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how come i never heard a gal being a saint??

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1. the word saint shouldnt really be used. only reserved for those such as gurus, ive decided now.

2. there arent a huge number of really strict sikh girls at the moment. take the number of amritdhari keski wearing ladies and the number of amritdhari men, theres a huge difference. therefore it isnt suprising that there are less spiritually advanced women then men.

on vaisakhi 1699 all the panj who stood up were men. why? women could have offered their head but they didnt.

thats life......maybe if u want more gurmukh bibis then u shud aim to be one of them :)

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Sat Sri Akal:

Bhai Randhir Singh Sahib recognized Sants. He had met Sant Attar Singh, who he thought to be a perfect human.

If anyone states that Sants cannot exist in a human form, then they are not reading history of people like Sant Attar Singh, Baba Deep Singh, Baba Buddha.

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Guest kaur1699

Fateh Ji,

There may not seem to be many female 'Saints', but there are a number of amazing women from the Sikh Panth... Check out the following link for a few examples...


Another thing, just because we don't know about them (specifically known as a Saint), does not mean that they do/did not exist... I'm sure there are/were loads of Chardi Kalah females about who are/were at one with God...

Fateh Ji

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Good question Desi Chick!

There are not too many examples in Sikhi, although I'm certain there will have been as many brahm-gyans who were female as male but remained gupt. Furthermore, there isn't even a female term for 'Sant'!

One example I could state is Mata Gulab Kaur referred to in Randhir Singh's autobiography. She was a wondering saadhvi.

As far as your question about Gods are concerned, we have Chandi/Durga/Kali as a source of inspiration in Chandi Di Var and Oogardanthi paath by Guru Gobind Singh ji.

Mira Bhai was a female sant and a rajput princess who wrote sloks mainly dedicated to Krishna. She is recognised as one of the key figures in the bhakti movement. Her writings were included to one early bir of Sri Guru Granth Sahib.

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There are not many, but one I know of is Mata Jaswant Kaur Ji. She was Sant Variyam Singh's sister and was trully blessed with Sikhi.

From a very young age she was towards Gurbani and met Sant Baba Uttar Singh Ji when she was just a child. She said that Sant Uttar Singh Ji put his hand on her head and from that very moment she started to hair Anihad Shabad inside of her. Sant Uttar Singh taught her kirtan and told her to spread the gift of kirtan to the world.

She spent her entire life doing kirtan and today there are weekly kirtan divans that she started happening in countries like Canada, America, U.K., and India.

All of the sangat that met her say that she was a great saint and had the same Awustha as her brother Baba Variyam Singh Ji. The two of them use to sit together discussing Gurbani for hours.

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i guess u guys havent heard of bibi balwant kaur from bebe nanak gurdwara birmingham.

baba mia singh (nanaksar) and baba puran singh(kericho/birmingham) both said that she is bebe nanak come back.

she does seva for the hungry and the poor all around the world and has a charitable eye hospital in sultanpur lodhi.

shes truly amazing.

shes been recognised also by bhai jivan singh akj

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Guest BikramjitSingh

I agree with Jtsingh.

There are any people both male and female who would qualify as Gurmukhs, Brahmgianis or Jeevan Mukts. These people do not go around in cavalcades, give blessing to politicians or claim any great spiritual power. They may be someone at work or someone you see at the Gurdwara or even pass by on the streets. As Guru Nanak says in Japji Sahib-;

Jini Naam Dhaiya Gaie Maskat kaal

Nanak 'te Mukh Ujhale keti shhutti naal

Those who have contemplated on the Naam have become liberated

Nanak says they faces glow and they also liberate countless others.


Bikramjit Singh

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well said veer ji...most people have lost their faith in the SadhSangat - the gathering of the spiritual ones who in Guru's eyes occupy the highest seat upon this earth. they have also lost their understanding of the importance of Jeevangrishti:

"i mean unless you wear all white clothes and sit with your legs crossed all day, how can you be a 'Saint'"??!!!.

Guru Ji says that he bows to those who have found the SadhSangat...there is a seriously deep lesson to learn from this statement.


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How come a woman never agreed to offer her head when Guru Gobind Singh ji asked for a head during baisakhi?

So I kind of dont like this question "Why women cant be sants?"

No seva and simran and all the time emotional attacment makes jack a dull boy !

It is like a person who never did any seva and simran and is asking "why didnt i get to be sant?"

as we can see only those who did seva and simran became sants or Gurus, but there very few women who did this and many did ofcourse.

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Rem - The Male Sants have wives u know - soul is 1 - etc....

I dont mean its beause of the male.... what i htink is that whe 2 ppl get married there soul is 1 and God see's them as 1.... so if the husband is spiritualy high so will da wife be... and VICE VERSA...!

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OKAY i'm not gonna mention any names but some of your posts are pretty disrespectful to Gurmukh Bibian in general..firstly lemme say i'm a horrbile Sikh, if i can even be called a Sikh at all - im nothin man.. but i've seen some AMAZING BIBIAN in this world, and i want u people to READ THIS ...

the truth is - there HAVE been female "saints" - and extremely enlightened bibian, but the world chooses not to recognize them... Most "Sikh" guys are actually pretty sexist and they don't recognize everything that Sikh bibian have done.. :evil:

I know TONS AND TONS OF AMAZING GURMUKH BIBIAN that deserve to be in the Panj Pyare but you know why they wont volunteer??? Because they've got too much namrata or humility.. seriously... I don't understand why people don't make those bibis volunteer..

Because there are so many amazing Gurmukh bibian out there that are just as, if not MORE ENLIGHTENED than several of the men who blame bibian (NOT TO MENTION ANY NAMES OF THOSE KINDA MEN..AHEM HINT HINT COUGH COUGH) - but those bibian just don't volunteer for 5 pyareyaa dhee seva because they don't feel that they are gurmukhs - even though they are gurmukhs and they are of equal status to all the other singhs who volunteer for 5 pyareyaa dhee seva.. !!!

and hey khalsa soulja, i think you should chill a bit.. because hey i don't know if you're amritdharee yet but i know a hell of a lotta bibian that ARE and just because a bibi doesn't wear a keski doesn't mean she's a bad person or a horrible Sikh... Sure i encourage ann think everyone should wear a keski - but you can't say people are inferior if they don't.. jeez veer you're gona turn people away from sikhi if you don't chill - you don't know the half of it bro there's thousands of singhneea out there who have had Guru Jee's Darshan... just because they don't flaunt it doesn't mean that it isn't true..

Because of this stupid and sexist society, none of those bibian are given the right to go out and do kathaas and all.. Just because Gurmukh Bibian aren't making themselves known politically, doesn't mean that they don't exist!!!!!

-Haven't you ever heard that phrase??- A Diamond Has No Value In The World When It Is Still In The Mountain - until the diamond is revealed, people don't know its worth, but in reality its more priceless than all of the other rocks that wish they could be diamonds... Just because the real diamond doesn't go around telling everyone that it's valuable, and precious, and maybe even powerful, does not mean that the diamond lacks those qualities.. Obviously this Gurmukh Bibian don't really give two craps, however, about the world and how the world percieves them.. And that's because they're Gurmukhs.. Sadly some people don't recognize that.

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I believe this is a common term...Big Up?

well..let's try this

MASSSSSSSIVE UP to "r k" maddd post.....real nice....and awesome point... i've personally never touched the keski issue....some raise the issue of it being an equality issue....but i figure, that guruji gave them an identity, and gave the men an identity.... imagine if a singh rocked around in a salvar and chunni... the outrage...but yeah..i'm not disencouragin the keski for singhneean......but i'm not exactly the first advocate for it...

but yeah..r k.....good job there!


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