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Sikh Of Guru Nanak Dev is only Upasakh of Nirankar!!!!!!!

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Sikhi Marg is different than others.

Guru's have acknowledge bhagats from different faiths..not only because they want to bring unity, everyone together but only main reason they acknowledge bhagats from different faiths because they were upasak of Nirankar(bhagat of nirankar) only !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

These bhagats were different from the norms within their own dharam.

Hindu Dharam had umbrella of all the loks (realms)- ie- bhram lok, shiv lok, indar lok, vishnu lok etc.


In Islam, it says hazrat mohamad sahib ji is only in 7th world(lok) and there is no higher place than this.no one can get in 7th world.. norms in islam puruse only to get to janat..so they are upasak of mohamad sahib lok (7th world).

Buddhism beleives, that final destination is sunn...that there is nothing beyond sunn..so they are upasak of sunn lok(realm).

Above all these loks is Sachkhand darbar (not phsyical but eternal)/turiya avastha.

Bhagats in Siri Guru Granth Sahib Ji - baba kabir sahib, baba farid ji, bhagat ravi das, bhagat namdev were all upasakh of Nirankar not any loks.

Guru Ji had debates with sidh ghost..Guru Ji told them to rise above from this bhram lok and use prema bhakti to get Sachkhand(final destination).

So hence, Guru Ji - Gursikhi Bhagti Marg (upasana to merge with Nirankar) is higher than norms of hinduism and Islam because they beleive and only pursue until shiv lok, sun samadhi, bhram lok, indar lok, 7th world, janat and don't go further.

Since Sikhi is eternal, any bhagat (regardless of faith) who did upasana of Nirankar only is higher than people who desire for shiv loks, inder lok, bhram lok or any other realm.

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Yes, bhagat that were included in siri guroo granth sahib ji were upasakh of nirankar.

So in essence, any bhagat who in his/her life time only strive to merge with nirankar .. did not strive for any loks or puri's is higher than people who have strived for loks or puriyas(realms) because they are stuck in a place where they think this is absolute... there is nothing beyond which is wrong... all the realms(loks, puriya, khands) are lower than sachkhand.

One should only and only have upasana(desire) to merge with Nirankar not merge in temporary loks, puriya, khands.

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I just want to clarify, i have no doubts even iota in my mind that all these great prophets didn't merge with Nirankar.

These great prophets have no desire for any loks, puriya's, 7th heaven..instead they had desire to merge with nirankar through naam jap.

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I just want to clarify that many followers of faiths like - hinduism, islam, buddhism, yog are upasakh of bhram lok, indar lok, shiv lok, puriya's which is not the final destination.

They should follow their great prophets not demi gods !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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n30, u misunderstood my question... i've emphasised the important word now, so hopefully u'll get what i mean...

are u saying that only the bhagats that are included in guru granth sahib were 'upasakh of nirankar'?
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After death there are many "lokas" (metaphsical regions of creation). They are at different levels of spiritual height.

1. Gandharab Lok.

2. Dev Gandharab Lok

3. Pitar Lok

4. Swarag Lok

5. Inder Lok (place for people who do inder ji upasahana)

6. Karamdev Lok

7. Ajan-Dev Lok

8. Prajapat Lok

9. Braham Lok (for yogis upasahana)

10. Shiv Lok (place for people who do shiv ji upasahana)

11th Baikhunt (mentioned in gurbani few times).. This is where all the bhagats do bhagti of nirankar with their surat before merging themselves.

Last- Sachkhand. Sachkhand Vase Nirankar ||.

One energy no other indentity..to explain what's in the sachkhand is like chewing on a rod as Guru Baba Ji says in Japji Sahib.

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