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Leaving Sikh Awareness


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Guest SAdmin

The best thing you could do while you are staying in India is that go to all the Gurudwaras sahib outside of Punjabi. You won't believe how much love people have for Sikhi and who is following it.

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Guest Maha_Pavitar

Guroo Rakha..enjoy this soul-searching experience..you're really lucky brother, not everyone gets a chance like this..may you find peace in your searches..

With blessings,

a sister..

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the rasta to hemkunt sahib shuts in spetember i think, or late august, its only open a few months.

Mehtayana Sabib - gurdwara with all the statues is wikid,.

Akali phoola singh burj, not many ppl herd of it, its 2 mins from harminder sahib amritsar.

I recommend going to Nanded, there is 1st class accomodation offered just round the corner from Sachkhand Hazoor Sahib. It takes 3 days and 2 nights getting there by train - take 1st class ticket, a lottle more expensive, but worth the hastle. There are loads and loads of Gurdwara to see in Nanded.

Where abouts your pind anyway, can tell you whas local

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veer if your cards fill up, just go to one of the larger towns and find a photo place. they usually have some card readers and will happily tranfer your photos onto blank cds.

this way you can have backups and keep snapping photos without having to carry your laptop around. my suggestion is not to bother taking it with you, it might not be worth the hassle. and you might appreciate not having a computer around for a change!

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There is a great device called a USB bridge by Delkin it lets you squirt the contents of your memory card into an MP3 player or portable hard sikh wihtout the need for a PC. It doesnt cost a huge amount and I used it extensivly in Pakisatn where I had 512MB cards and an iRiver MP3 player - it works a treat and you dont have to go around looking for places to burn CDs


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