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Baba Biram Das Ji Maharaj


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"he lived for 350 years"

Is this a typo? Not even Baba Sri Chand or Namdhari portait of Guru Gobind Singh or Baba Ram singh have lived anywhere near that long.

In fact the longest lifespan for a land animal was mostl likely the Aldabra tortoise at the Calcutta Zoo which was estimated to be 250 years old.

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" It is well known amongst puratan scholars that the lifespans of other yugs (i.e Treta 10, 000 years) far exceed our modern day Kal-yug conceptions of human lifespans."

Exactly - we are now in Kalyug.

"I fail to grasp the connection you've made between the god-ordained life cycles of avatars and land animals."

Connection was as you have said above - relating to jeevs and yugs. Going by Avatar theories - Sat-Guru was Avatar in Kalyug - even they restricted themselves to normal lifespans.

In anycase, each to themself - I only wanted to knowif it was a typo.

Amardeep, Noah was said to have lived a longtime, but Hazrat Ibrahim is said to have lived only for a comparatively measly 175 years.


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Lifespan depends on how often you breathe, the number of breaths is written in God's Hukam. By slowing down breathing one can live longer. Gorak Nath ji and his yogis lived for many hundreds of years using these methods. Baba Sri Chand ji also lived for a very long time.

100 years is a ballpark figure for humans in this age, although most don't seem to make it to that age.

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I beleive that with Yogic powers one can also prevent the human body from growing old. Swami Rama mentions that he once met a Yogi I think in Kashmir or somewhere in the Himilayan mountains who was several hundred years old, yet he did not look older than a man in his early 20s. This is how I beleive the Sidhas also are able to live for hundreds of years.

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a long time ago when Bole So nihal program was on alpha panjabi, there was a gurdwara featured in this program where a sadhu who had darshan of Guru Nanak wanted to give daan or soemthing but Guru Ji said we will take this daan in Dasam Roop, so the sadhu lived for over 200 years and Dasam Guru fulfilled his wish. cant remember the name of gurdwara or pind that this story came from.

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