis claim that semen production stops once a person becomes fully continent (in thought too). the sex energy is then used for other things.

sex energy controlled does markedly increase a persons buddhi (intellect).

here's another article. i think it gets good at CREATION OF MENTAL ENERGY, but i'll read it later. it's long.


another thing. indulgence in vikaars may seem to weaken them, but it actually does strengthen them.

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Niranjana, its very simple. Masturbate and then try to meditate at Amrit Vela, try to go deep in meditation and you will know how masturbation affects the human mind n a negative way.

i dont claim myself to be perfect brahmacharya or celibate...

masturbation destroys all the spiritual practice u did.... its a devastation at a nuclear scale.

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