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Is it good to have desire or will it only bring suffering?

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In Buddhism desire is considered to cause suffering but I have never accepted this belief although I do understand that desire CAN cause suffering. I was listening to an audio and the author says Universe is established to produce desire and those that say it is inappropriate to have desire have not figured out the vibrational alignment with the desire so the desire is always painful, and it is only painful because they have not learned how to allow.

I know this sounds like another paradox but what do you think, is it good to have desire or not?

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desire is very hard to understand indeed HDW.

on the one hand i understand the buddhist concept of it as being bad. we have a desire for everything, even when we think we don't. and it's this desire that leads, no compells us, to do what we do. and in a sense, if we didn't have any desires then we probably wouldn't be attached to anything. if we didn't have any desires, then the lack of attachment would mean that nothing could hurt us, anger us, etc. etc.

if we had no desires, we wouldn't have any lust. we'd be free of it all.

but it's difficult not to have any desires without becoming hopeless and destitute. because as Sikhs, we're supposed to be chardi kala.

and a true lack of desire is not forced upon a person... what i mean is that it's not something you force. you don't suppress your desires and say, "that's that. i have no more desires."

neither is having desires but not acting on them. that's restraint. which is totally different from being free from your desires.

on the other hand, i understand the other perspective.

desire can be very useful if we know how to control it. and if we didn't have desires, things would probably have stopped.

but the point is not to get caught up in one's desires.

i think most buddhists actually recommend that it's important not to get caught up in your desires. because as soon as you do that, you've lost focus on what's really important, which would be establishing mental equilibrium.

i think the end, the best way to go about it is to learn how to control your desires.

think about it like this. your soul is the king, mind is the royal adviser and the body is the kingdom.

currently, the mind is control of the kingdom and king.

we're supposed to re-establish true kingship by placing the soul in control. and since the soul is desire-less and pure, it can control the mind and all the desires that come with it.

i hope some of what i said made sense. i'm typing this up at 2:30-ish a.m. while being pretty sick.

if it's just babble, forgive and ignore me and move on...

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good stuff, thanks for sharing :)

The people that say desire is no good still infact desire. They desire not to desire, another paradox :)

I do understand the Buddhist view that says as long as we desire we will keep reincarnating to fulfill those desires but at the same time they desire to break out of the wheel of reincarnation.

My opinion is that desire is natural and good depending on what you desire.

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indeed sukhi, good reply. I second what Sukhi has said.. :LOL:

It is True that Desire itself is the cause of misery. It is True that because we Desire to be with God, so we walk upon this path. It is True that Desire is the cause of our Reincarnation. It is also True that the Desire to be Liberated from Reincarnation is a Desire in it self.

But this Desire will not go with us forever.

Tarkay Dunia, Tarkay Ukhbah, Tarkay Maulla, Tarkay Tark.

I Renounce the (desire for) World , I Renounce the (desire for) Heaven, I Renounce the (desire for) my Guru, I Renounce the (desire for) Desire for Renounciation.

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Having no desire can only come about naturally.You cannot and must not force it.If your life has had many disappointments (and pain), then naturally your being has little desire for this worlds pleasures and happiness.I personally cannot see true happiness in this world, a happiness which never goes away.But that's just me and what I have experienced in life.I wouldn't want anybody to go through what I've been through.

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Tarkay Dunia, Tarkay Ukhbah, Tarkay Maulla, Tarkay Tark.

I Renounce the (desire for) World , I Renounce the (desire for) Heaven, I Renounce the (desire for) my Guru, I Renounce the (desire for) Desire for Renounciation.

Actually, the word 'Maulla' should have been translated not as 'Guru' or spiritual-teacher/Murshad but instead it should have been translated as Allah/God/Rab. So in other words, Tarkay Maulla means 'I renounce the desire for God’.

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aasaa mehalaa 5 ||

Aasaa, Fifth Mehl:

t(h)aakur charan suhaavae ||

The Feet of my Lord and Master are so Beautiful!

har sa(n)than paavae ||1|| rehaao ||

The Lord's Saints obtain them. ||1||Pause||

aap gavaaeiaa saev kamaaeiaa gun ras ras gaavae ||1||

They eradicate their self-conceit and serve the Lord; drenched in His Love, they sing His Glorious Praises. ||1||

eaekehi aasaa dharas piaasaa aan n bhaavae ||2||

They place their hopes in Him, and they thirst for the Blessed Vision of His Darshan. Nothing else is pleasing to them. ||2||

dhaeiaa thuhaaree kiaa ja(n)th vichaaree naanak bal bal jaavae ||3||7||147||

This is Your Mercy, Lord; what can Your poor creatures do? Nanak is devoted, a sacrifice to You. ||3||7||147||


eaekehi aasaa dharas piaasaa aan n bhaavae ||2||

loosely translates to:

There is one desire; thirst for Blessed Vision.

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If you have no desire...then give up your kirpan.

For it is desire that allows a Sikh to recognize injustice. It is desire that gives a Sikh courage. It is desire that motivates one to lead a gurmat life.

It is desire that puts us on an honest path to be better Sikhs. We seek to grow because we DESIRE it.

Desire can be a difficult thing to control. It takes courage, discipline, and a willingness to submit to Waheguruji. Not everyone is prepared to make that sort of sacrifice.

Desire is a part of life. Desire is a part of Sikhi. It is up to the individual Sikhs to harness its powers for good intent.

Bol chuk maaf

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this is from the forum on deepak Chopra's website:


I recently attended a course on the Bhagvad Gita. The main message from that in a nutshell was that to attain true happiness one should be free of any personal desire, act without attachment and ultimately surrender everything to "God's will". Detached action is the ideal where one should not only be detached from the outcome (as you say) but from any desire

itself. However, according to you and many other books on creative visualisation, spiritual healing etc. desires are acceptable in the pursuit of happiness. As co-creators it is Ok to ask the infinite creative power of the Universe to support our desires. I find this contradictory.


Spiritual freedom is does not require us to give up desires, but rather the attachment to the outcome of our actions. Most people in the world the path of evolution contains on-going relationships, responsibilities and obligations. This means that their dharma requires that they exercise their powers of manifestation as co-creator in order to fulfill their role in the cosmos. We surrender to God’s will by following our nature, our duty. On this path, the fulfillment of desires leads us in the direction of ultimate peace and liberation. As we realize our own essential nature, we learn to follow God’s will by following our inner divine will. There are those rare individuals, recluses, who have left all human contact and responsibility, and their path of surrender dictates that they do not try to fulfill their desires and that they work to eliminate desire altogether. Their dharma and relationship to God is not to uphold the process of manifestation through their channels of intention, so their path to liberation is different from those involved in society. The state of enlightenment is of course the same, but the use of the nature of the mind along the path is different. The confusion arises because the teachings of spirituality regarding the destruction of desires, which apply to the reclusive, have been inappropriately adopted by those who are not monks. If you try to get rid of your desires when your purpose in the universe is to create something, then you will be working at cross purposes—undermining your ability to accomplish your divine calling.



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Ya so basically I think that we can have our desires and RELEASE them having faith in the universe to unfold and bring them to us. Releasing them means not thinking about in which manner they manifest into your life.

Believe me I'd much rather have everything put in layman's terms.

so it's our attachment to the outcomes of our desires that are the problem...


imma have to think about that one.

HDW... all of your topics require too much thinking. can't you ever have easy questions? geezus... :P

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to be honest, i still can't understand my answer to your original question...

but imma still give it a shot... mind you, my knowledge and brain power is quite limited in normal timeslots and i'm attempting this at about 2:00 a.m. so...

basically, Deepak Chopra is telling us that it's not necessarily these desires that are bad but rather the attachment we have to them that is.

so it's not bad to have a desire for beauty, but it IS wrong to expect beauty to surround us 24/7, or for us to search for beauty in our own reflection in the mirror.

i sort of understand that and maybe i agree to it a little, but it doesn't really make too much sense. probably because i don't understand the causal relationship Chopra's trying to create between desire, attachment and suffering.

is desire caused by attachment resulting in suffering? or is attachment a result of desire that results in suffering?

does it really matter?

i don't know.

what i do know is that desire should be controlled (read: not suppressed) so that it doesn't take over your life, which is tough i know, but important.

so as long as you remember that even though you WANT those peanuts, it's not vital to your existence to get them now or later.

and tha's about as far as imma get for now. lemme sleep on this again. maybe i'll get an answer in my dreams. lol...

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