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Sardar Bahadur Singh Nirmala on -Khalsa Panth Di Sajna

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it is an awesome katha. i recommend everyone to download it and listen to it, and in the meantime, we'll wait for Ustad Bahadur Ali Singh ji's next katha on the concept, role and function of "The Guru" in Sikhism and world history that he will probably upload within in a few weeks :D

If he truly loves me he will do it oh yeah:D MUTAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

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Excellent kathaa Javanmard, I hope you will be kind enough to share some more on various topics in the same style of presentation (i.e. diplomatic...)

It's one thing communicating ones views and knowledge (or lack of) hidden behind a cyber name on forums, and an entirely different game when sharing ones opinions/knowledge in public.

Many thanks for sharing this N3O Ji, and a belated thank you Javanmard.

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You are so immature Mehtab Veer Ji. Sorry Veer Ji just had to say it.
Yes I am :(:( . Its ok :cry: :cry:


But penji, the person because of whom you are calling me immature, I don't think you would place him in the mature category if you were fair, would you?

Anyways...forget it...no use doing syappa now...thats for some other people to do syappa as a ritual...

Happy Bandi Chhorr Diwas

( ps: I have justified their syappa to Sunnis on 1 occassion...some 12ers were surprised!!! )

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