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Sikh suffocated to death in Phuket


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I thought Amitpal had used his kirpan in order to defend himself hence all the references to a steak knife in media reports. But it appears the daily mail has a photograph of knife used which looks like a regular knife from knife and fork set.

Really tragic news as I had met Amitpal and his wife a few times.

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2 hours ago, Premi said:

What do you think of the man who defended himself? 

Effing good on him!!!

Protecting your family at home is top priority for anyone who considers himself a man. Our lot live in some ladida land, where they think everything is ladida and end up as weak looking victims when the shyte suddenly hits the fan. 

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14 hours ago, samurai2 said:

i mean analyzing the actual combat seems like the burglars were weak and unskilled.

I know, you know the guy was lucky, because others might have started getting deep superquick. But fair play to the sullah. If it was some other crew, it might have been different. 

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