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Meditation - My Experiance, Am I Allowed To Share?

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9 minutes ago, HisServant said:

Major experience this morning. I just wrote down bullet points quickly right after on my phone while the memory was fresh:

First the conch shell started getting loud. 
Then it sounded like an airplane was about to take off
Loud screeching noises started happening 
Then it felt like a rollercoaster. or like I was on a jet, or a rocketship etc

Something happened and then I was somewhere with nothing but blue and white. like looking at a sky
At that moment I started hearing multiple instruments 


I don't know what happened, honestly. But this is one of the most intense ones I've had so far. 


There is a reason why it is written 'Nanak Naam jahaz hai, jo charhe so utre paar ..."

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On 4/30/2016 at 9:19 AM, HisServant said:

Had a very different experience today. This was close to the end of a 2 hour Simran session

My mind got absorbed into the focus and my entire body started vibrating extremely fast and hard. It was so intense that it was like being on a roller coaster. I started hearing these very deep sounds, I think somewhat like thunder- its hard to describe. A few other sounds but I can't really describe them. 

They were getting louder and clear as the focus started to become deeper but I lost it a little while later. 

I think curiosity is a big problem for me. I start to analyze what's happening and I lose it. Should just let it happen. 

It wasn't exactly like this but very similar. Except this time, bodily vibrations were not as intense. But the sounds were the same. The blast wasn't as loud... I think. Maybe I was able to handle it better this time? I was able to keep my dhyan on the sound and just follow it. 

Last time I was scared and thought I was about to die or something. This time there was no fear, I just went through with it. Thoughts did come up like, "what's happening". But I remembered I needed to focus and make sure not a single thought enters. 

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On 6/23/2018 at 11:17 AM, HisServant said:

I'm trying to become a doctor so this entire summer is just me studying for my mcat.

Oh my lord,  mate,  I'm trying to become a doctor too lol. 

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