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Listening of 10 types of celestial sound in dasam dwara


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souce: Jivan Kiranie Of Sant baba Jawala Singh Ji- page- 68 bottom of the page.

Listening of 10 types of celestial sound in dasam dwara(tenth door)

They are:

1. Bhavri Gunjar

2. Gunroo Awaaz

3. Sankh Awaaz

4. Gantak Awaaz.

5. Kaisaiyaa Di Awaaz

6. Morli di Awaaz

7. Baraiya Di Awaaz

8. Dholk Di Awaaz

9. Nafiri Di Awaaz

10.Sher Ja Badal Di Gargaj.

In Gurmat, above 10 are also known as "Panch Shabad"

In Siri Guru Granth Sahib its mentioned:

Panch Shabad Dhun Anhad Baajaie ||

Dasam Anhad Shabad- Pirtham Bhamar Gunjar Sankh Dhun Doti Kheejaie ||

Trithi Vajaeye Mardang Chatrath Tal Saunijaie ||

Pancham Ghata Naad Khasat Bina Dhun Hoie||

Saptam Baijaie Bhar Astam Dundab Soi ||

Nav maae Gargaj Samundar Maigh Ghokaih Saonaie ||

Sundar Anhad Shabad Koo Das Parkar Jogi Sunaie ||

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N30 Singh, according to some Nirmalas, Panch(as in Panch shabad) means 5 and not 10.

I can live with that..different interperation that's all :)

by the way, can you some nirmalas off your heard or nirmalaey books that talks about panch shabad means 5.. it be really interesting to see their interpertation.

Thanks in advance.

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