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  1. It indeed does. Science seeks to define god, but Gurbani says god cannot be defined. I believe what I wrote, if I did not I wouldn't write it. Please visit the website in my earlier post, it explains about effect of sound. You are lost. Gurbani says chant god's name with each breath, is god's name not a mantar? Braham kavach was written by guru ji as well, I don't see any problem with reciting it rather I feel it is great to recite it. Dasam granth and sarbloh granth contain the same truth as SGGS.
  2. Do Australians come from Australia? Do British come from Britain? Do Chinese come from China? This world is just an illusion. Only God exists- from him we come, everything else is an illusion it will perish. Who is poor, who is rich when he is all there is. There is so much we know not, only the creator knows how the universe works. Angy, you claim of knowing science and logic yet you have known neither. https://www.encyclopedia.com/science-and-technology/physics/physics/frequency Of course you are going to say something about Brahm Kavach, since Dhadri (whom you devotedly follow) has said things against chanting vaheguru. Havans purify the 5 elements, boosts strength, boosts energy, etc. For someone who speaks of science and logic how do you not know of pollution? Do you deserve answers? Someone who doesn't answer questions themselves is complaining of such... how ironic. God cannot be defined by science. If he could, everyone would know him. God is only known through stilling the mind, thus freeing oneself from the chains of illusion. Edit: wow Angy, nice. You editted your comment to incorporate answers, you still don't deserve answers.
  3. @angy15 The ancients were much more advanced than us. They used the spiritual and scientific aspects together. They used sounds and mantars to do things as well as physics, chemistry, engineering, etc. unlike us now who use fossil fuels and destroy the planet in the process. Ancient society had a better understanding of the universe (both spiritual and physical aspects). Why do I even bother? *sigh*
  4. In the foot note it says- naam karan vali (shakti). So shakti is being invoked.
  5. @chatanga1 @dalsingh101 where do u guys publish your translations? Can I read some your work?
  6. Poets are known to use words in an artful way. One word can mean more than one thing. Also, poetry as a whole can have more than one meaning.
  7. You are right in saying that Sikhi has been distorted but these missionaries and "scholars" (that don't know sh1t) are making things worse. Sampardas are keeping the authentic Sikhi alive. There is nothing wrong with rituals, however there is something wrong with us. Don't be lead into believing whatever by Ghagri, discover the truth yourself. It is human nature to resist, but one should surrender.
  8. Yeah I heard a nihang about this one time. He said the Singhs that seemed weak were made to drink alcohol before battle. The others drank sukha. Do they do anything before consuming alcohol, like a maryada or something?
  9. What does the word mallech mean here? The original meaning (from ancient Sanskrit texts) of this word can be translated as "barbarian", however it is possible that new meanings were attached to the word overtime.
  10. He was talking about Nihangs in relation to Shiv ji and the story of where Shiv ji first ate cannabis. He was basically discussing the origin of Sukha in Satyug.
  11. I should watch that show, lol. Everyone recommends it to me.
  12. I heard and read that Singhs were present in Satyug. I was watching this video of a Nihang Singh and he mentioned Satyugi Nihang Singhs. Can someone please shed some more light on this? Who were Satyugi Singhs? Has this been recorded in any texts?
  13. I think drinking alcohol near your death will definitely result in rebirth in a lower family. I think that this sakhi portrays both things, namely, being born in a Muslim family would be lower than a Hindu and also that alcohol can bring about bad karma.
  14. Mardana ji was a yogi in his past life, however due to drinking alcohol (for medical purposes near his death) he was born into a Muslim family. Nonetheless, god granted his desire to meet god. Therefore, he became a Muslim due to a mistake. As for bhagat fareed ji, it could be argued that he was a Sikh.
  15. Bro, it's not hard to believe at all that guru ji would say that Muhammad's religion is a bhoot religion. @Ragmaala This is the reason: This a translation from bhavishya puran. God is great, however due to our short comings we fail to understand.
  16. I think it is a western influence. Missionaries that are influenced by western science, "logic", etc. always promote single scripture, one rehit maryada, and stuff. They don't understand the importance of sampardas, etc.
  17. Are you sure that Guru Nanak actually took birth and died? In reality, death and birth are non-existent one who knows this neither takes birth nor dies. The Almighty lord who is ever present can take any form he wishes. Our bodies sustain energy of the almighty, this is known as Atma (is Atma really different from Parmatma?). At the end of the day this creation is an illusion by God, hence, God can do what he wishes as he controls the creation. Through worship alone one comes to experience him. With devotional worship one sheds ego and experiences the creator, knowing this world to be false thus forsaking it, s/he unites with Parmatama. Therefore, worship should not be forsaken, however, devotion and love should be present within ones heart if s/he desires to obtain God.
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