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Interesting Video about Money and Debt


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That's why everyone should invest in Gold. Currency value comes and goes, but the value of Gold always remains and has always remained since the start of human civilisation. Until recently money was always worth itself through gold, but the big banks changed all that. Incase of a situation like the great depression ever happens again, you need to invest as much in Gold as you can to be on the safe side. You should have at least one lakh US dollars invested in Gold, but the banks don't want you do to this. Stop putting your money in the banks because that will just make the Rothschild family richer.

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"That's why everyone should invest in Gold."

Lol, when I first read this, I though it said invest in God, it was after reading:

"You should have at least one lakh US dollars invested in Gold"

that I realised what you were talking about!

Silly me! What a notion - invest in God!!

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Maybe this financial meltdown is something that might lead to the doom of 2012(as many predictions claim). I have enough invested in Gold just incase something ever happens. You never know, its better to be on the safe side (better safe than sorry).

Some Indian guy in LA killed himself and his entire family(wife and 3 children) after he lost everything in the recent market crash yesterday. This type of thing only happened when the great depression happened. Lets hope another big depression does not happen.

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