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Philosophical Question....


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I guess if God wants to put a limit on himself he could but he/she/it probably wouldn't because then there would no source that we can truly call infinite or boundless.

Has God temporary put limits on himself by creating souls out of himself and putting them on this earth plane so that he can expereince himself thorough the illusion of maya? So I guess the answer to your question is yes and no, or both and neither. :)

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nice try dynamic.

So Whatever is born out of God cannot be Greater than he himself. 2 cannot equal 3 unless another factor is added to the equation and since it is said that there is no other but God...there is no other Factor. Everything that is created will be equal or less than God.

does that make sense to nebody?

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I agree with all things created being less than or equal to God.

I see God as limitless, without bounds. So if God were to make a rock so large that it would just keep growing, well I don't see it getting any bigger as god is never ending either. I mean God can keep making the rock bigger and bigger, but if God is infinite, wouldn't the rock be inconsequential? Or will they both become infinite (the rock being ever expanding, and god be never ending)?

I hope that made sense, lol.

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Assumption: God can destroy any object.

The orginal statement is equivalent to:

If He couldnt destroy a rock so big that he could carry then god isnt almighty.

But our assumption says God can destroy any object, so it false that "He couldnt destroy a rock so big that he could carry". From a false statement you can derive anything, so we conclude that the original statement was true.

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Both the rock, the lifting and God as 'he' are mere illusions from relative standpoint of absolute truth.


the question is nonsensical... if a rock were to be made soo large, it would follow that it must be larger than any other solid body... in which case it's gravity would also be larger, resulting in it collapsing under it's own gravity & becoming a black hole, thereby not being very big at all (in terms of volume as a black hole occupies no space.)

now if u say god can change the laws of physics so that the gravitational force does not collapse due to it's huge mass, then that would also be changing the laws which would make the original task difficult.

the question is based on limited understanding of reality & truth. if god is absolute & 'one' then anything created by god is part of him/her/itself. to create something greater than him/her/itself would require duality & something other than god.

so perhaps a more appropriate question would be:

can god create something other than him/her/itself.

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creation itself is also an illusion from the relative standpoint of absolute truth also

ur comment is also an illusion from the relative standpoint of absolute truth also

'where' / 'what' / 'who' etc is the relative standpoint of absolute truth?

creation & existence are illusions... so maybe i can rephrase the question...

can god 'become' dualistic in nature?

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no there's no mind-body, as that would make God an actual thing, and all things have a cause, which would mean the reason for God's very existence/non-existence lies somewhere else other than simply 'God is'. Pure God in essence is without (nirgun) not with (although this leads into a whole different debate!)

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To Guv,

this is the bit of advaita's answer I love - the relative standpoint is the only standpoint as from the perspective of absolute truth nothing else exists! Any standpoint therefore is illusory, and terms are employed merely for dialectic purposes!

oh great! a kop-out if i ever heard one!!... but then i guess u cannot talk about god empirically... u can only using tautological statements.

i guess u could ask, can god change the absolute truth... but then that would again imply cause/consequence & slavery to time. so er... that leaves us with a question that makes no sense. it's like asking which is moving faster, the earth or the sun... the question is nonsensical without defining a frame of reference. in the case of the original question, it is not possible to define a reference point.

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trying to read this thread after having about 1.5 hours of sleep is amusing.

hasn't Guru Sahib said that attempting to describe God was pointless and so was trying to understand His/Her/It's limits.

how can we with our limited human capacities possibly hope to grasp something limitless and infinite when we cannot even imagine what the word infinite and limitless truly mean?

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