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Nihang Singhs and 1984.

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fateh all, on the shaster vidiya site it says there will be a section about baba santa singh ji and the events of 1984. well its been saying that for a long time now lol. i was wondering of people could maybe put up some facts about it. theres a lot of propoganda about what happened and aout baba santa singh ji being kicked out of the panth (even although he is the rightful jathedar :shock: ) plz dont let this turn in2 a brawl, as everyone knows that the militants were far from perfect. according 2 my very little knowledge (which i have heard) there some khalistanis who called a well respecetd akali, which led to a race between nihang singhs to wipe out khalastanis, ( again let me repeat this is according to what i have been told). anyway can we please get some facts up... :)

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i am not a admin cut or nihang but curious.

- why were the nihangs excommincated?

- if they do not accept the SGPC in any way why did Baba Santa Singh Ji ask to be rekindled into the panth?

- Why didnt they defend the many gurdwaras that were attacked like they intend to with this gurdwara in faridkot?

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realistically i don't think the nihungs were in any position to be militarily able to defend the gurudwaras. some nihungs like phoola did go around murdering khalistanis at the behest of the indian government, but mainly he just used this to settle personal scores and generally rape and cause mayhem while recieving patronage and funds from the Govt.

also i don't think the nihungs were excommunicated. santa singh was widely criticised for accepting govt money to rebuild the akal takht and for generally being the govt front man. however i am unsure if he was excommunicated.

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Really? How is that then? Did Baba Santa Singh violate Gurbani? Nope. Maybe there are three possible reasons for him asking to get pesh:

1. He realised his actions were wrong and so came in front of the Akal Takht to ask for pesh.

2. He was looking at the bigger picture and realised that he would have to ask for pesh to attempt to cement some sort of panthic ekta.

3. A combination of the above.

NOWHERE had he commited the same level of disgrace that teja singh did when he removed a whole ang of Maharaj.

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Guest Sardar Moderator Singh

Challenge Everything Veer, the subject of the Akal Thakt being used as a fortress is a discussion primarily related to the stance of the Damdami Taksal during the 1980s (and directly/indirectly supported by the AKJ and SGPC during the same time).

It is common knowledge that Baba Santa Singh and the Nihangs differred on this particular stance, however the entire 1984 incident is not revolving solely on the Akal Thakt, many things happened, however rarely do we hear accounts that would support the numerous titles that the Buddha Dal Nihangs bestow upon themselves as their legacy (96 crore, fauj, etc etc -see extended dohras at the end of the Nihang Ardas).

Now this 'could' be simply because, Nihangs don't concern themselves with PR and publicity and their efforts have consequently gone unheard of, however let's actually discuss this fully and stop hiding behind the scape goat of the Akal Thakt as a Fortress issue, whether or not people may agree or disagree with this one particular point.

There is still wide public opinion that Nihangs are uneducated lay abouts living in a world not entirely divorced from fantasy, rather than pointing holes in others actions or inabilities, let's focus on addressing clearly what Nihangs do and have done in their self-proclaimed role as the Khalsa Fauj etc etc.

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Being a bit of Sikhi Lover its only fair that eveyone gets a view be they akj/taksali/nihungs.

I thought I may aswell add a few bits here, at Hollah Mahalla/ Vaiskahi All the head Nihungs sit under Buddha Dal this is a fact this includes Baba Nihal Singh :) /Baba Dyal Singh etc

We all feel pained by 1984 and still hope for support for those that lost their lives and for the panthic love to spread if it every will no one can say, becuase we pull our own people down.

Seeing this link: These are some of the gurdwaras that are under supervision of Buddha Dal


We say big deal I can just think of a few facts that I see and heard and researched

1) Nihang Major Singh preserving the dumala maryada on his campaign to help the panth stop cutting their hair

2) Nihang Baba Nihal Singh giving up maryada too keep up panthic unity

3) Nihung Baba Balle Singh (Tarna Dal) lives at Gurdwara Sat Sahib, Hosipur lives outside the gurdwara and their to protect it and Sant Sat Sahib is the parcharik/sant there for the sangat.

3) Baba Prem Singh Top right in the banner guard of Mata Sahib Kaur Gurdwara

4) Buddha Dal Printed Sarbloh Granth for the Sangat which was refused to be printed by Damdami taksal this may not have been considered panthic but still we move on and keep respect for each other

5) During the days before 1850's all the Singhs were effectively Nihung which means one way or another our own families were nihungs or intiated by Nihungs if taking amrit

“A Sik’h wishing to become a Singh... goes to the Akalees, or priests of the sect, at Amrutsur, who ask him if he wishes to become a convert to their persuasion, and... after the performance of certain ceremonies, he is given to drink a sherbet made of sugar and water, from the hand of an Akalee.†Captain Matthews, 1808

6) Baba Prem Singh Buddha dal wale, Chief of Punjab Bank shows not all Nihungs are layabouts.okmaybe only one tryin to think of more decent examples at the moment

7) The loved Nihung Niddar Singh for keeping ShastarVidiya Alive and Preserved and teaching the UK sangat (weather you like/dislike snatan idelogy) he is a dedicated and very commited to the maryada of the puratan sama,.

8) Nihungs keep the old ways of the maryada, weather people agree or not its there and more than liely will remain, and do not dow to the government politcs http://www.sikhawareness.com/sikhawareness...opic.php?t=6686

9) Baba Hari Singh/Baba Bakala Tarna Dal helped hunt down and capture the murderer Dodgey Nihang Phoola Singh and had him arrested

10) Buddha Dal School in Patiala, last year recieved the the highest grades in Punjab

11) Baba Nihal Singh is building a girls college on the road to Chandigarh to help increase the the standard of girls education in punjab

12) Keeping Melas,Hollah Mahaala alive

13) Nihungs are the only ones who maintain the bana in its original form

14) Late Nihung Baba Kirtan Singh for keeping the Mosque that Guru Hargobind made for his muslim soldiers and handing it back to muslims

15) The Great Nihung loved by all Nihung Avtaar Singh Brahmaaa that in 1984 shot police dead when he found out that they were raping kuria in the pind

Forget the Polictics and just do seva and see what you can do for sikhi rather than relying on Nihungs and worrying about what thye are doing for Sikhi

If anyone else has anything to add please do so, if you want to criticise go ahead

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"If anyone else has anything to add please do so, if you want to criticise go ahead drag us down"

you don't have to take criticism negatively, it may be something nihungs can work on criticism to improve themselves. Having the attitude that all criticism is negative tends to point to a vulnerability in the thought process somewhere.

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