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ive got a haircut..does that make ME unreligious?

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Guest kaur1699

As the saying goes, 'don't judge a book by its cover'...

Just because someone may not have the full physical appearence, it don't make them any less spiritual does it?? Fair enough that the physical appearence has a important role, it is possible to be 'religious' if you cut your hair...

Btw, I know of enough people who cut their hair, but are some of the most Chardi Kalah people I know, and there are people who have all the kakars and do things which would not be classed as 'religious', like I said at the start, 'don't judge a book by its cover'...

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Good job Kaur1699...

If we leave this orthodox approach to Sikhism then I can see more Sikh youth calling themselves Sikhs and start learning instead of converting to other religion and leaving Sikhism. But I would like to say this that Sikhism is not a path to call yourself Sikh only but its a learning process. So, make it a habit of yours that you will start reading Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji one chapter a day otherwise there is no use of calling yourself Sikh if you don't know the teaching of your path/religion. Go to download section and download SGGS and start reading, after reading this post. Best of Luck!


I won't anwser your question but I will recommend that you read what is written below.

Written by Punjabi Tiger and click on source and read the full discussion also:

The thing is that a sehajdhari sikh (me included) is one who follows the rehit as much as he/she can, and is just giving time before he/she is ready enough to be fit for amrit...i am sorry to say, but all around i am seeing preachers tell people what they are losing by not taking amrit, thereby showing them how hopeless they are, rather than making them aware how fortunate they are to be on the path of sikhi, and encouraging them how to prepare themselves for this great and divine gift of amrit...yes, i do agree that those who are not amritdhari DO miss a lot!...no doubt!...and trust me, they know that they are missing it...but i believe it is better to take it slow and easy rather than rush and realize later on that u were not ready for it...amrit is not something which should ever be forced on someone...probably thats the reason we still do have certain people who are not able to keep up with their vows, and some even end up breaking amrit...

It was really sad to learn that in 1999 when baisakhi was nearing, various jathas were having a feeling of competition as to who would get more people baptised into amrit...as far as my limited knowledge goes, the best time to take amrit is when one begs for it...when one is more than dying for it, like a fish without water...when one is more than sure that he/she needs it and cannot live without it, as well as knows that he/she can keep up the rehit AT ANY COST!...

I'm sure u will agree with me that a sikh who cuts his/her hair is more of a "non-committed sikh", rather than a "bad sikh"...there is nothing like a "bad sikh" in the 1st place...a sehajdhari is a sikh who does not follow most of the rehit, but is getting there and strives to be a part of the panth...a keshdhari is one who follows most of it and is close to getting there...an amritdhari is the lucky one who does follow it with his life, breath, mind, soul, heart, intellect, conscience, EVERY pore of his/her being!...but just because someone is haircut is no criteria to judge them...well, Guruji doesn't want us to judge anyone in the 1st place NO MATTER WHAT!...just yesterday i had a haircut after 62 days, and just yesterday i shaved my beard after 26 days...its been 24 hours hours since my guilt is literally eating me up...i thought i would never have to cut my hair or shave again, as i had the feeling that i was ready for it...but guess what, the Guru had other plans...He still wanted me to realize that amrit is not a joke...amrit is not something easy...its a commitment with Guru...its something really big and only one who is fully ready should go for it...

It took me 18 years to discover this path of sikhi (i was 18 when i started getting obsessed with sikhi),this diamond which is not sold around like a commodity, something which most other religions today do...it took me another 4 and half years before i was made to realize by the Almighty that its time i started preparing myself for that big moment...that big day...i guess it will definitely take a while before i can make myself ready...now if someone thinks that that moment will land on my head instantly, then i must say they are not right...i do my paath regularly (its been 2 and half months non-stop) by Guru's grace, and hope someday i will be more ready than i thought i was when i thought i was...but should i cry over it and feel guilty for cutting my hair and beard? or should i move ahead, with strong determination to make myself a better sikh and Khalsa from within first and then look like one externally?...well, i am sure u will agree with me on the latter...i must point out that u are really fortunate to have been blessed with amrit, and me along with loads of other sehajdharis out there badly want to join your ranks someday in the near future...its just that some need a little more time than others to reach that state, that level of commitment.

Let me make one thing clear Dr. Ajit Singh Khalsa ji, that i fully agree with your proposal of sehajdharis keeping the 5 Ks and serving the panth better with more dignity and zeal. All i want to say is that let us give these buds (sehajdharis) a little more time to blossom forth into lovely and fragrant flowers (Khalsa).

sincere apologies if i offended anyone, as i am myself in the learning process and need to learn from everyone here!

Guru rakha

Source: Click Here

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Good job Kaur1699...

If we leave this orthodox approach to Sikhism then I can see more Sikh youth calling themselves Sikhs and start learning instead of converting to other religion and leaving Sikhism.

That's news to me about Sikh's converting themselves...but to which religion?

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ajiboom - cutting ur hair does not make u unreligious - but it does have a degree of effect on u - say for example u read gurbani and the sikh principles BUT u still cut ur hair, then aint u just blind to ur religion??

many people wish to take the path of sikhi, but it can become a hard step to take for allot of people, yes keeping ur hair is an integral part of being a sikh, but u must also follow other rules - just keeping ur hair is not enuff

even taking amrit is not enough, its just the beggining of the journey which will take u ur whole life to reach the destination...

i encourage u to keep reading up on sikhi, there are plenty of articles and inspirations on this site, no one here can make the decision for u - u must take these steps urself...i can guarentee u that one day u will read/hear something that will touch u in such a way that u will never touch another hair on ur body again...... u will give up all bad habits and automatically take this path.... with wahegurus kirpa everything will become easy for u

sittin around and hoping that u will keep ur hair will never amount to anything, it takes faith and belief in what u are doing is for a reason, and it means everything to u

fateh ji :D

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  • 2 weeks later...

sum1 once sed to me all da pyaar..pichley karam (past GOOD deeds)...all the mmmad times u did liccle bit of xtra Paaht.... all da boosts of energy u got from those camps and talks... all is in ur hair.

Jus da bad thins in our life (negative) that make the postive static....in our hair neutral... hence we must have a liccle ore posotive... hence "Chirdi Kalaa.."

hope dat makes sense.... can neva explain these things rite. :?

o well :)



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i reckon jus do ur paat, naam, try to learn up stuff shabads, n other banis, be a gud human, see god shining throughout the whole of creation, do things to benefit ur spirit and gods creation around u , dont matter if ur mona for now.. then when the time is right ur hair will come, most important is to have the inner rehat first i believe and love for god and humanity be selfless and humble..otherwise i know loads of people in paghs n beards doin things they shudnt b which is a paap to the sacred image. and some others who portray this sikhi image who wont even take parshaad or langar from the gurdwara, but somehow find their way to a pizza hut on a friday nite.

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ajiboom ji

just remember shaheedi of small sahibjadey of shri guru gobind singh ji.

Dasam pita sacrificed his whole family for us,and we are not able to keep our hair intact.

shame on us.

u have joined this forum ,that means u r very much interested in khalsa panth ,it will not be hard for u 2 perfect ur bana.

god bless u.

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aji veerah when a house is made the foundations r constructed for vital reasons, we cant build a wall or a ceiling with no support. i believe the inner rehat wud be the most important first to build ur spirit castle towards god, u have everything to gain from it like a fruit tree , u have phals to gain from it even if u stayed a mona but did ur paat and naam u will benefit then not to do bani and meditation of naam at all.. however i feel ur hair will come to u as the bani will talk inside ur heart and guide u in ur stages of life, i was a mona too :-). But if u was to grow ur hair out of a guilt concious how long wud that last rather than focusing on meditation first with laser like intensity on the shabads guru sahib has given? whatever step we take in dharm terms we shud feel happy and walk with strentgh and conviction, if we were to put ourselves down how capable wud we feel to get up and do somethin?

the shahidi of gurus and sahibzadey are unparraleled in history they were outta this world big up parnaam to them forever and ever.

meditation, love god, love others, help urself, the answers will come to ur heart bro cos that is the seat of god inside each heart, He will help u in all ur steps even if u r a mona, ur day will come.. look at bhai rama singh ji he had a vision of guru gobind singh ji while he was mona.. i know a pakistani muslim guy who had darshan of guru nanak while he was a mona and now hes kesdari..

dont get me wrong im not saying stay as u r, but ur still a sehadari sikh on ur path if ur doin ur paat, and being a mona do not number one feel bad about the way u r..jus think of spirituality like a ladder. the very term sikh = disciple or learner.. thast the family house ur born into veer ur blessed with.

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yep, u can be religious and hav cut hair, but you are not a sikh of guruji until you keep your hair and take amrit.........till then we are all technically patits or sehajdharis

Bro KS,

Please lets not be like those idiots at Sikhnet, let's think like intelligent people. A Sikh is 'LEARNER' or 'SEEKER OF TRUTH' and one who follows SGGS. Period.

A Khalsa is an EVOLVED Sikh, one who has conqured the 5 evils and his EGO, one who is ready to take the next step and LIVE at a higher state of consiousness! Khalsa is not a right, it is a privellege, it must be EARNED, not just given away!

Do you honestly think Guru Gobind Singh would want FAKERS as Khalsa, people who did it because of emotional/community blackmail? A Khalsa is one who gives his HEAD, like the original panj pyares did, remember that... They did it of their own FREE WILL, Guru does not want FAKERS who are Khalsa because of other reasons, he wants Khalsa who are true to themselves and true to God!

A Sikh is at BASIC level, a Khalsa is at TOP Level! Please accept these facts... Any one can be a Sikh, but it takes a true Gurmukh to be a Khalsa...

Kind Regards,


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Mission Impossible,

I think you are right. Apparently, I also have a hard time to grasp sikh = khalsa but again this is just not a opnion based question. You have to do your research.

But dont focus on these little things. Remember main aim is to merge with vaheguroo by doing naam simran and doing good deeds in life.

How do u do it? Its completely up to you.

The traditional way is to first enroll in the spirtual school (takin amrit) because then you are not nirguraa(the one without guroo) then you have guroo. One base. One journey. Nothing else.

But i shall admit there are might be other ways to gain salvation. But again, its havent been proven in sikh history.

Best example is sggs itself. Baba Farid, Thoroou Bhagat, Bhagat Kabir and our guroo's. Study their life carefully you will know what i m talkin about.

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IMHO veero and panjiyo,

a person with cut kesh (like my self) does nto qualify to be a sikh nevermind khalsa............

if the love for sikhi wuz true to be a sikh, that love would show in the form of bana ie. kesh, pug.

not 2 add limits to sikhi, but IMHO the bareminiumum for a sikh is uncut kesh. For that is the most prominetn feature 2 become a khalsa......

first immitate then replicate

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  • 3 years later...

what we are born as, what we get and don't get in this lifetime, what we do during our life time, where we end up, is all in the hands of God. Everything is pre-set so to speak, He brings us to this world , takes care of us for the lifespan that is permitted to us and is the one reponsible of what happens next(what ever it may be).

the thing i am trying to stress here is that don't frett about being considered religious or not, i truly believe the definition of religion is one's relationship with God. Each and every one of us loves God uniguely, it is for us to hold. Focus on Him, and believe that He'll take care of the rest.

About the part of not having the 5 k's, i believe it will happen when He sees fit. Leave that to Him, nothing happens on our terms, He is everything and everything is Him.

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