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Poem about the 3 Singhs that drowned Sept. 06

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Hello People,

A short time after this tragic incident took place, I wrote a poem on how I felt about these guys and their actions. I just I'd share with you guys.

It's called 'My Three Brothers', let me know what you think I.E, feedback.

My Three Brothers.

Three sons, three men, three kings, three last breaths,

Three mothers, three fathers, three brothers, three deaths,

The Almighty has taken back what he gave,

Under the condition that no one was allowed to save,

Accept the will and do not lament,

The hands they shook, laughs shared and happiness spent,

These three souls were born a different race,

Bravely they accepted fate and smiled Death in the face,

‘Brothers for life’, ‘immortal we shall stay’,

These were the words echoed on the Lake District bay,

When the authorities went below – they were shocked,

The three kings lay down smiling, all arms interlocked,

Thousands of tears, thousands of fears, from far and nears,

Had flowed to the Gurus Door with God’s name singing in their ears,

So, let nothing spiritually hinder,

The lives of Tajinder, Satbir and Harvinder.

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You know it wouldn't hurt to show some respect for the dead, If not then please try refrain yourselves from trying to post overly clever comments which no one finds funny.

Not trying to be clever- like I said: serious question??

It has been many years since they passed away. did they do something special over and above other people who have died in similar tragic manners?

is it simply as I think that because they wear gol-pag and wear kirpans and cholas theey are being treated as martyrs of a cause??

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as a yuppie, trimmed, beer-swilling Sikh, will someone write me a poem or give me all this media space when I keel over????

Or is it for certain Sikhs only??

Serious question!

Gurbani tells us to live such a life that when you die, the world cries and you laugh.

If your lifestyle isn't what Guru Ji wanted from you, why should the world remember you. Everyone knows of Kabir Ji, but only a few know who the Raja was at that time.

Those who knew them know why they remember them. There'll be no poetry in my remembrance, that's for sure. lol!

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These 3 kids had dedicated their life to Guru and Sikhi at a young age, that in it self, is and was a great inspiration for 99% of todays lost/confused Sikh/Punjabi youth. That is why their tragic death has touched so many hearts. It is also honourable that 2 of them died whilst trying to rescue the 3rd.

No need to be so rude. Like minded people feel affectionate towards like minded people. I am sure some yobbie alchoholic half sardaars will remember you, should (God forbid) anything tragic ever happen to you.

We need more love, compassion, tolerance and unity in the Panth, not half a***d comments.

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