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Would you mess this this Nihung Singh?


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I took these pictures.

It was in Guru Ka Baag, the old historic chhauni of Budhha Dal. Baba Balbir Singh Akali Ji was sitting in the 'Varaanda'. I asked him to came out among the 'Sangat'. Baba Akali said to me, 'Chalo Ji' and came out there. This Nihang Singh took this weapon and stood before Baba Balbir Singh Akali. He fired to salute Baba Balbir Singh Akali.

Right before him, Baba Balbir Singh Akali Ji was standing. I thought this Nihang Singh was just doing drama, because few moments ago he was joking to me. When I took my camera to take his photographs, I realised that he is serious. Then he said 'Akaal' and fired to salute Baba Balbir Singh Akali. 'Zordaar Dhamaaka'


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